The vaccine debate is one topic that most people get pretty heated over.  When it comes to the health of our bodies, and the health of our children, shouldn’t everyone have the freedom to choose what is safe for themselves and their children?  Is that the case here in the US?  Are parents able to make the choice to refuse vaccines, or will they become mandatory for work and school?

DID YOU KNOW….that almost half of all of recommended shots are given to infants by 15 months old?  Is there any coincidence that it is within this time that most of the brain development takes place.  Vaccines are administered right into the blood stream, where it doesn’t go through the normal filtering process, and can pass through the blood brain barrier.

In a Capital Hill Briefing in 2013, in regards to the Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, Vaccine Injury Compensation Program found on Youtube, Mary Holland, Co-Founder of Elizabeth Birth Center for Autism and Advocacy reveals that when the vaccines were introduced, deaths for infectious diseases were almost at zero.

” So our agenda for this talk is to give you a brief context of US vaccine policy, to talk about children’s health, and to focus on the vaccine injury compensation program, and issues of autism in particular, what are congresses options in potentially changing the program, and then we will conclude with a video by people who have been injured by Gardasil vaccine.  So, a little context about the vaccine policy, infectious diseases, were the leading cause of death in the 20th century and 19th centuries.  What is important to note is deaths were almost at zero in the population bases, when we started vaccinations.  Those arrows, indicate for pertussis and measles, deaths have almost gone to zero, by the time vaccinations were introduced.  Today’s program for vaccines, is a federal recommendation of 70 doses of 16 vaccines for the time they reach 18.  The number of doses of vaccines has nearly tripled since congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.  Almost half of all of these shots are recommended by the time infants are 15 months old”.  LISTEN to the rest of this briefing on YOUTUBE.

If there is evidence against vaccines that may be linked to cancer or autism, would you like to know it?  

Here is a list that I have been keeping my eye on for some time.  Please add any additional links that you think can add to this discussion in the comment section below………………………….

– An Association Between Autism And Childhood VaccinationsOne of those triggers might be the battery of vaccinations that young children receive. Using regression analysis and controlling for family income and ethnicity, the relationship between the proportion of children who received the recommended vaccines by age 2 years and the prevalence of autism (AUT) or speech or language impairment (SLI) in each U.S. state from 2001 and 2007 was determined”

22 Medical Studies That Show Vaccines Can Cause AutismView the full article here

– Stony Brook University Medical Center, NY discovered giving the Hepatitis B vaccine to newborn baby boys could triple the risk of developing autism.- here

-Neural Dynamics Group, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of British Columbia determined that Aluminum, (most commonly used vaccine adjuvant)  showed that  the most damaging exposure appears to be the highest at 3-4 months of age. The study points out that prominent brain development coincides with major vaccination periods for infants – here

– Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, determined autism might be triggered to the battery of vaccinations that young children receive.  They determined that the children receiving recommended vaccinations, the higher the prevalence of autism. A 1 % increase in vaccination was associated with an additional 680 children having autism –here

– The Department of Neurosurgery at The Methodist Neurological Institute in Houston has  determined that ASD patients have a heightened sensitivity to thimerosal which would restrict cell proliferation that is typically found after vaccination. here

– Journal of Biomedical Sciences reported on a study involving 125 autistic children and 92 controlled children. Their analysis showed a significant increase in the level of MMR antibodies in autistic children, which concluded  that the autistic children had an inappropriate or abnormal antibody response to the MMR vaccine.  here

– Annals of Clinical Psychiatry published a study that suggests that Autism is likely triggered by a virus, and that measles virus (MV and/or MMR vaccine) might be a very good candidate- here

-American Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined metals, including those found in many vaccines are directly involved in increasing oxidative stress, which contributes to the manifestation of autism- here

-The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Northeastern University, Boston determined that a ethanol, lead, mercury, aluminum and thimerosal inhibits the pathway that regulates methylation, which plays a critical role in the ability of growth factors to promote normal development- here

-Journal of Child Neurology noted that autistic disorders can be associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. Children with this dysfunction might be more prone autistic regression between 18 and 30 months of age, if they have immunizations- here

-Department of Paediatrics at the University of Arkansas determined that thimerosal and many vaccines have been neurotoxic to a developing brain. (Thimerosol is an antiseptic containing 49.5% ethyl mercury that has been used for years as a preservative in many infant vaccines and in flu vaccines.) Although thimerosal has been removed from most children’s vaccines, it is still present in flu vaccines given to pregnant women, the elderly and to children in developing countries here

– The University of Texas Health Science Center by the Department of Family and Community Medicine determined that for each 1,000 Ib of environmentally released mercury, there was a 43% increase in the rate of special education services and a 61% increase in the rate of autism here

–  The George Washington University School,  and Kinki University in Osaka, Japan, determined a result of exposure to mercury from Thimerosal-containing vaccines caused autism spectrum disorders.

