My Nursery ColorsProjects, projects,…..endless projects. When you own a home, there can be always something to fix, repair or improve.

If you are like me, you have one, maybe two days a week to work on your hobbies.  They never get done over one weekend, and often take several weeks to months to complete.  Do you relate?

Sundays happen to be the day I take off for my own crafting projects, and my husband knows not to schedule anything on that day.  Before I was pregnant, I would start my projects after the sun sets on Saturday night, and on some occasions I would work through the night (with the help of coffee), and continue well into Sunday.  Come Sunday night, I either want to spend another day completing them, or I would find myself finished physically and creatively and eager to get back to work on Monday at the desk.

Our Nursery In Progress

We are expecting our daughter at the end of the month in January, so setting up her nursery has been a labor of love for many months.  In this post, you can see the start of her room, where I stripped TWO matching provincial dressers, stacked them one on top of another, and managed to frame a few 18th century prints on the wall.  It has been time consuming, because I plan on making my own drapery, bed linens and throw pillows for her room.  I discovered a check fabric that is borderline blue/ lavender and decided to roll with it.

I had two French provincial beds which were set up in a guest room in our basement.  I didn’t want to sell them, and because we had purchased new mattresses for them about a month before we found out we were pregnant, I decided to use the mattresses and make a trundle bed which she will eventually grow into.  I took the existing headboards and propped them up on tall bed casters which hides the extra mattress quite nicely.

Two headboards, which were traditionally used as headboards, were paired together to make a daybed.  Wood boards were added to the bottom of the headboards, foam was added, and the fabric was upholstered on top.  The front and the back of the headboards are now upholstered in the check material.

Nursery Transformation Hersite Blog 1

Fast forward to the end of summer, ……..I managed to pick up a French provincial king size headboard from craigslist for $60 dollars, which was also fixed up the same way. (Wood was added to the frame, foam was stapled in place, and upholstery was added to the frame).

Recently, I was able to make some throw pillows out the same fabric.  I have a large wood canopy I want to bolt to the ceiling, that I would like to hang matching drapery and make slipcovers for the duvet.

The project is hardly done, ……but I am making headway every weekend.

Nursery Transformation Hersite Blog

Here you can see the frame is upholstered with foam on each side.  The foam is from walmart, and is simply queen size bed foam stapled in place. 

Nursery Transformation Hersite BlogNursery Transformation Hersite BlogNursery Transformation Hersite Blog

The room was also painted in a lavender shade which is a close match to the bedding.  A provincial cabinet was purchased and is going to be used as a changing table.  A changing pad will simply be attached to the top.  The piece was painted in a darker shade than the wall, and an additional coat of paint was added and then removed to leave a slight glazed effect. White paint was added to around the cabinets french carved details to make the piece more interesting.  It works wonderfully with the existing furniture in the room.   Inside the cabinet, houses two wicker baskets which hold diapers and lotions and odds and ends for changing baby.

We don’t have too much room in the nursery, so we decided to buy a miniature crib in pine, which matches the wood around our house.

Atarahs Bedroom 2 Atarah's Bedroom 1

Taking some bedsheets which were purchased years ago, I decided to make a ruffled drape which attaches to the outside of the crib.  It was lined in white fabric, so looking into the crib, it looks completed and professional.  Not wanting to staple on to the crib, I simply sewed ties to the top of the drape, and hung them from the crib.  The end result really makes the crib look so special, and safe for the baby.  The fabric also doesn’t conflict with the existing check pattern I have chosen.  It happened to be a great use of fabric I was no longer planning on using.

Picture In Babies Room Hersite Blog

The green print above was scanned in from a calendar my grandmother gave me 15 years ago.  The original photo was in red, and with gimp (a free photo program), I was able to change the color scheme to a green.  The print was blown up at Staples on their vinyl outdoor fabric, and then attached to a frame which was also stripped down to it’s original pine.

Nursery TransformationNursery Transformation Hersite Blog

On the walls, I made my own sconces from plaster, which sit beside brazilian embroidery my mother made.  The sconces hold mini stuffed animals which bring in a whimsical effect to the room.  I may add more of these sconces to the wall, as they cost me just pennies to make.  You can see more of how I make these sconces here out of plaster:

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Nursery Transformation

We bought the Melissa & Doug Plush Cheetah for $54 which contrasts nicely against the lavender paint. The giraffe and the cheetah work for smaller rooms like ours.  Melissa & Doug carries over 30 stuffed animals including a giraffe, tiger, lion, white Tiger, elephant, zebra cheetah and so much more.

Pregnancy 27 Weeks December- Meranda For Hersite Blog

Here I am in December, due at the end of January

Another thing I discovered in the summer was this fabulous heavy duty printing paper available at Staples printing and copy center.  Living in Virginia, I attended auctions which allowed me to pick up frames at auctions for next to nothing.  Large scale frames, which I then took with me to our current home.  The only challenge I faced was dozens of frames with no art.

After talking to the great ladies at Staples in my local area, they told me about the banners which could be printed on vinyl.  They are often used by businesses who use banners for advertising purposes.  Large machines can print a photo, or any graphic for that matter on to a sheet 0f vinyl.  They have two options available, an indoor and outdoor, but I have found the outdoor vinyl is matte, and looks better for drawn graphics, or prints.

Blown Up Wall Prints

Here you can see three prints which hang in our hallway.  I bought a set of three prints from friends of ours which originally came from Germany.  The prints were 4×6, and I simply scanned them in, and Staples printed them off on their outdoor vinyl.  They were stapled to the back of these frames.

Blown Up Wall Prints

Details Of The Pretty Frames

Prints Blown Up At Staples Hersite Blog

An 18th Century Print Blown Up- Ready To Be Framed

Bedroom Pictures Bought From Staples Hersite Blog

I purchased 6 round frames from etsy last year, and decided to hang them in our bedroom.  The prints were scanned from a royalty free book called Old English Cuts and Illustrations for Artists and Craftspeople, which can be purchased on Amazon.  You can select from thousands of old world drawings.  See my post below for the top 48 books that contain these sorts of photos:

  • 48 Books Of Antique Graphics For Mod Podge Fabric And Wood Transfers- Hersite

Large Scale Prints Blown Up At Staples- Hersite Blog

Bedroom Pictures Bought From Staples Hersite Blog

Here are four prints that are sitting in our basement stairwell.  All of these frames were collected over the years, and put together because they appear to match in style.  These prints were also from the Old English Cuts book.  I wanted something sort of funny, and not too serious. 

Pastel Portraits Blown Up Hersite Blog

I fell in love with this frame when I saw it at an estate sale.  The frame itself is about 2 and a half feet large, which I bought for $80 dollars.  The picture is of Jean Charles Garnier (1697-1755) which was also scanned out of the book Pastel Portraits – Images Of 18th Century Europe.  I had Staples blow it up for me on vinyl.   The color scheme matched my basement which is decorated around the color mint. 

Bedroom Pictures Bought From Staples Hersite Blog

These picture frames were bought at a second hand store for $ 6 dollars, gold leafed, and these prints were also printed at Staples on vinyl.

The next time you come across a large scale print you fall in love with in a book, magazine, or on the net, keep Staples in mind.  They have allowed me to hang a number of prints on my wall without spending a bundle.  If you have enjoyed this post, please do pin these projects in pinterest.




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