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11 Hacks To Dealing With Stinky Clothes And Embarrassing Odor

11 Hacks To Dealing With Stinky Clothes And Embarrassing Odor

In this video you will learn 11 hacks that are perfect for keeping you looking your best.

Do you have some stinky shoes that you are finding it hard to part with?  You don’t know if you should throw them out or if there is a simple remedy that might take care of it.  A great way to get rid of that odor is with kitty litter. Place about a cup of kitty litter into a pair of nylon pantyhose. Then place the pantyhose inside of your shoes overnight and the odor will disappear.

How about those armpit stains? We all know we have them from time to time and they can be impossible to get rid of. But simply treating them with white vinegar before you throw them in the wash.  I have talked about Oxy Clean before on this blog and how much I love it.  They have given me new ideas to explore, such as using the freezer to get rid of clothing that has remnants of bad odor.  Simply place that jacket in a bag in the freezer, and any microorganisms causing the odor will be killed.

Have you ever been out when your clothing begins to smell?  Chances are it may be residuals that are giving off the odor.  Pack a small spray bottle with vodka, or rubbing alcohol which can be sprayed on to the shirt, which evaporates in a matter of minutes.

Check out this video ladies, I think you may love her ideas.

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