-1200 Parents Comment About The Adverse Effects of A Vaccine That Caused Autism With Their Children.  An inquiry amongst parents of Autistic children were asked to document how their children were  adversely affected by any vaccine. To date there are over 1200 comments detail adverse effects of vaccines relating to autism, reports on  the HPV, Gardasil vaccine, totaling to more than 2300 comments –

– Do Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants Contribute To Autism? In many Western countries, by the time children are 4–6 years old they will have received a total of 23–32 vaccines, many with adjuvants, through routine pediatric vaccine schedules. Analysis of data shows that the number of vaccinations recommended prior to school entry increased from 10 in the late 1970s to 32 in 2010 (18 of which contain Al adjuvants). During this same period, the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in the US also increased by as much as 2000%  Read more of this article here

– Autistic Older Children – A father shares a comment on facebook what it is like to have an older autistic son…

“If the media hadn’t brainwashed them, they, would rather have measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, pertussis, than almost anything, like a hangnail. YOU WOULD WANT ALMOST ANYTHING MORE THAN AUTISM IF YOU REALLY KNEW WHAT IT IS. The media and some of those so called self advocating, fully functioning “autistic” adults have the masses thinking it’s some wonderful life of being creative and genius and something to celebrate. Here’s what I get to celebrate every day: all day screams, injurious head banging, holes in our walls from said head banging, cleaning up poop, from the floors and from the boy’s legs and butt and clothes, urine soaked sheets every morning, supplements, blood tests, pee tests, poo tests, hair tests, treatments not covered by OHIP, borrowing the entire value of your house to pay for ABA and speech therapy, therefor living in poverty despite earning middle class income therefor not being able to keep up maintenance on the house or the car, special class, different school he will never graduate elementary school, leaky gut, liver stress, bowel inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, candida, destroyed synapses, etc etc. All our time is spent planning all the things we do for him in the day. We can’t afford any activities for the other kids either, like organized sports or dance or music lessons or anything, and besides we need them to help with the little guy anyway. But yeah lets pump poison directly into their brains.”



Look at what happens within the first 2 years of human life-

Despite not mentioning vaccinations specifically, the FDA remains clear on what it considers a ‘safe level’ of aluminum in the human system: 25 micrograms of injectable aluminum at any one time. That number falls to 10 micrograms for premature infants and patients with kidney conditions.

Meanwhile, a newborn infant is routinely given a Hepatitis B injection on the first day of life, exposing his or her vulnerable system to about 250 micrograms of aluminum. This immunization is repeated when the baby reaches one month of age and receives the next Hep B shot.

At two months of age, infants typically receive a “big” round of shots. The total expected dose of aluminum associated with this round of vaccinations can range from 295 micrograms to a staggering 1,225 micrograms, depending on the aluminum content of the vaccination products used.

At four and six months, the cycle is repeated. In fact, the child would be subjected to aluminum in injections throughout the first two years of life with most immunization programs.

Just to remind you, the FDA feels that premature babies and any patient with impaired kidney function shouldn’t get more than 10 to 25 micrograms of injected aluminum at any one time.  This is way less aluminum than kids receive – if they follow the suggested vaccine schedule.

What else needs to be said? The deliberate act of injecting highly toxic fluids into our children exposes the brutality of our ‘modern’ sick care system.  It’s time to move away from this insane behavior.  Read more at

Vaccine Injuries

Vaccine Injuries
Dr Hayley

Parents in California are distraught after losing their infant son after being vaccinated. He died in his sleep and was taken to the hospital already deceased. Hospital staff ruled his death as sudden infant death syndrome. The couple was told an autopsy was required to be performed on their son.

After returning home, waiting to get an update, they never received one. Numerous phone calls were made to get answers. Weeks went by. Finally, they received verbal confirmation and told their son was best not to be seen prior to being cremated, because of the condition he was in. Once cremated, they could pick up the remains of their child from the crematory. They were not given the chance to say their goodbyes.

