We have an incredible piece of information regarding the case of the removal of baby Elijah from the care of his parents in North Idaho. The mother gave birth on November 20, 2017 via c-section in a hospital in Kootenai County (Kootenai Health). The police took the newborn on the 22nd after dad refused vaccinations while mother and child were still in the hospital awaiting release. One of the accusations listed in the police report  is that “the staff feared the parents would not complete follow-up medical care.The police report states erroneously that Ari, the newborn’s father, is against medical intervention. This is just one of the accusations they used the child from his family claiming the parents as unsafe and unfit.

“Ari is against medical intervention such as vaccinations. It is feared that Ari would not take Elijah to get medical attention or do any sort of follow-up after his birth.”

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(this child was returned, and the case was dismissed)

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