I bit off more than I could chew with this project.  If I knew how much work would be involved, I might not have been tempted to buy these frames when I saw them on sale for 50 cents each at our local Staples.

So here I was in Staples, seeing a cart full of frames, on sale, and I stood there looking silly for about 10 minutes debating if I could use them for some wall,…… any wall for that matter in our house because the price was so low.

I love gallery walls, and this would be my chance to make a big impact on a room without spending a ton of money, so there I sat debating back and forth about buying them.

Normally I do not buy plastic frames, because they are hard to paint, they can look cheap, and you don’t get a chance to distress them like quality wood frames.  Knowing this……  I took the plunge and bought 80 of them. I didn’t just buy a few, I bought a boat load!  I was uneasy over if I just made a huge mistake as I was sliding my card through at the cash register.  I couldn’t get out of my mind where I was going to put them, what art to display, paint colors and so on for the next couple days, because it was such an impulsive buy, and quite a project to undertake.

After trying a number of paint colors on one of the frames, I figured I would paint them a solid color. No special finish, no distressing, …….just one solid color.  After all, did I really want to put a fancy finish on EIGHTY frames?  Not really!

Not to draw attention to the fact that they were plastic, I mixed some un-sanded grout into a neutral greige paint which gave me a chalky appearance, and the coverage I was after. I bought 100 or so white 5×7 mats (for $31 dollars) which were also painted the same color.

Going with a botanical theme, I saved some money and found some art from ebay and pinterest.  Being a cheapo that I am, I just downloaded some pictures I liked from the net, and got Staples copy center to print off three prints per page, ($1 per page) which cost me only about $45 dollars for all my art.  I found that there wasn’t too many books on Amazon that had high quality botanical prints in large quantities.  After actually purchasing several books on the subject, I didn’t find what I was looking for, so pinterest became my go-to place to find prints that I liked.

Some of the prints, copied off ebay listings had sort of a wave to the print from the scanning process.   So, while some of the prints were not perfect, I wasn’t interested in waiting for another year to get yet, another project done for the idea of perfection.   A girl can have only so many unfinished projects, ……..if you know what I mean. 

The colors of the flowers really pop on the wall and give my guest room the botanical theme I was after.  The long wall in this guest bedroom has a large scale gallery look, and the whole project cost me a little over $100 dollars to complete.  I splurged on Ikea’s botanical bed coverlets, and my next project is to create a wall canopy, with matching drapes out of the sheets.  With Ikea’s print based on a white background, the walls were painted white to blend the bedding and future drapery, and simple white dishes hang on the wall so the room doesn’t look overly busy.  This room is really looking better than I expected!

Next project.…….sewing for my bed drapery.

Interesting Links:

  • Ikea Has Never Looked SO Good!- Meranda’s Picks From The 2015 Catalogue – Hersite

My Botanical Gallery Wall - Hersite Blog

 Painting the frames and the mats in a light greige paint

My Botanical Gallery Wall - Hersite Blog2

Staples charges $1 dollar for every color photograph.  If you are looking at smaller prints, they have a program that can fit your prints on one page, much like your at home printer options.

My Botanical Gallery Wall - Hersite Blog3

The coral, oranges, pinks and purples were the colors I focused on.

My Botanical Gallery Wall - Hersite Blog4

In progress shots-  Sorting the frames on bed into color collections

My Botanical Gallery Wall - Hersite Blog5

After originally debating going with white or green paint, I am glad I went with gray, as it provides a contrast against the walls, along with the prints themselves. 

My Botanical Print Gallery Wall- Hersite Blog

 Hanging is completed…  

My Botanical Print Wall Hersite Blog

Grouped in sets of 18 prints

My Botanical Room Makeover- Hersite Blog

My next project- making canopy drapes.  Can you believe this is a antique foot board converted into a wall bed canopy?  This next project will be a lot of fun.  Stay tuned!

My Love For Botanicals

 Botanical Pillows

  • – Cushion Pillow Cover Osborne and Little Fabric Langdale Yellow Green – $26
  • -Cath Kidston Garden Bird Pillow Case $13.99
  • -Rectangular Botanical Cotton/Linen Decorative Pillow Cover $36
  • – Botanical Gardens Bird Floral Green- $14.95
  • – Nina Campbell Fabric Cotton Printed Poppy Pink Green Beige $25
  • – Yellow Birds Design Pillow Throw Case $21
  • – Nina Campbell Poppie Fabric Cotton $29
  • – Cushion Cover Decorative Throw Pillow $21

My botanical obsession is getting the best of me!  Botanical prints are light and airy, making them the perfect look to decorate with. They often add that pop of color you are hoping for in a detailed, yet whimsical sort of way.

Botanical prints can be framed, or mod podge on plates, and you can buy these pretty prints on throw pillows and duvet covers.

Here are some of my favorite patterns on ebay and Amazon…..

  • – Pottery Barn Botanical Collections On On Ebay
  • Williams-Sonoma Botanical Collections On Ebay
  • – Botanical Home -Marcela Giraldo on Pinterest
  • – Botanical -Ginny Branch Stelling On Pinterest
  • – Botanical – Michelle Billon On Pinterest

Botanical Nature Cotton Duvet Quilt Cover Modern 2pc Set Twin Single Hounds Tooth Check Designe

 Botanical Nature Duvet Quilt Cover Modern 2pc Set Twin Single H & M $49 On Amazon

Portmeirion Collections

Portmeirion Botanical Collections On Amazon

Pottery Barn Accents. Hyacinth Pillow

Pottery Barn Accents Hyacinth Botanical Lumbar Pillow – Buy this patternOn EBAY

kea Blue White Botanical Nature Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Sleeve BlavingeIkea Beige Brown Botanical Nature Throw $11 Amazon



kea Blue White Botanical Nature Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Sleeve BlavingeIkea Blue White Botanical Nature Throw Pillow $5.95 Amazon

Botanical Guava & Pomegranate Tablecloth

Botanical Guava & Pomegranate Tablecloth –

Botanical Guava Pomegranate Apron Williams-SonomaBotanical Guava & Pomegranate Apron | Williams-Sonoma

Botanical Persimmon Tablecloth

Botanical Persimmon Tablecloth –

Cushion Pillow Cover Osborne and Little Silk Fabric Botan Pink Embroidery

Cushion Pillow Cover Osborne and Little Silk Fabric Botan Pink Embroidery $53 On Amazon

Cushion Pillow Cover Osborne and Little Silk Fabric Botan Orange Embroidery

Cushion Pillow Cover Osborne and Little Silk Fabric Botan Orange Embroidery $53

Botanical Gardens Bird Floral Coral -

Botanical Gardens Bird Floral Coral -$15

Villeroy and BochVilleroy and Boch


  1. They came out awesome but that does look like a LOT of work. I don’t know if I would have the patience for something like that.

  2. I wasn’t expecting you to say you bought EIGHTY? That’s definitely taking the plunge, but it totally worked and was totally worth it. Fantastic!


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