Play Furniture From Vintage FurnitureJamie from Southern Revivals thought outside the box when she decided to turn a used entertainment center into a play kitchen for her niece’s 3rd birthday.

The entertainment center was given a new coat of white paint. Wallpaper was applied to the back of the cabinet wall, and new doors were added to make the cabinet doors. Round wooden plaques were used for the stove tops, and a little microwave was found online to complete the look. Everything from the mini curtains, to the insides of the cabinets was well thought out as well thought out for this beautiful little creation.

See more of this transformation at Southern Revivals

Play Furniture From Vintage Furniture- Fussy Monkey Business

Crystal from Fussy Monkey Business had a vintage end table that was sitting in her attic for 2 years which was purchased at a local garage sale for just $5 dollars. She didn’t know quite what to do with it, because it looked dated. It was when she was playing with her children, that the idea came to mind that the piece could be used as a lego table. She used a jig saw for the top, and used a lego plate that she bought from a local store to create this one of a kind piece.

See the transformation at her blog

Vintage Cameo Cupcakes

Vintage Cupcakes!!! Would you love to know how they made these? Learn how to make vintage cameo cupcake topers using amazing Amazing mold putty- Youtube Video

The Best Kids Ideas

Stencils can create something flashy and fun with very little effort. Here are some favorite designs of ours.

1st Row: Archery Allover Stencil-Design: 21.3″x32.4″Amazon, Alternative Arrow Design,Navajo Arrows Allover Stencil -Amazon, Triad Allover Stencil-Stencil size 21.5″x25.9″ Amazon

2nd Row: Geometric Stencil Madeleine- Stencil size: 39.3″x 23.6″, Entire design size: 22.5″x 31.1″ – Amazon ,Hedgehogs Allover Wall Stencil -Design: 21.75″x23.2″ Amazon

3rd Row:J Boutique Stencils Trellis Allover Stencil – Amazon,J BOUTIQUE STENCILS Lace With Blossom- Entire design size: 21.2″x 21.5″,- Amazon

Ikea Hacks By Ungt Blod

An Ikea Maskros Lamp was transformed with tissue paper cut into flowers. See it at the Ungt Blod

Flower Cupcakes

WOW! Wouldn’t this be the best birthday surprise for your little one. Cupcake Bouquet Tutorial- Youtube Video

Ikea Losjon hangers

A couple packs of Ikea Losjon hangers mounted symmetrically can give you an art piece as well as functionality. This look would be ideal for a kids room- See it at the Ikea Blog

Malm Dresser Ikea By Handmade Charlotte

We have seen Ikea’s Malm dresser hacks everywhere, because it is such a basic blank canvas, you can do almost anything with it. Here stickers make this dresser pretty for a little girls room. See it at Handmade Charlotte

Stilsucht- Ikea Hacks

Stilsucht featured a project which they A couple painted Ekby Ikea brackets and wood shelves which gave them a punch of color that would work perfectly in a child’s room.

Ikea Hacks By Mommo Design and The Ikea Blog

Washi Tape allowed this simple cabinet to be transformed into this bright dollhouse, See it at the Ikea Blog. Transform any object with dot stickers. Mommo Design transformed this plain lantern pendant shade into something with personality with stickers.

The Best Kids Ideas Better Homes Gardens January 2014

Do you want to get organized this next year? Take your cues from this mom who put together a command center where the kids could drop off their homework, the families calendar was within reach, and the important phone numbers and info could be found. As you can see, she simply created a box on the rectangular wall using tape, which she then painted with chalkboard paint. Use clip boards, mount an erasable calendar in a frame, and utilize some wooden desk organizers which could be painted and drilled into place. What do you think? Do you need one of these for your own home?

Better Homes Gardens January 2014

The Best Kids Ideas

A kids activity tower that secures them while trying to help you cook! Great idea for the little ones so they don’t fall off the chair or stool while trying to help in the kitchen! Found on, Mess Free Sand, Kinetic sand ($11)

The Easiest Way to Make Frozen Ring Pops Ring Pops will love these wearable ice pop molds ($10) by Tovolo. Bling, bling!, Who knew that kids toy storage could be so easy? This toy storage from Swoop Mat makes it easy to clean up messes in a snap!

