Just How Many Congressmen came out against Vaccines In 2015 Poll?  Not ONE!

In a poll conducted by NBC News in 2015, 28% of congressional members came out to say that their children were vaccinated.  Yet how many of them admitted that they DO NOT vaccinate?  Not one!

NBC tried to spin the poll results by stating “Congress is Unanimous on Vaccinations” but as we can clearly see, that is not the case as TWICE in the article they left out 273 didn’t respond to the question. 

What does that tell you?   Either they don’t vaccinate and didn’t want to say….or they chose not to respond for some OTHER reason.

From the article….

“According to their offices, 121 members with children said they’ve vaccinated them, zero said they haven’t, and another seven declined to answer. Thirty-three offices responded that the congressional member does not have children. All other offices 273 have yet to respond. “

See the article at nbcnews.com

Please support my husband who is running for congress. We do not vaccinate and fight for families who choose not to vaccinate.  We personally are 100% AGAINST vaccines.  You can find all about him at michaelsnyderforidaho.com

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