If you own a hammer, nails, paint, or know your way to your local salvage shop, this post might be what you need to spark some creative interest for your next project.

DIY projects often involve materials that everyone can get their hands on.  Think about old doors, tires from the junk yard, a computer printer, bedsheets that can be turned into sewing projects, or discarded furniture from your local thrift store.  The beauty of these projects is they won’t cost you a ton of money.  Here are 50+ of the best DIY projects that are upscale, classy, and projects I would attempt for my own house.

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The Best DIY Projects

Table Top Turned Into A Giant Clock Face – “I’ve had that old, ugly table for quite some time. It’s been my kitchen table, crafting table, painting table, etc. Now, it’s an oversized Frenchy clock face! This is such an easy DIY. Just paint the table top whatever color you want your clock, leaving streaks in the paint and not covering great in some spots (which you will sand later to make it look aged). Use whatever transferring method you like best to add numbers and French graphics. I googled “French Clock” to get some ideas.” See more at icraftwithlove.blogspot.com

Chalkboard Calendar– “And you should have seen how they laughed when a giant window straight out of the trash came traveling down those back country roads.All 40 panes of it.But I couldn’t leave it behind.” See more at thistlewoodfarms.com

From Dresser To Shelf From Burlap Luxe Blog

From Dresser To Shelf –Dore Callaway transformed this an older style English dresser into a 3 shelf chest. She painted it in a beautiful gray, to achieve that weather-beaten look showing off the different layers of pealing paints. Check out more of this project at burlapluxe.blogspot.com

Antique Baby Gate Re-Purposed Into Hanging Chandelier Style Light

Antique Baby Gate Re-Purposed Into Hanging Chandelier Style Light– “He’s secured it to two round metal circular pieces with copper and placed a 3 phase chandelier style free-hanging fixture in the middle of it. It’s a truly one of a kind piece of art!” Buy it from ReinventedCharlotte

Repurpose a leaky wooden boat into a swinging bed for beach cottage style porch; add soft and comfy bedding; upcycle, recycle, salvage, diy! For ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale & ReDesign, Bonita Springs, FL

Repurpose a leaky wooden boat into a swinging bed for beach cottage style porch; add soft and comfy bedding; upcycle, recycle, salvage, diy! For ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale & ReDesign, Bonita Springs, FL Found on estate2.etsy.com

Stockholm Pictures From Dutch photographer, Marjon Hoogervorst

Counter Face From Old Doors – Stockholm Pictures – Dutch photographer, Marjon Hoogervorst

Old Wash Bucket Used As A Laundry Sink- Seen On Katy Elliott Blog

Old Wash Bucket Used As A Laundry Sink- Seen On Katy Elliott Blog

Re-purposed Farm Decor - Becky's House, Buckets Of Burlap

Re-purposed Farm Decor – Becky’s House, Buckets Of Burlap

Montana Wildlife Gardener Blog

A Unique Garden Gate “As with most of my projects, all the wood (cedar 2x stock), garden tools, and hardware were all recycled and came from Home ReSource (have I mentioned I enjoy shopping there?). Using garden tools seems fitting as both an entrance to the garden, and to describe the hobbies of the homeowners”  Read more about this project at Montana Wildlife Gardener Blog

This fence is was created from recycled metal- Seen on Apartment Therapy

This fence is was created from recycled metal- Seen on Apartment Therapy

The Best DIY Projects

 Create Architectural Interest By Using Salvaged Vintage Doors Instead Of Railings- “We salvaged some old five panel doors to create this new railing for the landing above the stairs.  We feel it really has a presence and a masculine feel.  To top it off, this railing was made from 100% salvaged materials including the barn wood posts and caps that were hand milled especially for this project.”  Read more at  chicdesigninvestments.com

Re-Purpose That Old Sewing Machine Into A Table- The heavy iron bases that come off these old sewing machines are perfect for creating large tables, or accent tables.  Get more ideas from this pinterest page devoted to re-purposing these old tables.  Sewing table seen on easyhomestead.blogspot.com.au

The Best DIY Projects

DIY Plumbing Pipe Table – ” I first started by purchasing 2 – 2 x 12 x 10 boards (which if you measure them, they are really 1-1/2 x 11-1/4).  I had an employee cut the two boards in half (for free) so I had 4 boards which measured 60 inches long each.  My plan was to use all 4 but the table was too deep for my liking so I opted to use 3 of the 4 instead.” See more at 4men1lady.com

Magazine Rack Turned Into Muffin Rack “I took my little wooden magazine rack, cleaned it up and gave it some paint. I started out using chalk paint but by the time I got around to the inside of the rack, the top of my hand just wouldn’t stay clean. ” Read more at cookiescraftsandchaos.com

The Best DIY Projects

Re-face Cabinet Doors With Thin Strips Of Plywood ” The kitchen hadn’t been updated since the mid-1970s, so there was a lot of orange, brown and gold,” Josette recalls. “The dark cabinets and laminate counters were dated, and the fluorescent lighting seemed harsh. See more of this article at countrywomanmagazine.com

16 Spoon Pendant lighting fixture. Handmade in the USA from vintage spoons $750 From Perch Home

16 Spoon Pendant lighting fixture.  Handmade in the USA from vintage spoons $750 Buy it now from Perch Home

Re-purposed crib turned into a dog crate from My Love 2 Create.