 Puzzle Pillows can be so fun for a kids room. See it at

Puzzle Pillows can be so fun for a kids room. See it at

The Best Kids Room Decor Ideas

Create your own 12-Foot Long Double Desk Look at it at

Use a hula hoop for a canopy – Use rope lighting to create a “halo effect.” See it at

46 Awesome String-Light DIYs For Any Occasion Buzz Feed

Cuddle Plush Elephant Chair- Found on

Photo Collages From Photovisi

The Best Kids Ideas

If your a not-so-serious mom, with a sense of humor….I have found the perfect shop for you. CheeseCrafty sells one of a kind mirrors, picture frames and wall mounts made out of recycled toys. Why not have a dino head mount on the wall, or a pair of girly wild-wild west guns mounted to a birdhouse sprayed in pedal pink? You are going to love looking through this gals store. Her stuff is shocking, wild, and really outrageous! Find her current stock for sale here…

Simply Spray Uphostery Paint

If you want to stencil fabrics, such as rugs, drapery, bedspreads, consider using Simply Spray Upholstery, which is a spray paint formulated to spray upholstery or textiles

DIY Floor Stencils, Furniture Stencils That Are Inexpensive

Stenciling can be a very simple way of fixing up a piece of furniture, or making over a rug. Here are some very chic designs that you can use for your kids room that can be found on Amazon.

Leopard Print Floor Stencil- 16 wide x 16.4″ high on a 19.5″ x 19.5″ plastic stencil sheet – here

Linen Stripes Wall and Floor Stencil -20″ x 20″ Stencil Sheet – here

Moroccan Wall and Floor Stencil -16 wide x 16″ high on a 19.5″ x 19.5″ plastic stencil –here

Greenwich Key Floor Stencil -Actual Size: 16.4 wide x 16.4″ high plastic stencil- here

Floral Punched Tin Wall and Floor Stencil – 17 high x 17 wide-here

Acacia Ikat Wall and Floor Stencil- 16.4 wide x 16.4″ high – here

Holmby Hills Wall Painting Stencil – 17″ wide x 17.98″ high- here

Moroccan Stencils Template -12.9″ x 9.05″, Design size: 7.4″ x 12.1″ here

Floral Pattern Damask Stencil- Image size: 14.7″x 12.4″ here

Millicent Allover Geometric Stencil Design size: 18.9″ x 31.3″here

Geometric Art Deco Medallion- Actual Size: 15.6 wide x 15.6″ high here

Brant Point Wall & Floor 14.7 wide x 16″ high on a 19.5″ x 19.5″ plastic stencil sheet-here

Marrakesh Wall & Floor 17.75 wide x 17.9″ high here

Amina Wall Painting Stencil -Actual Size: 18 wide x 15.89″ high Amazon

Lobster Stencil – Small 9.9″x7.1″ Design measures 8.3″x4.5″ here

The Best Kids Ideas

Create a simple bookshelf out of 2 x 4’s. Display toys, books and more. Staying Anchored, Keller’s RIBBA book ledge

Brooches made from old sewing patterns. Buy them on Etsy here

Turn a Button-Up Shirt into a Little Gal’s Dress

Check out Sylvia Halpert’s unique Etsy store which she sells scrolls that are beautifully drawn to explain the time line in the bible. She made them for her grand kids, and they became popular that she started selling them online. Check out her beautiful artwork…. “Timeline of Ancient Israel and the Hebrew Nations” 5 inches tall on beautiful, “PosterMax”. – Etsy

Pottery Barn Dresser
ABC Dresser Pottery Barn Kids
Brother Rules From Pottery Barn
Kids Room Decor
For more ideas, please visit our kids room blog. Get a preview of the vast ideas on that have been pinned on Pinterest.

Unique Ideas For Kids Rooms

Unique Ideas for Jewelry Or Kids Rooms Decor – Etsy

Jirka Väätäinen Renders Realistic Portraits Of Disney Characters- Be Prepared To Smile!


Graphic Designer Jirka VäätäinenPrince Charming from Cinderella

When graphic designer Jirka Väätäinen from Kuopio, Finland, first started his project on what Disney characters might look like in real life, he didn’t expect to see anyone to see them, let alone for his drawings to be viewed by literally millions of people.

“One day, back in 2011, I just got this idea to entertain and challenge myself by reimagining Ursula in a more realistic way,” Väätäinen says. “It was fun so I did the same with a few other characters and posted them on the blog that I kept for my university studies.”

Väätäinen confesses he’s been a fan ever since he was a child, having grown up with classics from The Little Mermaid to Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.  From hundreds of images manipulated through blending, mixing and digital painting, we get these very life like images that are almost identical to what we see in these popular Disney films. Below are more pictures from this collection What do you think?  Do they look quite realistic?


Graphic Designer Jirka Väätäinen

Row 1: Flynn Rider from Tangled, Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, Aladdin

Row 2: Snow White, Merida from Brave, Rapunzel from Tangled

Row 3:  Ursula from The Little Mermaid,  Queen Elsa from Frozen, Tinkerbell

French Alphabet- Pinterest Board-carpelibrum/abc/


Sascha Bauman‘s Antique Painted Highchair