More than one year and four months have passed and the family has yet to receive his autopsy report. It turns out their son was given a vaccine not approved for his age and an extra dose of the hepatitis B vaccine that he shouldn’t have received until later on.  Read more at

VaccinesRobert F. Kennedy Jr. Will Release Book With Original Omitted Autism Chapters

On August 25th, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is finally releasing the paperback edition of his book “Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak” that “includes the original omitted chapters on the autism link.”

Kennedy’s decision to omit chapters was seen by some as running counter to the purpose of his book, namely to “let the science speak” on thimerosal’s harms. So Autism Investigated posted the complete version of his book that was previously obtained and that included the chapters on autism Kennedy had removed. (Those links have now been disabled and replaced with links to the Amazon listing of the paperback edition of his book that will contain the previously omitted autism chapters.)

The removal of chapters from Kennedy’s book was viewed by many as more suppression of evidence for thimerosal’s toxicity. The criticisms only escalated when it was discovered from the metadata of the manuscript file that one of the freelance writers helping Kennedy with his book had previously written in defense of thimerosal. Read more at

A Website Shows 14 Studies That Support A Connection Between Vaccines And Autism. Here are some of the studies:- Children who receive the entire 3-shot series of Hepatitis B Vaccine have a 9x higher rate of developmental disabilities than un-vaccinated children. One preservative used in vaccines, Thimerosal (mercury), enters the bloodstream of the child and ends up in the brain after being administered. Higher levels of environmental mercury has been shown to produce higher rates of autism.

– A Website Devoted To Vaccine Awareness A Shot Of Truth educates you on almost every vaccine, along with the ingredients. Learn more about the Flu Shot, the HPV Vaccine, The Hepatitis B Vaccine, Vaccine Ingredients and Vaccine Injury. They have a section devoted to stories and injuries. Another section devotes research and information in regards to Thimerosal studies and papers. Listed at their site are many videos that talk about flu vaccine dangers, what is in the flu shot, and more.

– 86 Research Papers That Support The Vaccine-Autism Connections

Same Mercury Used in Vaccines Conclusively Linked to Causing Autoimmune Disorders -Researchers from the University of Michigan Medical and Public Health Schools in Ann Arbor found that mercury, like the kind added to vaccines as a preservative, is a major trigger of autoimmunity in women of childbearing age.

What this means is that exposure to mercury can cause long-term health problems that may or may not show symptoms in the short term. So a vaccinated child, for instance, could appear healthy and normal in the days, weeks or even months following vaccination, but several years down the road develop an autoimmune condition as a result of the vaccines.”

much of the mainstream media is currently in irrational denial of the fact that mercury is still being used in vaccines. The specious claim that “vaccines don’t contain mercury!” is patently false, and yet nearly every major news outlet is right now making this claim to deter free-thinking parents from making an educated decision against vaccines” Read more at

– A Confidential Thimerosal Study– A confidential file is released on a study with thimerosal and vaccinated children. Read it

“We focused our analyses on the cumulative exposure levels at one and three months of
age because at this age the central nervous system is still immature and more susceptible to mercury. Another reason for this focus was to minimize the difference between the dose given and the dose actually accumulated in the body. The half-life of methyl mercury is estimated to be 45 days. If ethyl mercury has a similar half-life, the dose given will not differ much from the dose accumulated at one and three months, given that most vaccines are given in the second and third month”

– (Un) Informed Consent: A Few Things Parents Don’t Know About the Measles, Mumps & Rubella Vaccine – Part 1 Measles can travel via neurons to your brain.  Injection of MMR vaccine can cause the live measles virus to hop a neurological bullet train to your brain. This new study, “Safety of Measles-Containing Vaccines in 1-Year-Old Children,” was quietly published online on January 5, 2015 by Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Here’s the abstract and the full study.The article compares the administration of MMRV (“ProQuad”) versus MMR + Varicella (“Varivax”) separately. The authors confirm that there are more febrile seizures in children who get MMRV as a single shot than those who get MMR + V separately but on the same day.  Read more at

Evidence that Increased Acetaminophen use in Genetically Vulnerable Children Appears to be a Major Cause of the Epidemics of Autism, Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity, and Asthma (Acetaminophen is a pain reliever and a fever reducer)

– 11 Families Studied B-Lymphocytes Draw Conclusions About Autism Spectrum Disorder And Hypersensitivity to Thimerosal “The role of thimerosal containing vaccines in the development of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has been an area of intense debate, as has the presence of mercury dental amalgams and fish ingestion by pregnant mothers. We studied the effects of thimerosal on cell proliferation and mitochondrial function from B-lymphocytes taken from individuals with autism, their nonautistic twins, and their nontwin siblings. Eleven families were examined and compared to matched controls.”

