As the school year has started up again, Pure Flix, a resource for streaming faith and family-friendly videos, in the faith and family streaming video space, also provides educational videos to supplement homeschool curriculum. 

Homeschool parents can take advantage of the variety of educational movies and documentaries including science, history, Biblical stories, government, and so much more by signing up for a free four-week trial on the Pure Flix homeschool page. Every week, suggested titles for a certain subject will be emailed to the subscriber to incorporate into their homeschool curriculum.

Creating innovative ways to keep homeschooling fun can be hard sometimes. The days can get long, and both you and your kiddos can get frustrated. To keep homeschooling from getting repetitive, you need to keep your kids interested. Try some of these tricks to make your homeschool day a little easier on all of you!

Try some hands-on learning
Keep your kids engaged and have fun during your homeschool day! Crafts are a perfect way to let everyone get their hands a little messy, and to step away from the books for a little bit. Have a crafty science lesson, where you make glow in the dark playdough, or a DIY volcano. You can also get in the mood for autumn will some fall-themed crafts!

Take advantage of free printables
There’s a bunch resources on the internet that you can incorporate into your day, including free homeschool printables. You’d be surprised how helpful printables can be when it comes to organizing, whether it be for your lesson plans, keeping track of grades, or listing assignments that need to be completed. Use them for teaching subject lessons as well, with cursive worksheets and human body printables.

Use educational movies to learn
An easy way to keep the learning going is to supplement your homeschool curriculum with educational movies from Pure Flix! Most children are visual learners, and using media in your teaching allows both you and your kids to take a break from the regular school day. You can use Pure Flix after lunch to mix up your routine, or use it to wind down before you’re done for the day!

Take your classroom outside the house
It’s easy to get stuck in the same routine every day when it comes to teaching your kids at home. The best way for your kids to learn is to see the world, so take them on a field trip to change things up! You can take them to the zoo and teach them about the different animals, or go to a local museum and let them take it all in.

Teach with some of their favorite toys
In order to keep your children from becoming bored, find a way to incorporate the things they love into the school day. They won’t even realize they’re learning! Use their trucks for a math lesson by having them count how many are in front of them, or homeschool with LEGOs!

When homeschooling becomes hard for you and your family, don’t get discouraged. Teaching doesn’t just have to be done with textbooks or standard lessons. There are plenty of ways to mix things up and have fun, while keeping your kids learning at the same time!