A human trafficker has gone on record and confessed during a filmed interview to selling thousands of children into sex slavery and admits to killing hundreds that he was unable to sell. 

Ross Kemp, an award-winning journalist who is been known for his Fearless documentaries  struggles with the interview when he interviews a trafficker face-to-face who admits to not keeping count of how many children he has killed but estimates it to be well over 400 children.

He goes on to ask if he’s ever returned any of the children for any reason to which he replies “no”

This trafficker has over 75 staff working for him which look for “rare beauties” – girls which would bring a high price. 

When he asks if it’s true that he kills the children that he can’t sell, in which Kahn replies
“If they try to run or if there’s any trouble selling them they are killed and buried”