– CDC Scientific Review Of Thimerosal and Vaccine SafetyJune 2000, Waiter Orenstein, Director of the National Immunization Program at CDC. 

Concerns were raised over mercury, such as methyl mercury in vaccines which might exceed safe levels. As a result of these concerns, the CDC undertook, in collaboration with investigators in the Vaccine Safer  Datalink as an effort to evaluate whether there there health risks in regards to mercury. 

“For some of you who don’t work with vaccines every day, some of the consultants, just to let you know the focus of this. We are not likely to focus on all the vaccines today, but the three that are going to be of primary interest, because they are given early in life include the Hepatitis B vaccine, which is recommended in three doses, the DTP vaccine, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, which you will hear about and also haemophilus influenzae type B, which you see here according to this schedule. There wili not be much discussion today about polio, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella or Hepatitis A. These vaccines have not and do not contain thimerosal.  The focus is going to be about Hepatitis B. DTP and H. flu vaccine”

“Thimerosal is in many vaccines because it is a preservative and it lowers the rate of bacterial and fungal contamination that may occur during the manufacturing process. It is particularly a concern in multi-dose vials because of the issue of re-entry’ multiple times in the vials, and it is also important in the manufacturing process for a number of vaccines including inactivated influenza and some of the earlier DPT vaccines, and is a constituent of all DPT vaccines, but not all DTAP vaccines”

Read More of this study (262 pages) at

–  Studies Show That Repetitive Mercury Exposure During Pregnancy (through thimerosal and dental amalgam), And After Birth (through thimerosal containing vaccinations)  Is A Factor For Autism In Children – Institute for Environmental Medicine and Hospital Epidemiology, University Hospital Freiburg, Germany -Mercury and autism: Accelerating Evidence? “Recently, it was found that autistic children had a higher mercury exposure during pregnancy due to maternal dental amalgam and thimerosal-containing immunoglobulin shots. ” Read More of this study at

Vaccines Cause Autism Science – I have a sense that there is an unwillingness to understand biochemistry and brain function due to the nature of pro-vaccine ideologues, so I created this blog to help walk individuals through causality. The pro-vaccine lobby utilized epidemiological studies that are limited and not appropriate when finding causation.  Here is a summary of mostly quantitative experimental toxicology studies linking vaccines and autism.” View the research at

Vaccine Injuries

Japanese & British Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism

99 Research Papers Autism

-99 Research Papers Showing The Link Between Vaccines and Autism-Media reports have claimed that there is no scientific evidence supporting the link between vaccines and autism. Here we provide for the reader research that demonstrates the link between vaccines and autism, and the mechanisms by which vaccines can cause autism.

Vaccine Injuries

U.S. Government Concedes That Mercury Causes Autism

Vaccine Injuries

Proof That Thimerosal Induces Autism-Like Neurotoxicity

Vaccine Injuries

Vaccine Injuries

Ben Swann Truth in Media takes a look at Vaccine Court established by Congress in 1985 and what that court has meant for families of vaccine injured children. Plus, has HHS secretly awarded families of autistic children damages while publicly stating there is no connection between autism and vaccines.  View the video here

Vaccine Injuries

Gov. Scientists Hide link between Vaccines & Autism. Unbelievable

Vaccine Injuries

Nano Vaccines: Sterilization, Surveillance and Genocide

– How Aluminum Targets The Myelin Covering Of The Nervous System, Which Causes Autism, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s disease.

– Vaccine Case, Ryan Mojabi’s court case Vs. Vaers. National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Petitioners alleged that as a result of “all the vaccina tions administered to Ryan Mojabi, specifically, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccinations administered.  Read it

 – What Is Regressive Autism And Why Does It Occur? Is it the consequence of multi-systemic dysfunction affecting the elimination of heavy metals and the ability to regulate neural temperature?

