My Outside Wood Tray Project

One of the trays by itself on an outdoor table

Outside Projects

A 2 tier tray sitting on our outside table

My Two Tier Tray Tables

Have you ever liked the look of tray tables?  I had some wood sitting around, and wanted to explore the idea of a 3 tier tray table.

The three tier table ended up being too large, so I used the two tier by itself. The extra tray is lovely all on it’s own and is used on another table.  The legs were remnants of legs from a Hollywood regency bamboo table.  From those table legs, they were cut in the center of the faux bamboo, which gave me 15 legs to use for other projects.


My 2 Tier Wood Table - Hersite Blog

Here you can see the bamboo legs which were cut down.  I didn’t end up using the square wood pieces that are seen in the picture.  Although I have learned that using these heavy duty screws is one of the best ways to anchor a leg on a bench or a table.  In the past I have used smaller screws only for the bench to fall apart.  I have had 4 benches break in the past  Oh mercy!  

My 2 Tier Table- Hersite Blog

I found that having one support in the center section wasn’t enough.  I changed the design to have to support beams holding up the top tray.  The trays were given a burnt orange undercoat.  A top layer of beige was added, and before the paint was dry, areas were wiped off with a cloth to give it distressing.  Old cabinet handles were added to the sides and the inside was left in it’s natural wood. 

My Copper Collection Display- Hersite Blog 3

My Copper Collection Display

Copper can really add a charming country look to your kitchen.  When I am out and about shopping for deals at second hand stores and antique malls, I make a habit of looking for quality copper molds.  If you are looking for a way of adding copper to your kitchen, either by a ceiling rack or hung on the wall, and don’t have the money for pricy copper pots and pans, consider collecting copper molds and grouping them together.  My local second hand stores sells these molds any where from 50 cents to $2.99 at the most.

What I Have Learned Along The Way

I have found that you can buy molds which almost look discolored, and have a pinkish silver hue.  This summer, I got rid of about 30 molds, selecting only the ones which had that deep copper orange appearance.  Many of the vintage molds that are of lower quality are made of thinner looking metal.  They also look pinkish silver toned, rather than the deep orange hue.  Keep your eyes open for ones which are have a copper appearance on one side, and have the silver on the inside ideally, or heavier looking copper all around.

In my kitchen, the fridge is exposed on the one side, and for the longest time, I wanted either a bookshelf, or large chalkboard mirror to cover it up.  Yet at the same time, I didn’t want too sacrifice space.   I had some extra plywood in the garage that I measured, which was large enough to cover up the fridge, while leaving our beautiful upper cabinets showing.

I took a piece of plywood, and hammed on a nicer piece of thin veneer over top.  With molding bought from my local hardware store, gave the edges a nice finished appearance.  The molds are hung with picture frame wall hooks.  I have noticed that the shine from the molds catches the light in the kitchen and goes a long way to adding some sparkle into the room.  The wood cost $ 25 dollars, and all together the molds at most cost $30 dollars, making this project an inexpensive, yet a beautiful alternative to spending money on a showcase cabinet to finish off this side of the kitchen.  What do you think?

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My Copper Collection Display- Hersite Blog 2 4

My Copper Collection Display

My Copper Collection Display- Hersite Blog 2

My Copper Collection Display

My Copper Collection Display- Hersite Blog

My Copper Collection Display