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This summer, and last summer has been a very busy one for us.  Michael and I moved from Seattle to northern Idaho almost 3 years ago, and since then we have been trying to set up our home, while managing to run our business at the same time.

I am sure you also have experienced all the challenges that come with re-locating as well, as everyone moves at one point in their lives.  Working your existing furniture into the right rooms, along with finding storage solutions for your home can be a big task for anyone.  Thankfully, we didn’t have any added pressure of finding a new job.  I am at the point now, 3 years later, and the paint is up on the walls, and furniture either has a place, or has been donated through the process, and now I can work on the smaller details of the home.

In Virginia, and Washington state, I was able to have a fun side-business, buying and selling furniture, which allowed me to go to yard sales, and estate sales on a regular basis.  Through that process, I happened to just keep more than a few pieces that I loved.  Last year, I was able to go through our storage unit, finish up some pieces, and give them away to my brothers and their beautiful wives, which in turn freed up a lot of valuable space for us.

Merandas Baby Room Canopy Bed

A French canopy bed in the process…….

French Provincial Dresser Stripped On Hersite

2 French Provincial Dressers Stripped Of Paint, And Stacked

Finally after being here in Idaho for some time, and being married for 9 years, we decided that we have our business running well, that we can add some little ones into our lives.  And, I don’t mean more cats, although that is tempting!  With that being said, I started working on converting one of our guest bedrooms into a children’s room.

The room is going to be decorated around a girls 18th century theme, with the overall color of a blue/lavender.  Originally, I had three sets of french twin provincial beds in my stock before I moved, and opted to keep them, instead of selling them.   You never know what you may need in a new house, right?

I decided to use two of the vintage headboards to create a day bed, with both ends upholstered.  A piece of wood was added to the bottom of the frame, and upholstered.  Hopefully in the coming months, I can update you on this project.  I might end up changing the painted gold frame to creamy white, and haven’t decided.

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Just before leaving for Idaho, I also had in my stock, 3 provincial dresser sets, and two styles which  matched.  So instead of just selling them off, I brought the two that matched with me.  I had the idea of stacking them, one on top of another.  I cut off the legs, which was risky, and when I stacked them, they blended well together.  The style was identical, so the drawers matched up nicely.

This dresser had been faux painted a beautiful French gray, (as you can see in the first couple of pictures), which had two colors layered throughout.  A darker brown for the base-coat, and a pale yellow, which produced the gray finish you see in one of the pictures.

Later on, the dressers were painted a rich red, in hopes of faux painting chinoiserie designs on the drawers.  After the drawers, and insides were painted several coats, I changed my mind yet again! 

So I had to go about removing the finish with a heat gun and paint stripper, and in doing so, loved the look of the natural wood, so I left it.  I left the gold detailing, and when I remove the carpet, the flooring and the dresser should match up nicely.  I find the lighter woods so dreamy!

Meranda's Home

I bought some vintage lamps, pulled them apart, and used the ornate bottom of the lamp, and re-wired the lamp into something smaller.  Later, I painted them in a gray, with a white wash, and added fabric to the lampshades.

The picture frame that sits on the walls, was originally a beautiful wedding gift to Michael and I.  My mom is quite talented at Brazilian needlework, and the white floral details were originally set on a rich red velvet.  Instead of using the velvet, I transferred the needlework on to a natural linen flax upholstery drapery cloth, which was also used to finish the drum shades for the lamps.  The frame was originally a convex mirror which nicely pushed the needlework out, allowing you to touch it.  It gives a beautiful hand made artistic touch to the room.

Merandas Custom Wall 1 Merandas Custom Wall 2

These 18th Century prints come from around the net.  They may have come out a book at one point and were uploaded online.  Most of the fashions come from 1778-83.  You could do a number of projects with these prints.  In this post, the color is taken out of the picture, and a black and white image exists, which can be blown up and transferred to a dresser, or created into a piece of art.

Here are just some of the websites I collected them from: 

– Fashion for Men during the time of Marie Antoinette EK Duncan

– Fashion Plates Of Hats And Hairstyles- Duchess In Diamonds

-Galerie des modes et costumes fran├žais 1778-1787.

Merandas Baby Room

Frames with images of the 18th century fashion