Leah Feuerberg


I have been meaning to update the wording on this post. My emotions were high writing it.

But this is my story about my daughter Emily

In 2006 I was going to school for nursing and working at a large hospital In the ICU as an aide.

I was very provax and finding the information on the true dangers of vaccines was not so easy.

My daughter Emily was Born September 26, 2006 full term, healthy, perfect. 7lb8oz. So alert.

She got her Hep B and Vitamin K.

At 6 hours old I was holding her bundled. The nurse came in. Ripped her out of my hands and said she is running a low grade fever I don’t want to have to draw blood. Unwrapped and undressed her.

I was so confused. But so young.

My mom walked in 30 minutes later and asked what was going on and brought her back to me.

She started her fussiness..

They pushed us out of the hospital at 24 hours.

That night at home the screaming through the night and day started. Just unhappy.

On her 4th day I found her cold and lifeless.

After waiting for months for the autopsy they ruled it SUDDEN UNEXPLAINED INFANT DEATH.

Even with her enlarged liver, and spleen. And pulmonary edema. Even with the blood contaminants and coxsackie.

They never looked into the hepatitis B vaxx ful of adjuvants, and other nasty chemicals. Or the vitamin K that has a black box warning of death.

And this information wasnt so easy to find then.

So neither did I. I didnt know that information was there. I thought I was doing the best thing. They dont want you to know the dangers.

I CONTINUED to vaccinate my children. Not realizing the connection until too late.

I have heterogeneous MTHFR 677 and 1298 which makes it nearly impossible to detox.

Theres a high likelihood my kids do too.

We are all vaccine injured with autoimmune issues. Vaccines have literally destroyed my life in more ways than you can imagine.

I dont get to sing happy birthday to Emily. Celebrate holidays with her. See her hit her milestones.

They only way I ever got to spend time and holidays with her was at gravesite. We spent all her birthdays there when we lived nearby.

I have done nothing but research her death, our injuries, vaccines, and trying to heal them for the past few years. Its all you can do when you become bedbound from your injuries and doctors overloading you with drugs to try to “fix the solution”.

I was very provaxx once. Do you think it’s easy to admit I consented to the very thing that killed her. I will do anything to make sure this information is spread and available.

Original post- I shared a very brief vaccine injury story/murder of my daughter Emily, with her autopsy report the other day.

She was full term, 21 inches, 7lb8oz of perfection.

And murdered for greed, and no one wants to face the reality of what is going on.

Im a licensed nurse. Was very pro vax at one point. Obviously, i vaccinated my kids blindly. Do you think its easy to acknowledge i consented to the very thing that killed her.

Here’s a few pictures before i lost her. Along with her autopsy again. And the only way i get to see my baby now.

I dont get to sing her happy birthday, spend holidays with her.

When i lived in the same state i celebrated all her birthdays at gravesite, like pictured with her sister Amber. Amber never got to meet her in person. Neither did her brother.

Never how I imagined spending my childrens birthdays.

*edited to add a picture of me 2 days before I had her.

And to add- she got the hep B and vitamin k at birth.

I have heterogeneous MTHFR 677 & 1298 which makes it nearly impossible to detox.

I have been vaccine injured with autoimmune/pain, anxiety issues for as long as I can remember. My daughter is presenting with the same issues now.

My son has SPD.

WE CONTINUED to vaccinate my children because in 2006 information wasnt so easy to find, I was going to school for nursing and very pro vax.

After years of doctors slowly killing me with drugs I WOKE UP and started doing research on everything. Not much else you can do while bed bound!