Meranda's Picks - Furniture AppliquesSet of 2, Column Furniture Moldings US (11 Inches Tall)$56.44 + US $13.70 Shippinghere

You may not know, but I am obsessed with molds.  Moldings, appliques, reliefs, frames, and anything ornate are things I admire and collect. I stumbled across this seller in the UK that you need to know about if you are into decorating, refinish furniture, or anything of the sort.

Top Quality Moldings sells some of the most beautiful molds, and appliques that you can add on to your existing furniture, beautify up a plain picture frame, add details to a lamp, and add more detail to an accent chair, or headboard.

Here are a couple of my favorite finds from their store……..

Ornate French Decorative White Door Hangers In Resin- Hersite Picks

Ornate French Decorative White Door Hangers In Resin- $64.51 + $17.73 Shipping here

Ornate Furniture Molds- Hersite Picks

Silicone Rubber Mould- Ornate Center Piece For Furniture US $88.70 + US $20.89 Shipping here


Ornate Scrolls Silicone Rubber Mold, Makes 8 Molds…  Make your own plaster molds $104.84 +$9.60 Shipping here

Round Lion Head Rubber Mold

Round Lion Head Rubber Mold (105 MM in diameter, 40 MM in depth)
US $77.41 + US $19.28 Shipping here

Rosette Mold- Hersite Picks

Rosette Mold- (60 mm in diameter) US $30.63 + US $20.89 Shipping here

Meranda's Picks - Furniture AppliquesSilicone Rubber Pediment Mold – Make your own molds…..

US $201.64 + US $20.15 shipping here

Meranda's Picks - Furniture Appliques

1. Tudor Rose Rosette Rubber Mold -$40.31 + $10.47 Shipping here

2. Center Molding $25.79 + $8.05 Shipping here

3. French Ornate Scrolls In Gold $29.02+ US $6.44 here

4. Silicone Rubber Mold Leaf – $37.09 + $8.86 Shipping here