Re-Purposed Crib Turned Into A Dog Crate “The first thing I needed to do was determine my crate size.  I looked online at extra large crates to see how big they were, and let me tell you they are HUGE!  Seriously.  I went for the smallest XL option, because it had to be able to fit through the doorways in my house. I made it 27 inches wide, 46 1/2 inches long, and 33 inches tall.  I cut the crib ends above to 27 inches wide. ” See more at myrepurposedlife.com

The Best DIY Projects

A garden shed made from windows, Found on picasaweb.google.com,  Old washboards made into a table, seen at thelittlegreenbean.com

The Best DIY Projects

Style Up Your Garage With C Clamp Coat Rack Sold by Gbtrains on Etsy, Vintage Ski Hall Coat Rack From Vintage Winter

At Reposture Studio Kim added some fabulous legs to a chicken coop and made this awesome coffee table.

At Reposture Studio Kim added some fabulous legs to a chicken coop and made this awesome coffee table.

The Best DIY Projects

Jewelry organizers from An Eras Ambiance Jewelry, Old screens become a functional hamper, seen on rustic-crafts.com

The Best DIY Projects

Old Fencing Used As A Pot Rack “I found some old fencing at a salvage yard and took it over to my next door neighbor Randy, the welder.  He looked at me like I was crazy but let’s be honest, I know” Read more at meandjilly.blogspot.com

Rolling Book Carts, or Toy Bins -The smallest size can even fit under most beds (the perfect clutter buster). Whitewashed by hand with subtle distressing for vintage style, no two are exactly alike. Detailed with cutout handles and white casters from Serena & Lily

The Best DIY Projects

Easy Garage FLOOR Makeover– Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Epoxy Shield! It was just what my sad floor needed and it was SOOOOOO EASY!  It comes with a very easy to understand instruction manual along with an instructional DVD.  There is even a graph to tell you how long to let it set depending on the temperature outside.  The epoxy comes in two color options, Gray Gloss and Tan Gloss.  Read more at shanty-2-chic.com

Step By Step Instructions Lace Crowns-  I used some really interesting, really wide crocheted trim. The crochet actually seemed to absorb the stiffener a little bit better and make a more sturdy crown. However crocheted lace trimming can be a little hard to come by {mine was vintage that I bought in the city} so I will show you how to use a thinner, more readily available lace. I got the one in the example at Hobby Lobby. See more at joyfolieblog.com

The Best DIY Projects

Easy Concrete Leaf Bird Baths- “Turn your leaf upside down, so that it sets with the curve of the leaf “hugging” the sand. the veins on the back should be visible and turned up towards the sky.  Mix your concrete to the consistency of brownie mix, adding water a little at a time (like a cupful at a time) once you have the correct consistency begin by putting a handful of mix in the center of the leaf, patting it down and out towards the edge of the leaf, handful by handful, until you get to the edge of the leaf. following the contour of the leaf as you go. By doing it this way you are patting out any air bubbles that are trapped.  Read more at gardenstew.com

How To Make Marble Magnets I finally gave in and made marble magnets. Not surprisingly they are quite fun, smooshing the glue out to make a perfect little magnified image is very satisfying. Gathering the stuff – silicon glue, cut out pictures, magnets, and marbles.- See more at notmartha.org

How To Make Marble Magnets– I have been experimenting with the marble magnets and think I may have got it down. Read more at eyeballsbydaycraftsbynight.wordpress.com

The Best DIY Projects

DIY Decoupage Boxes– Use an unfinished wooden box, pearlized paint, silver paper, a utility knife, and white craft glue to make these stunning decoupaged boxes.- See more at Martha Stewart

Freezer Paper Stenciling– Two projects are shown.  One with a felt silhouette sewn on to a shirt.  Another project shows a stencil cut out, with fabric paint.  These fantastic ideas come from danamadeit.com

The Best DIY Projects

Burgues Script Font– More Fabulous Fonts To Try At – Marketplace.veer.com

How To Design Your Own Monogram In Microsoft Word– You can use monograms for various projects such as save-the-date magnets, invitations, small favors, etc that would vary in size. When you design your monogram in Word, you can easily change its size and your monogram will stay true to its proportions.  Although there are a variety of computer programs you can use to make a monogram, I decided to figure out something on Microsoft Word because that’s the program I am most familiar with- Read more at projectwedding.com

The Best DIY Projects

A List Of Free Apps For Education– See the lengthy list at slideshare.net

The 101 Most Useful Websites- “ere are some of the most useful websites on the internet that you may not know about. These web sites, well most of them, solve at least one problem”  See more at labnol.org

The Best DIY Projects

Monogram Plates Seen At The Fuller View TumblrGet some ideas from these plates when you score a set of white plates at your local thrift store.

