(In this article they talk about how to craft laws to make vaccine exemptions harder for parents to obtain.  She discusses how making exemptions a hassle for parents to get will cause them to give up through the process.  Try not to feel angered over this article)

July 11, 2017

We know that the easier it is to get exemptions, the more parents choose to get them. We know that higher exemption rates are associated with more disease outbreaks. And, there’s good evidence that requiring vaccine education or a health care provider’s signature — making exemptions harder to obtain — can reduce exemptions (as happened in Washington state and under California’s previous, less-restrictive exemption law).

But we don’t know under exactly what conditions an additional education or signature requirement works. Simply requiring a parent to check a box on a form or speak with a health care provider is probably not enough to change behavior. On the other hand, some barriers to obtaining an exemption may actually reinforce anti-vaccine sentiment.

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