Holiday decorating doesn’t have to be complicated, and that is certainly the approach I took this year.  You can take something very basic like paper and make your house look pretty.

This last Hanukkah I decided to hang some pretty snowflake paper decorations on the windows and kitchen cabinets.  I cut them out while watching a Hallmark movie, and they turned out  gorgeous. These decorations can be dressed up with silver spray paint and glitter to add more intrigue.  

I found silver ornate paper doilies on ebay that I hung on top of my pictures and they can be displayed as a banner using string.  The best part about it is I didn’t have to remove any of my every day pictures.  I simply just hung them over top.  I like easy, don’t you?

I purchased my snowflakes from Sea Starr Emporium.  The best deal I got was an assortment of lace doilies with a total of 36 pieces for just over $8 dollars. The exact above pattern is what I bought.  You can find that here.  I also purchased 4 inch metallic doilies for $3.59 for 25 pieces here

I used Popsicle sticks to create stars of David which added a rustic element to our walls.  The wood doesn’t look cheap, and really adds to warm winter elements that I love to enjoy like the hot wood fires and the smell of pine trees and crisp air. 

These projects were easy to afford and didn’t take too much time to hang.  Do you think you might borrow some of these ideas for your home next year?