Toxicologist Ashley Cates Reveals The Shocking Number Of Children Who Were Aborted To Make Our Modern Vaccines

Interviewee: Science writer & Toxicologist Ashley Cates @ Think Love Healthy Answers Questions On Vaccines.

Think Love Healthy

Q: Hello, my first question is what is your background on this topic?

A: I have a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Toxicology, which includes the biological effects of toxicants. I like to include that part of it because sometimes people think it’s just about the environment – it’s actually all about how environmental toxicants can affect the human body and other biological systems. Prior to moving out of state, I worked for the California Environmental Protection Agency for a short time. Since having my first child five years ago, I have been researching vaccines and their ingredients. What I mean by that is I have been reading scientific studies on the topic, searching and reading through government websites (in particular, the CDC website).

Q: Wow, that is such an interesting degree! What do you know about vaccines that are said to be linked to autism?

A: There have been many studies linking vaccines to autism, developmental delays, and neurological damage, and even more studies linking vaccine ingredients to these issues. Aluminum adjuvants, in particular, can cause serious neurological damage through glutamate-induced excitotoxicity. Certain individuals are more susceptible to the toxic effects of aluminum (and other harmful substances), and exposure can end up allowing aluminum to be deposited in the brain. This can cause encephalitis or chronic brain inflammation, which is what is seen in autistic children. Aluminum also causes lasting neuropathological changes in the brain and alters behavior as well.

Q: Being a mom, what do you know about schools and doctors making vaccines “mandatory” so to speak? How have you as a parent been pushed to vaccinate your kids?

A: Legislation is being pushed by the pharmaceutical industry lobby to make vaccines mandatory for school children, based on misconceptions about vaccine efficacy and herd immunity. Vaccines are not nearly as effective as we are led to believe. In fact, Merck is being sued for exaggerating the efficacy of its mumps vaccine. In addition, live virus vaccines such as measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, and rotavirus, are able to cause infection in the vaccinated person and also transmit the infection to others, which is known as shedding. There are scientific studies to support this regardless of what others may say about shedding not being an issue. This is one reason why there have been outbreaks in fully vaccinated populations. On top of this, any potential immunity from vaccines wanes anywhere between 3-15 years (or less, depending on the individual). Therefore most people ages 25-55 are “unvaccinated”. The older generation has true lifetime immunity from contracting the diseases themselves. Waning immunity from vaccines is why more and more “booster shots” have been added to the schedule over the years. So any legislation based on the concept of herd immunity is not based on scientific facts or reality. I have chosen to homeschool, and therefore have avoided mandates, so far.

Q: Do you know how the pharmaceutical companies will be affected or how they will react if vaccines get a bad reputation?

A: Vaccines are the pinnacle of “modern medicine” in the eyes of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, as a result of false information that has been distributed to the public over and over again since the 50s. Imagine having a business where you sell band aids and you’ve been able to convince the public that if someone else’s child doesn’t put a band aid on their “owie”, that your child’s owie will get infected. Imagine that using band aids can actually cause infections and recurrent infections. Then imagine you being able to push legislators to mandate that everyone uses a band aid every time their child gets a scratch, or else they can’t go to school, while having no liability for when your band aids actually cause infections or even death. Without regard to what is good or right, financially, this is by far, the best business plan you could possibly have. Because vaccines damage the health of the child at an early age, which can cause chronic disease, and therefore create a lifelong customer who requires more and more pharmaceutical drugs to try to live a functional life, there is a huge financial incentive to keep the public and legislators believing that vaccines save lives, are effective, do not cause autism, do not damage the immune system, and certainly do not cause SIDS. The more people research the issue for themselves, the more people see vaccines for what they really are. In order to safeguard their profits, vaccine manufacturers will continue to try to push the idea that vaccines are safe and effective, at all costs.

Q: I think that will just about do it for my interview. Do you have any other information that I could add?

A: I would like to add that most people and parents do not know that some vaccines contain human aborted fetal cell DNA, and they have not been tested by vaccine manufacturers for mutagenicity (the ability to mutate the DNA of the host), though it has been found in independent studies that residual DNA in vaccines may be able to mutate the host’s DNA. Testing has also not been performed to see what other viruses may be contaminating vaccines. Vaccine antigens are grown on human or animal tissues. Then everything but the virus (or bacterium) is filtered out. However, residual DNA remains in the vaccine, as well as other viruses that may be present in the human or animal tissue, because anything else smaller than the virus they want to keep, will also be kept in the solution. One of the original polio vaccines was found to contain a virus now linked to brain cancer (SV40). “SV” stands for Simian (monkey) virus. The vaccine issue is complex and unfortunately the public is very uneducated on the subject due to false information continually being disseminated by the media. The health of our children is a sensitive subject and everyone wants children to be safe, which is why this topic can be so controversial.