Vaccine Freedom is a Global Issue… we must “Think Globally and Act Locally”. We sometimes think we are alone in our persecution. Here is a plea from Oksana J. Onyszko for your support in Poland:

“Poland calls the whole world to join the protest against mandatory vaccinations! Mandatory vaccinations have been destroying the life of Polish families in Poland! This mandate has its roots in the communist system, and is being enforced with increasing ruthlessness.

The especially affects the former Eastern Bloc countries. Families, who often experience complications from vaccinations are terrorized by severe fines, court cases, and even the threat of taking their children away from them as well as being thrown out of public clinics.

Doctors, who have the courage to speak the truth about vaccination, have cases against them in medical courts.

A social worker was put on trial because of a petition calling to an end to these pathologies.

The media shows false epidemics made up by the pharmaceutical industry. We desperately struggle for your and our children’s health. We are aware that the illegal, aggressive pressure on citizens to vaccinate is a global issue. It is time to stand together in solidarity and say it loud: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

For the first time we have an opportunity to do so.

Together on June 3rd, 2017, You can support us in the fight and stand up for your and all children. You should express your solidarity, because this affects us all. Poland calls/appeals for support and solidarity!

Please join this protest against mandatory vaccination all over the world! May we once and for all end this violence and ignorance of undeniable scientific facts about the risk of vaccination!

Protesting on the streets of your country will make the event be heard all over the world! Make sure they see us! Organize a protest against the destructive forced vaccination process which is destroying families! Prepare a red card for each family victim with the name of the complication(s) that affected your baby after the vaccination.

You can also express your solidarity by organizing the #LightacandleInternational Vaccination Injury Day. Light each candle with the slogan #stopmandatoryvaccination and #vaccinjneinjury .

This will be the light that will brighten and change our world! ”
It’s Your health. Your Family. Your Choice!