Slang Found On Facebook

You see your daughter texting that friend, and you realize it’s a boy you barely know.  You sneak a peek over her shoulder only to see a bunch of garble short hand that you just cannot understand. Your left in the dark as to what she is saying and if it is serious or not.

Almost every parent has heard of that one girl in their kids school who shared an exposed picture of herself, only for it to be passed around from boy to boy around the school. You just don’t want it to be your daughter. 

Trust on her part could turn into a bad decision that she may have to re-live in endless bullying for the rest of the year.  Not only that, the emotional tole of being labeled goes far deeper at this age than we can imagine.

The fact is these things are occurring in every school. Today’s young generation lives on their phone. Your child may have grown up in a home with open communication, but it takes one instance with a boy she may like….or a boy who is extra persuasive, and she could find herself doing something that she may regret. 

According to a study from Pew Research Center, 92% of teens go onto their phones on a daily basis, (not surprising) while 24% say they go online “almost constantly”.  Which means, they are connected at the hip through out the day to the internet. 
Always Connected, As A Parent, Should You Be Concerned?
According to a 2015 study, A typical teen sends and receives 30 texts per day. A Harris study way back in 2010 showed that 47 percent of teens can text with their eyes closed, we wonder what those figures are today.  Today most of them are not messaging through paid phone plans, but rather through messaging apps like Kik or WhatsApp. 
Today there are apps which allow you to view what they are looking at, but you certainly cannot follow every conversation with every friend in their life. 
 Sexting is a concern many parents have.  
Most recent data in April 2016 reports:
  • Ages 13-19, Who have sent a sexing message 39 % of all teens, 37 % girls and 37 % boys
  • (Ages 13-19) who have sent a nude picture, 20% of all teens, 22 % of girls, 18% of boys.
As a parent, you cannot stop everything, but you can be aware of the texting slang that might be a concern if you see it.  
Below are the top 38 shorthand that you need to be aware of

Texting Words and Phrases

  • BF Boyfriend
  • 1174′ – Party meeting place
  • BOYF Boyfriend
  • BYOB Bring Your Own beer
  • DOS Dad over shoulder
  • FYEO For your eyes only
  • FYA For your amusement
  • GNOC Get naked on camera
  • LH6 Lets have sex
  • CU46 See you for sex
  • 53X Sex
  • CD9 Parents around / Code 9
  • H&K Hugs & kisses
  • ILY I love you
  • LUVYA Love you
  • OB Oh baby
  • POS Parent over shoulder
  • IWSN I want sex now
  • 9 Parent around
  • 99 Parent gone
  • PIR Parent in room
  • KPC Keeping parents clueless
  • Sugarpic: erotic photo
  • THOT – That hoe over there
  • CID – Acid (the drug)
  • Broken – Hungover from alcohol
  • 420 – Marijuana
  • KOTL – Kiss on the lips
  •  (L)MIRL – Let’s meet in real life
  •  PRON – Porn
  •  TDTM – Talk dirty to me
  • 8 – Oral sex
  • IPN – I’m posting naked
  •  LH6 – Let’s have sex
  •  WTTP – Want to trade pictures?
  •  DOC – Drug of choice
  •  TWD – Texting while driving
  •  GYPO – Get your pants off