My Outside Wood Tray Project

One of the trays by itself on an outdoor table

Outside Projects

A 2 tier tray sitting on our outside table

My Two Tier Tray Tables

Have you ever liked the look of tray tables?  I had some wood sitting around, and wanted to explore the idea of a 3 tier tray table.

The three tier table ended up being too large, so I used the two tier by itself. The extra tray is lovely all on it’s own and is used on another table.  The legs were remnants of legs from a Hollywood regency bamboo table.  From those table legs, they were cut in the center of the faux bamboo, which gave me 15 legs to use for other projects.


My 2 Tier Wood Table - Hersite Blog

Here you can see the bamboo legs which were cut down.  I didn’t end up using the square wood pieces that are seen in the picture.  Although I have learned that using these heavy duty screws is one of the best ways to anchor a leg on a bench or a table.  In the past I have used smaller screws only for the bench to fall apart.  I have had 4 benches break in the past  Oh mercy!  

My 2 Tier Table- Hersite Blog

I found that having one support in the center section wasn’t enough.  I changed the design to have to support beams holding up the top tray.  The trays were given a burnt orange undercoat.  A top layer of beige was added, and before the paint was dry, areas were wiped off with a cloth to give it distressing.  Old cabinet handles were added to the sides and the inside was left in it’s natural wood.