– Developmental Regression in a Child With Autism-

“A 19-month-old girl was born after a normal full-term pregnancy. There was no family history of autism or affective, neuromuscular, or hearing disorders. Her development was progressing well, with normal receptive and expressive language and use of prelinguistic gestures, such as pointing for joint attention. Imaginary play and social reciprocity were typical for age. She used at least 20 words and could point to five body parts on command. Several immunizations were delayed owing to frequent bouts of otitis media with fever. Within 48 hours after immunizations to diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis; Haemophilus influenzae B; measles, mumps, and rubella; polio; and varicella (Varivax), the patient developed a fever to 38.9°C, inconsolable crying, irritability, and lethargy and refused to walk.

Four days later, the patient was waking up multiple times in the night, having episodes of opistho-tonus, and could no longer normally climb stairs. Instead, she crawled up and down the stairs. Low-grade intermittent fever was noted for the next 12 days. Ten days following immunization, the patient developed a generalized erythematous macular rash beginning in the abdomen. The patient’s pediatrician diagnosed this as due to varicella vaccination. For 3 months, the patient was irritable and increasingly less responsive verbally, after which the patient’s family noted clear autistic behaviors, such as spinning, gaze avoidance, disrupted sleep/wake cycle, and perseveration on specific television programs. All expressive language was lost by 22 months.” Read more

Vaccine Injuries

Picture Credit Diplomatic Immunity – Learn it, Earn it, Live it

Vaccine Injuries

Vaccine horrors: Medical mutilation of innocent children exposed in GRAPHIC photos of “safe” vaccines gone horribly wrong

Vaccine InjuriesPicture Credit Diplomatic Immunity – Learn it, Earn it, Live it

Vaccine Injuries

Courts Rule MMR & Thimerosal Containing Vaccines Caused Autism & Brain Damage

Re-Published Article From In Case You Were Wondering Why We Don’t Want To Take Your Swine Flu Vaccines – The Bird Flu Pandemic

Recently we have noticed a growing number of talking heads on television who seem absolutely incredulous that a significant percentage of the American population do not want to take any swine flu vaccines.  They seem completely perplexed as to why so many Americans are suspicious of vaccines that the U.S. government and world health authorities have declared to be perfectly safe.  Well, we would like to share the following message with all of those talking heads and with all of those world health authorities: We don’t trust your swine flu vaccines because of the poisons that are in them and because of the deaths and crippling diseases that they cause.

In this article we will break down exactly what is in these vaccines and we will break down the diseases and conditions that the vaccine companies admit that the vaccines cause and also the diseases and conditions that vaccines are suspected of causing.

First of all, let’s take a look at what is in these swine flu vaccines. Now, it is important to keep in mind that there are five U.S. companies making swine flu vaccines, and even more who are manufacturing them around the world. So all swine flu vaccines are not the same. For example, some may contain very dangerous adjuvants, while others may not. However, there are some common ingredients that are found not only in most swine flu vaccines, but also in the great majority of flu vaccines in general. The following list of the ingredients that a typical flu vaccine contains comes from respected vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. If you have not read her article entitled “The Truth About The Flu Shot”, you need to. In her article she lists the following ingredients that are found in most flu vaccines…..


Egg proteins: including avian contaminant viruses

Gelatin: can cause allergic reactions and anaphylaxis are usually associated with sensitivity to egg or gelatin

Polysorbate 80 (Tween80™): can cause severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. Also associated with infertility in female mice.

Formaldehyde: known carcinogen

Triton X100: a strong detergent

Sucrose: table sugar

Resin: known to cause allergic reactions

Gentamycin: an antibiotic

Thimerosal: mercury is still in multidose flu shot vials


In addition, Dr. Tenpenny mentions in her article that many of these new swine flu vaccines contain MF-59, which is an oil-based adjuvant primarily composed of squalene.  If you do not know about the dangers of squalene, just google “squalene dangers” and read all about it.

But the things that they admit are in the flu vaccines are only part of the story.  Another health researcher has put together a list of ingredients commonly found in flu vaccines that may or may not be admitted to on the package inserts.  The following list comes from Stephen Lendman’s article entitled “Ineffectiveness and Dangers of Flu Shots”…..


