Dr. Lisa Strohman worked with the FBI’s Child Abduction and Serial Killer Unit. Although she has since moved on to working as a clinical psychologist, the 387 cases she covered with the FBI are still branded in her memory.

A lot of predators today go on Instagram and follow accounts that kids don’t make private, so they know the kids’ habits, who they’re friends with, the school they’re going to, etc. Then, they utilize KIK [“kick”] to get children onto a platform that parents can’t monitor. KIK is basically a messaging app, but its base servers out of the country. Because of this, we have no jurisdiction as U.S. law enforcement to be able to access that information or data. And, so, you’ll see very quickly that people on Instagram will often write, “KIK me at” and then they’ll paste a hyperlink for kids to follow.

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