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The dresser in the first paint job. 

In Virginia, and Washington state, I was able to have a fun side-business, buying and selling furniture, which allowed me to go to yard sales, and estate sales on a regular basis.  Through that process, I happened to just keep more than a few pieces that I loved.  Last year, I was able to go through our storage unit, finish up some pieces, and give them away to my brothers and their beautiful wives, which in turn freed up a lot of valuable space for us.

The dresser in the 3rd paint job.  I didn’t photograph it in red. 

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This is the dresser above before the recent paint job. 

Originally published September 2014

Just before leaving for Idaho, I also had in my stock, 3 provincial dresser sets, and two styles which  matched.  So instead of just selling them off, I brought the two that matched with me.  I had the idea of stacking them, one on top of another.  I cut off the legs, which was risky, and when I stacked them, they blended well together.  The style was identical, so the drawers matched up nicely.

This dresser had been faux painted a beautiful French gray, (as you can see in the first couple of pictures), which had two colors layered throughout.  A darker brown for the base-coat, and a pale yellow, which produced the gray finish you see in one of the pictures.

Later on, the dressers were painted a rich red, in hopes of faux painting chinoiserie designs on the drawers.  After the drawers, and insides were painted several coats, I changed my mind yet again! 

So I had to go about removing the finish with a heat gun and paint stripper, and in doing so, loved the look of the natural wood, so I left it.  I left the gold detailing, and when I remove the carpet, the flooring and the dresser should match up nicely.  I find the lighter woods so dreamy!

Recently they were given an entirely new makeover.  Since I really enjoy raw wood, I painted them, and sanded off the majority of the paint.  The handles were finished in a rusty look.  If you have two dressers which match, try this look out for yourself.

Here is the dresser before I got started.  I actually didn’t have a plan in mind what so ever.  I painted the whole dresser in the color you see above, and didn’t like it, so I sanded the majority of the paint off.  It was an arm workout that day!

The dresser kept its original rusty appearance with a bit of color added.

If you decide to go for a look like this, try a vibrant shade of paint.

Finishing the sides of the dresser were rather tricky.  Its not perfect, but it works well if you don’t have a carpenter’s eye.

This room looks so much different getting rid of most of the gold and opting for a rustic look.  I love how it turned out.