— ammonium sulfate, a suspected gastrointestinal, liver, and respiratory toxicant and neurotoxicant;

— sorbitol, a suspected gastrointestinal and liver toxicant;

— phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), a suspected developmental and reproductive toxicant;

— beta-propiolactone, a known carcinogen and suspected gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, skin and sense organ toxicant;

— gentamycin, an antibiotic;

— triton X100, a strong detergent;

— animal tissues and fluids, including potentially contaminated horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, pig blood, and porcine (pig) protein/tissue;

— calf and fetal bovine serum;

— macerated cancer cells;

— diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue


After reading those lists of ingredients, can you blame millions of Americans for not wanting to have them injected into their bodies?  Can you begin to understand why so many people have serious reservations?

But it is not just “paranoid” people who believe that these vaccines can cause serious health problems.  The very package inserts of these vaccines admit that they can cause a whole host of potential “side effects”.

For example, the package insert for the Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine manufactured by Novartis has been posted on the Internet.  That insert states that it was updated during September 2009, so it reflects the very latest information.

You can view the package insert for this vaccine right here.  What follows is a list of actual side effects that the vaccine insert admits that the vaccine causes…..


*Local injection site reactions (including pain, pain limiting limb movement, redness, swelling, warmth, ecchymosis, induration)
*Hot flashes/flushes
*Facial edema.
*Immune system disorders
*Hypersensitivity reactions (including throat and/or mouth edema)
*In rare cases, hypersensitivity reactions have lead to anaphylactic shock and death
*Cardiovascular disorders
*Vasculitis (in rare cases with transient renal involvement)
*Syncope shortly after vaccination
*Digestive disorders
*Abdominal pain.
*Blood and lymphatic disorders
*Local lymphadenopathy
*Transient thrombocytopenia.
*Metabolic and nutritional disorders
*Loss of appetite.
*Nervous system disorders
*Febrile convulsions
*Guillain-Barré Syndrome
*Myelitis (including encephalomyelitis and transverse myelitis)
*Neuropathy (including neuritis)
*Paralysis (including Bell’s Palsy)
*Respiratory disorders
*Chest pain
*Stevens-Johnson syndrome
*Rash (including non-specific, maculopapular, and vesiculobulbous).


But it is supposedly safe, right?

Isn’t that what the CDC told us in the 1970s as well, when the swine flu vaccine went on to kill and cripple large numbers of people?

Isn’t that what the FDA has told us so many times about pharmaceutical drugs that later turned out to be extremely dangerous?  For example, the FDA once assured us that Vioxx was perfectly safe, but now FDA analysts admit that Vioxx caused between 88,000 and 139,000 heart attacks.

You see, there are legitimate reasons why so many Americans have decided not to just blindly trust the government.

But it is not just what the vaccine inserts admit to that is the problem.  In a recent interview, Dr. Andrew Moulden discussed the explosion of many conditions and diseases that a large number of health experts are now blaming on vaccines…..


1 in 6 children with specific learning disabilities.
12-15% children with attention deficit disorder.
1 in 87 with autism spectrum – a 1700% increase over ten years.
1% sudden infant death
40 deaths and 15,000 substantive adverse Gardasil reactions
1 in 15 over 65 with dementia; 1 in 8 over 85
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Seizure disorders
“West” syndrome
Global developmental delay
1 in 450 with type 1 diabetes
1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer over a lifetime.
Gulf war syndrome affecting and disabling 250,000 troops and 42,000 deaths. These vaccinated soldiers show the exact same neurological damages after vaccination as the infants and children are exhibiting after each childhood vaccination.


Why is autism absolutely exploding all across the United States when it is absolutely unknown among the Amish and other communities that do not take vaccines?

Why do so many of our very young children and our senior citizens exhibit such severe reactions after “getting their shots”?

The truth is that these are some very important questions.  As hopefully you can see from the specifics discussed above, there are REAL reasons why so many Americans do not want to take swine flu vaccines.

No American should be forced to take an injection that could potentially lead to severe health problems or even death against their will.  Any government or any employer or any school that forces people to take a vaccine against their will is acting in a way that is fundamentally un-American.

Please get this article out to everyone that you know.  The truth is that the more educated that people are about vaccines, the less likely they are to take them.  If we all work together, perhaps we can make a difference in the lives of thousands, if not millions, of people.

Natural Solutions To Flu That Are Not Well Known

1.  Elderberry– 

Scientists have isolated the active compound in the elderberry.  It is called Antivirin and is found in proteins of the black elderberry.  The compound prevents the flu virus from invading the membranes of  healthy cells.

