Registered nurse Brenda Pratt-Shafer worked in a late-term abortion facility for three days. Horrified by what she saw there, she quit. Now Pratt-Shafer has written a book about her experience working in the abortion industry. “What the Nurse Saw,” released in 2016, contains graphic descriptions of abortion procedures. One abortion method Pratt-Shafer describes in detail is a D&E dismemberment abortion.

In this abortion, the ultrasound machine was used to scan the mother’s abdomen. This enabled the abortionist to visualize the abortion instruments and the fetus in the uterus while performing the abortion. I could see the fetus moving around and the fetal heartbeat on the screen.


Grasping forceps with rows of sharp teeth were inserted into the uterus to clamp down on the fetal parts…

Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabbed one of the fetal legs with his forceps. He clamped down hard and with a twisting and tearing motion, ripped the leg from the little body. He brought it out and threw it in the pan beside me. I stood in horror, as I looked at that little leg in the pan with perfectly formed toes! I had never seen such a small human body part.

The next time he went in, he tore off an arm with hands and little fingers! I could see the fetus on the ultrasound screen trying to get away from the forceps! Then I no longer saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound screen. (The sound was purposely turned off so the mothers could not hear the heartbeat.) I remember at that time thinking of the bumper stickers that the pro-life movement had that said, “Abortion stops a beating heart.”