Painted-Dresser-By-Meranda-Devan-500x333I don’t know about you, but it seems like any time I come across vintage French furniture, I have to buy it.  I can always find a way or another to re-purpose it.  Dressers, chests and cabinets are great pieces to buy if you want to add pattern and turn it into a statement piece.

I have found zebra patterns to be so versatile.  You can add splashes of color by mixing two like minded colors, such as an orange and a salmon pink together, or baby blue and cobalt, or go for creamy yellow with a pop of canary.  Or you can go more traditional by painting it black, or staining the wood.

When I painted this dresser, I originally wasn’t planning for a rich wood effect.   I believe when I purchased this piece, it had it’s original white and gold finish that you often see with French provincial furniture, so I simply painted over it.

I stated off with a cream base coat, then added brown paint and created texture using packing foam sheet that I cut notches into.   Sliding the packing foam, (which sort of looked like a large comb you would use in your hair), through the wet paint, it created a bit of interest I could play off of.

You can use almost anything to create texture with, from sponges, to soft plastic, or even garbage packing, which I used.  Using an overhead projector, I hand painted zebra stripes in black, using the graphic provided on the transparency.

At this point in the project, I found that the zebra stripes were a bit too bold, so I decided to tweek the finish using poly-stain for rich wood look. Adding the poly-shades blended the two colors together nicely, so the sharp contrast was concealed.  Poly-stain is wonderful, because it gives you a translucent finish, and it doesn’t need to penetrate the finish, it sits on top of paint.

What do you think?  Do you love it? 

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  1. Wow! What a piece! Animal prints don’t seem to go out of style. The only thing is, when I first saw it, to me they look distinctively like tiger stripes, which is even more appealing. You are so inspiring!

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