Picture Credit –What Is Multiple Sclerosis

Picture Credit :Multiple Sclerosis: Types, Symptoms

We, at Keele University  have been interested in a link between human exposure to aluminum and MS ever since our research demonstrated that affected individuals have an unusually high body burden of aluminum. We showed that individuals with relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) and secondary progressive MS (SPMS) excreted significant amounts of aluminum in their urine (Exley et al., 2006). This, we thought, unexpected finding led us to speculate if aluminum could have a role to play in MS? One clue that it might be involved was the consistent observation in animal models of aluminum intoxication that myelin is a preferred target for aluminum in the brain. Since myelin breakdown is an important factor in the progression of MS in humans this led us to advance the hypothesis that human exposure to aluminum was playing a part in the disease.

We designed a small clinical trial to further test our observation that individuals with MS have a high body burden of aluminum and we included in the trial a prospective therapeutic element. We had previously shown that regular drinking of a silicon-rich mineral water was an effective and non-invasive therapy for the removal of aluminum from the body.

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