There’s been a boom in so-called “nip-tuck holidays” in countries like Thailand, India, Borneo, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, where they offer pool side vacations, with minimal recovery time. The spa’s  are presented as being 5 star hotels, and affordable. But, is that really the case?

In this link a corrective surgeon says that 20- 30% of people who go overseas for plastic surgery need corrective surgery when they return home.

Many cosmetic surgery holiday locations are in the third world and lack health care regulations and resources. Patients are often left alone to recover with little to no assistance, often times putting their lives in jeopardy.

Many women who end up overseas for these procedures, often are taken by the advertisements that promise a holiday in a beautiful hotel.

  • In this link a woman named “Tyra” fell for a holiday in Thiland. She wanted a flat tummy, slimmer thighs, and fuller breasts. In Australia, the surgeries would have set her back about $36,000 – but in Thailand, she could get the lot for around $10,000. What was sold on the website, and what she experienced in person were two totally different things. When she arrived, she sat down with 60 other persons, and had to pay for the entire procedure before she had seen the doctor. When the doctor did see her, it was for 5 minutes, and he didn’t speak English. She felt as though she wasn’t clear what she wanted, but went ahead with the procedure because she came a long way, and already paid for it. In the end, the surgeon botched every single procedure. After her complaints, the company responded that they weren’t legally bound to pay for any corrective surgery, because the procedures were done overseas.

The Nassau University Medical Center in New York distributed a 15-question survey by e-mail to 2,000 active members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons . They found among the corrective procedures, 80.4% were from patients who had travelled abroad.  More than half of the patients required multiple corrective operations, and the largest percentage of reported complications (31%) was a result of infection.  83.9% of the doctors reported that their patients  admitted seeing a non professional surgeon.

Here is what many women find going overseas:

They Are Fooled By The Fine Print

  • “Despite the tour company’s claims they guaranteed their work and would pay to fix problems, Sienna hadn’t read the fine print, which contained a waiver absolving the company of any responsibility”  here

Women Believe A Tour Company Will Be At Their Side

  • “The tour staff called me once,” she reveals, “but then I was left completely alone.” -Sienna
  • ““The people from the Australian tour company weren’t there with me, as they’d promised” Tyra
  • And when she dared to complain and was in desperate need of after-care, she found herself abandoned by the company’s support system”   June Jonigk‘s experience

Facelifts Are Cheap, They Lift The Skin But Not The Muscles

  • the result of the surgeon pulling the skin too tight during a facelift without correcting the deep tissue underneath. “It’s a cheap way of doing a facelift, but the result can be absolutely awful,” says Dr Moss.” here
  • Too much had been taken off one eyebag, and not enough off the other. When you do a face-lift, you’re supposed to lift the muscles underneath and the skin, but he’d only lifted the skin”  Cheryl Faunch here

Overseas Cosmetic Companies Don’t Guarantee Their Work

  • When I rang the travel company to complain, they tried to pass the buck, saying they were just the third party. I emailed the hospital, which offered to do it again for free if I paid for the flights” Cheryl Faunch here

 Infections Reveal Themselves After Arriving Home

  • Fast forward a few weeks, after my return home, I became very, very ill with an unexplained infection in my nose. This infection remained for six months and I was on the strongest medication my body could handle, plus under the care of a top ENT Specialist in Perth. Long story short, something had been left in my nose (foreign object) which had become infected and made me constantly ill.”  here

More Botched Surgeries

Black Market Surgeries Which Used Tub Caulking Instead Of Medical Silicone– 6 women found themselves in the hospital after going under the knife where unlicensed professionals used commercial silicone, the kind of silicone that has been used in renovations, such as bathtub caulking, for injections in their bottoms.  These people claim to be doctors in other countries, or claim to be assistants in doctors offices.

A Woman Realizes Her Face Has Been Injected With Cement– 46 Year old Rajee Narinesingh got injections in her face, her breasts, her hips and butt.  She turned to backstreet surgeon Oneal Ron Morris, spending 3 thousand on injections.  Morris was known in the community for providing cheap alternatives for plastic surgery.  Unable to leave her home because of the embarrassment, a friend referred her to Dr John Martin, who said it was the worst case he has ever saw.  He said he didn’t know what was injected into her skin, but had to remove it only by chopping away, as though he was chipping concrete.  He has been able to recover most of her face, but is concerned with her breasts, and buttocks, where LARGE volumes of the substance has been injected.  In this video, it was revealed that Morris, injected the women with cement, mineral oil and “fix a flat”, and sealed the wounds with super glue.  Later in this interview, another woman was interviewed and revealed that it is common for these procedures to happen at house parties, such as the ones you would see for jewelry or tupperware, except, they are facial injections.

A Korean Model Left Disfigured After She Injected Cooking Oil Into Her Face- Here is a case of a very attractive model that found herself addicted to injections.  She went under the knife at age 28, and later moved to Japan to model, and had even more injections.  At some point, Doctors refused to keep treating her.  After moving back to Korea, she bought silicone on the black market and began injecting herself, and later started injecting cooking oil.

Chinese Women Turn To Banned Surgeries To Make Themselves Taller– Asian models with western faces are often the ones booked for luxury brands, and fashion houses, which is why so many women consider going under the knife in China.  When asian beauties (who are beautiful themselves) are asked about what features they find attractive about European women, they respond by saying that many western women have full lips, the eyes have a good shape, and a high nasal bridge.  They see themselves has having flat faces.  Sadly, I wonder if what they are seeing is photoshop than the true women they view as perfect. Most women in China are short, being 5’0 being an average height.  Half way through the documentary, shows a surgery which is now banned in China, where the legs are sawn in half, then holes are drilled through the calves, then long metal pins are hammered into the legs.  This procedure is painful, and has now been banned, because of the high risks that are involved.  Some clinics are performing as many as 300 procedures a year.

Double Eyelid Surgery In China- A HUGE Trend With Highschool Graduates– Two ladies who sat down for an interview said the eye lid surgery that is extremely popular in the Orient, is fueled by the celebrities they see in Hollywood.  In the documentary, they show over 300 plastic surgery businesses on a single street.  Korea’s plastic surgery fascination is concerning, and many link it up to the craze within the entertainment world.  Do you think the west is to blame?

On the double eyelid surgery ” Almost everyone gets it, especially in normal highschools.  Once people graduate, almost all of them get double eyelid surgery”

Woman Loses Limbs After Bargain Beauty Surgery – A business owner of a salon is approached by a customer who comes in for a hair cut and also claims that she can do safe injections. She points to her friend, who was with her that her work is safe. The procedure happens in a house, and sadly, the woman was injected with silicone that you can buy at any hardware store.

Mother Of 2 Has Had Over 1000 Injections, And Now Speaks Out About It-  Vanity Wonder writes a book called Shot Girl, where she reveals all there is to know about illegal butt injections.

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