Vaccine Exemption Information By State (NVIC: National Vaccine Information Center)

Vaccine Exemption Information by State (Vaccination Liberation)

School Vaccination Requirements, Exemptions and Forms – Who are they written for?

The Vaccination Notice – for patients, employees and students

Templates for Vaccination Notices, all kinds

Warning About Physician’s “Refusal to Vaccinate” Form

What to do if you have signed the “Refusal to Vaccinate” Form

Declaration of Patient Rights
This document is useful for giving to your doctor for his files. Protects both you and your doctor.

Lawfully Yours! The People’s Empowerment Guide to Our Corporate-Commercial Legal System

Example Religious Exemption Letter

Opt Out Of Idahos IRIS Tracking Database

SB1050 Immunization Exemption Form – Health Freedom Idaho


Others Concerned About Vaccine Safety