Hollow Doors For Folding Screens Or Art Displays -“The panels are hollow pocket doors which weigh practically nothing. We hinged two doors together and screwed in wheels. Now I have three lightweight, portable display boards for the center of the MPR. If you’re like me and want to know how many pieces of art I can display, I estimated about 120 pieces. Yippee! And all for under $200!” – See directions for this project at: deepspacesparkle.com

The Best DIY Projects

Fake Wood Walls With Beadboard Wallpaper “Oh yeah, I’ve been at it again with the beadboard wallpaper and have totally transformed that blah 70’s bath into a beautiful coastal inspired space.  I had avocado tiles and an aqua laminate countertop to work with, so adding beadboard wallpaper to the space gave it a much more interesting architectural feel and at a cost of $25 per roll, it’s a bargain.  I used less than 1 roll for this project and still have a little left.” Read more at southernhospitalityblog.com

How To Make A Paneled Wall Out Of Cut MDF Sheets– “Paint your wall white, or whatever color you will be doing this BEFORE you add the boards. You should also lightly sand the boards so they are very smooth and clean up any rough edges. And if you want to be super efficient, you could paint your boards before you nail them up too”  Read more at decorchick.com

Saffron and Genevieve

Don’t you just love this display done with antique drawers?   They almost resemble shadow boxes.  This is the work of Saffron and Genevieve

The Best DIY Projects

How To Paint On Burlap– “I cut my templates out of freezer paper using my Silhouette machine, but you could also print them on the freezer paper and cut them out with an Exacto knife. But sure to print/cut with the non-shiny side as your front.   With an iron on a low setting, iron the freezer paper in place–just a quick pass with the iron will be sufficient” .  Read more at littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.ca

What Spices Work With Which Foods– I never know what spices go well with what foods. Print this off and hang it on the inside your cabinet.  Get it at adventuresinspice.com

Wheelbarrow Fire Pit... Easy to dump ashes and start over! Seen On Miss Effies blog

Wheelbarrow Fire Pit… Easy to dump ashes and start over! Seen on  misseffiesdiary.blogspot.com

The Best DIY Projects

DIY Tiki Torches- Make your own patio torches using readily available materials … from the plumbing aisle! They look great and will last season after season Buy it at myhomemystyle.com. Learn how to make your own diy torches at thegardenglove.com

Build An Outdoor Bench For Under $20 Dollars – “This farmhouse bench was super quick and easy. So easy, in fact, that I built it 100% all by myself. The only help I needed from my husband was carrying it into the house. It looks amazing in our entryway, and really opens the space up and adds a farmhouse feel to our home.” Read more at thecreativemom.com

The Best DIY Projects

Tricks Kentucky garden designer Jon Carloftis used to transform his backyard-  southernliving.com, Create a French/ English formal garden pattern with raised beds -Picture credit  followpics.me

The Best DIY Projects

Deborah Silver has this great privacy wall for us made of wooden posts and planters filled with herbs and succulents. Martha Stewart shows us how to use rain gutters to create a container garden that doubles as a privacy screen.

The Best DIY Projects

Fixing A Stripped Hole With A Golf Tee– 1. Put wood glue in the hole 2. Hammer golf tee into hole 3. Use box cutter to cut off excess tee 4. Drill pilot hole and screw new screw directly into tee!  See more on  houzz.com

 How To Remove Writing From Any Plastic Container– How to remove all writing off plastic containers to then use as storage or gift containers! Do you want to know how to remove the printing on food containers? It’s easy! You need pure acetone (located in the beauty section near the finger nail polish removers), a rag, and a container. Read more at 2busybrunettes.com

The Best DIY Projects

12 Spray Paint FAQs – An indepth article all about spray paint.  “I have used spray paint in so many ways I can’t even count them anymore.  Take a tour through my home and you won’t find a room with at least one spray painted thang.  Since I often get asked questions about spray paint, I reckon I’ll just put all those FAQs in one big post.  Bear with me.  I don’t know all the answers, but that’s where you come in at the end friends”  Read more at centsationalgirl.com

How To Make A Realistic Marble Finish– Step by step instructions- “Initial palette – white, chrome yellow, raw sienna, yellow ochre, red ochre Take a long pointed round brush.  Dip one side into yellow and the other into raw sienna, then tip it with white.  Make candle like flames starting your veining with the tip then adding pressure to the heel of the brush at the end of every stoke.  Press and release without leaving the surface.   As you add and twist the brush the color will change.” See more at artisphereonline.com

