Antique Replica Trojan War Armor On Ebay

Antique Replica Trojan War Armor From $59 – $125 From EC World Imports On Ebay

If you are looking for some interesting ways to dress up your husbands office walls?  Why not go with replics armor that looks very much like the originals?  It is hard to believe that you can buy some of these guns (which don’t actually work….) between $40 and $150 each.   These collections could look really sharp in a living room, or hallway.  Check out some of the selections on ebay under the word “replica”  

Replica Guns

Denix Kentucky Long Replica Rifle $152

Denix Western Miniature Lever Action Replica Rifle $21.59,

Double Barrel Coach Gun Replica Shotgun $116,

Denix Charleville American Revolutionary War Rifle Replica $167

From Fun Guns And Toys On Ebay

Gun Replicas On Ebay

Wouldn’t these look great as a gallery wall in your husbands man cave? 

Gun Replicas From Fun Guns And Toys On Ebay


Replica Paper Currency

This Replica Civil War Paper Currency would look terrific framed and hung in your husbands office.  At only $13 dollars…this would be a very inexpensive way to dress up his walls.  From Fun Guns And Toys On Ebay  

Vtg OLD Look Antique Skeleton Vintage keys lot pendant Replicas Assorted Styles

Display a set of three collections of old keys in wood boxed trays and hang them on the wall. 

Get some ideas from this set On Ebay