A recent story from Cosmopolitan tells the story of Tiffany Langwell, who gave birth to her daughter recently. 

Langwell said that after her daughter was born she was moved to a room with two other new mothers. She said because the room was cramped and one of the women talked loudly on her cell phone almost the entire time, she decided, with her fiance, to check out and take the baby home early. 

That decision raised red flags with the hospital administration, according to the website Care2. One hospital worker said Langwell appeared “hostile” and shaky and irritable — all signs, they believed, that she had a drug problem.

Langwell said any sign of irritability likely came from the fact that she had recently given birth without the benefit of an epidural. 

A day later, child welfare workers appeared at her door and asked to take the baby back to the hospital for a drug screening. Langwell agreed, at her home, to submit to a drug screening herself but the sample was inconclusive. At the hospital, staff members were unable to properly catheterize the day-old baby in order to obtain a urine sample. 

That is when authorities told Langwell they were keeping the baby until she could prove she didn’t have a drug problem.

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