Rain Boot Dryer Seen On Easy Homesead Blog

Rain Boot Dryer – DIY Projects- Wooden Boot Rack – Stephanie Lynn

Oak Stooks From Cox and Cox

Oak Stools From coxandcox.co.uk

Spray paint Christmas lights and hang them around your porch all season long. See this project at landeeseelandeedo.com

Spray paint Christmas lights and hang them around your porch all season long.  See this project at landeeseelandeedo.com

The Best DIY Projects

How to Make a Giant Photo Booth Style Picture- First I took some cute snapshots of my boy, picked my 4 favorite and added a black border. I tried to crop each one to the same size. I made sure all my photos were in landscaping so they would be 24×18. I went online to Staples, uploaded my photos and ordered  the 18×24 engineering print for $1.97 each!  – See more at girlinair.com

Spray Paint Straw Baskets: Leave it to Martha to bring on the bling in the classiest way possible. Originally from the pages of Ms. Stewart’s mag, this easy home upgrade will clock you in at less than 35-bucks-a-basket. Martha Stewart

The Best DIY Projects

Bookcases From Old Kitchen Cabinets– “Two of those favorite items are doors and windows.  Last fall I made these two cupboards for the mother Mary.  These cupboards have been in my top 10 ever since I first posted them.” See more at myrepurposedlife.com

Up-cycle A Chair Into A Dog Or Cat Bed-  Take a vintage chair and cut the legs down to create an outside bed that your furry pet will love to snuggle in.  This project was originally seen on easyhomestead.blogspot.com

Make your own chicken wire basket using frame of a lampshade.

Make your own chicken wire basket using frame of a lampshade See more at u-createcrafts.com

The Best DIY Projects

Dresser Into Desk Work Table “My husband was skeptical and thought…it’s a dresser!  It’ll never look like a desk!  It’ll be too high!  Where will you sit?  But I had it figured out in my head and I always thought I would like to stand to scrapbook and guess what…the dresser is exactly counter height (after I added the top…) and I convinced him to just work with me. ”  Read more at nicole-samuels.com

Skateboard Shelving– Pbteen uses skateboards for wall shelves.  Snowboards, and skateboards would add a unique look to any pre-teen boys room.  Buy it at Pbteen.com 

The Best DIY Projects

Staple Old Shirts To A Canvas– Who has time to make a shirt quilt.  Dress up his room using vintage shirts with personality Seen on goodideasforyou.com

Make Your Own Concrete Letters From Molds- This site actually took paper mache letters, cut them in half and filled them with concrete.  See more of this project at eilentein.com

The Best DIY Projects

Sandpaper + Crayons + Iron- Make Your Own Tee Shirt Art– “This is a super simple sandpaper printing technique that will keep your kids busy and make one cute shirt! The best part about this fun little craft is that the supplies were bought at the Dollar Store, even the T-shirt! We used crayons we already had so we only spent $2.00 on our new T-shirt.”  See more at alphamom.com

Thumbtack Bottlecaps- Borrow this unique craft idea by using family photos which can be cut and inserted into old bottle caps.  Glue a thumb tack or magnet on the back for your bulletin boards or fridge. This would be an ideal decorating idea for any high school student wanting to decorate her locker. Photo Credit at ehow.com

Unique Decorating IdeasIncorporate color into a craft room by displaying thread in a wooden case.

This industrial wooden rack was designed for wool yarn bobbins from a rug factory in northern France, original hardware. From Obsolete

Antique Pennsyvania Dutch Plant Stand 1800s- Baileywyck Antiques On Ebay

Build your own plant stand using wood. Get this historical look for yourself!

Isn’t it just beautiful?

Antique Pennsyvania Dutch Plant Stand 1800s- – Baileywyck Antiques On Ebay

How To Upholster A Settee

How To Upholster A Settee- “Class was every Tuesday from 12-3 for 12 weeks, it took 10 weeks for me to get this settee reupholstered! While I know that sounds like a lot, there is a lot of waiting for the instructor as there were 9 other students in the class who also needed his attention.” Read more about this project at uniquelyyoursormine.com


Create Architectural Texture Using A Collection Of Objects- Architect Lewis Tsurumaki created a unique architectural wall made of coffee cup lids. At only 350 square feet, the entry wall featured a composition of plastic lids. Sadly, Ini Ani has closed after being open a little over three years.

Approach this project several ways:

-Consider making your own wall, by using a drill hole saw into finer plywood.

-Consider making your own molds of the coffee lids by using detail casting plaster such as smooth on mold making rubber. Then use plaster of paris to make your molds. The whole wall then can be sprayed with white paint.

Check out these pictures… Bridgehead at Minto Place


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