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2 Secrets To Increasing Your Views On Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Pages

You have a facebook fan page, and have worked hard to build up your members.  You put together an amazing  blog post, share it on your fan page and get virtually no views. This isn’t a one time event, but happens to you over and over again.  Your frustrated with facebook, because your fan page is supposed to deliver content to your followers.

This very thing has been the topic of so many conversations in groups I am involved in on facebook.  While I don’t have all the answers to how facebook works,…I have stumbled upon a little trick that does work.

I noticed after sharing a lot of our website posts that facebook rewards certain types of posts, and others get ignored in the feeds.

While I don’t have a large fan following compared to some of my girlfriends on facebook, when I share a post a certain way, I get a lot of views considering I don’t have too many fans.

I don’t take the credit for this idea, as I found it as I was researching for this post “79 Links To The VERY Best WORK AT HOME Business Articles

Facebook Fan Page Secret

Post one, an article link off the internet, gets almost no views. 

Facebook Secret

Post 2, (same article) gets quite a bit more views. 

This technique works almost 90% of the time for me

Swedish Post

Post one, an article link off the internet, gets almost no views.

Swedish Post

Post 2, (same article) gets quite a bit more views. 

Facebook Fan Page Secret3

As you can see with only 900 fans, a post that reaches 500-700 people is quite good!

Here are my two tips.  Try it and see if it works for you.

1.  When sharing a post on your fan page, first upload the image, and write a blurb in the comment box, and share the link.  Usually I copy in my first paragraph into the comment box.  I found what doesn’t work as well, is sharing the link, and publishing.  Facebook shows the post just as nice, but it doesn’t get the same audience as sharing a picture.   I suspect facebook rewards posts that have comments, or pictures.  They may do this because often times these posts are original and personal, than just sharing articles off the internet.

2.  After sharing your post, look for the date stamp of when the post was published (circled in one of the pictures above…located by your fan page profile picture), and click on it.  It should bring up the individual post in another page, which you can then copy the address in the web address bar.  Then share that link in your groups.  Every group is different, some allow you to share blog posts, others don’t.  Check the rules of each individual group.  If a group has 10,000 members, your post has that many MORE eyes viewing your material in addition to the fans you have already collected.  I would imagine that facebook groups work the same, in that they reward pictures, and comments, than simply articles off the internet.

Do you have any tricks to getting more views on your articles through facebook or pinterest?  If so, leave a comment.  I hope this helps you increase your traffic to your blogs and fan pages. 

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