According to PubMed:

Sambucus nigra L. products – Sambucol – are based on a standardized black elderberry extract. They are natural remedies with antiviral properties, especially against different strains of influenza virus. Sambucol was shown to be effective in vitro against 10 strains of influenza virus. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study, Sambucol reduced the duration of flu symptoms to 3-4 days.

The Journal of International Medical Research concurs that elderberry extract is a proven treatment, referencing a different study:

Elderberry has been used in folk medicine for centuries to treat influenza, colds and sinusitis, and has been reported to have antiviral activity against influenza and herpes simplex. We investigated the efficacy and safety of oral elderberry syrup for treating influenza A and B infections.

– See more at:

-Elderberry Syrup- Your Number One Weapon For Flu! Bird Flu Pandemic

2.  Oil Of Oregano

The oil of the wild oregano plant has been shown to kill unwanted bacteria, fungus, yeast, parasites and viruses. It can be taken by mouth for intestinal parasites, allergies, sinus pain, arthritis, cold and flu, swine flu, earaches, and fatigue. It’s a powerhouse of a product.   In his book, The Cure is in the Cupboard, Dr. Cass Ingram tells of how oil of oregano saved his life after he contacted a blood borne fungus from an IV needle. He claims that holds supremacy as nature’s most powerful and versatile antiseptic.

These are the ingredients found in oil of oregano that provide its unique properties:Carvacrol has been proven in studies to be a powerful antimicrobial, so powerful that it can be used to preserve food and render it self-stable. Reseach has shown it to be effective against candida albicans, the aspergillus mold, staphylococcus, campylobacter, klebsiella, e.coli, giardia, pseudomonas, salmonella, and listeria. Carvacrol provides many of the health benefits of oil of oregano .Thymol is a natural fungicide with antiseptic properties. It is the active ingredient in Listerine mouthwash. Thymol is also an immune system booster and a shield against toxins. It is capable of preventing tissue damage and encouraging healing.Terpenes is the source of the word turpentine. Terpenes give off a pine scent and are also produced by pine trees. Terpenes have potent antibacterial properties.Rosmarinic acid is a stronger antioxidant than vitamin E. It prevents free radical damage and is instrumental in preventing atherosclerosis and cancer. Rosmarinic acid has shown to be effective in the treatment of allergic asthma. It reduces fluid build up and swelling during an allergy attack, and is an effective natural antihistamine.Naringin is the substance that gives grapefruit its bitter taste. It has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and helps boost the effect of antioxidants.Oil of oregano also contains a good amount of the vitamin E complex, as well as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, manganese, vitamins A and C, and niacin

-See More at

3.  Olive Leaf Extract-

The medicinal properties of the Olive tree date back thousands of year in the Mediterranean area. In the early 1800’s, it was used in liquid form (a strong tea) as a very effective treatment for malarial infections in the French Indies.

A 1999 study conducted at the University of Rome assessed the antimicrobial activity of oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol, two of the most active components in olive leaf extract. They were pitted against many different bacterial strains, including salmonella and staphylococcus, in vitro. The study concluded, “Olea europaea can be considered a potential source of promising antimicrobial agents” for the support of intestinal and respiratory health.

The Upjohn Companies’ test studies were published by The American Society for Microbiology .  When they tested this compound it was found to be virucidal against all viruses for which it was tested. The compound acted effectively at low concentrations without any harmful influence on host cell mechanisms. It was also found to be extremely safe and nontoxic, even at high doses.

Biochemist Arnold Takemoto: “it [Olive Leaf Extract] sure has power; particularly against viruses that are more tenacious!” “It fills a hole that we haven’t been able to fill before. It gives us a new, effective tool.”

-Read More of this article at:

4. Vitamin C

In high doses, vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, helps kill viruses, and strengthens the body’s immune system. Taking supplemental vitamin C routinely helps prevent viral infections. The Avian Flu mentioned by newspapers, magazines and other news sources, is a particularly severe form of influenza. Severe cases may require 200,000 to 300,000 milligrams of vitamin C or more, given intravenously (IV) by a physician. This very high dosing may be needed since the Avian Flu appears to consume vitamin C very rapidly, similar to an acute viral hemorrhagic fever, somewhat like an Ebola infection.
What should you do if you think you have a viral infection – any viral infection – coming on and IV vitamin C is not readily available? Nobel laureate Linus Pauling said that as soon as you feel the symptoms of sniffles, a cold or the flu, take oral doses of thousands of milligrams of vitamin C.For best results, take vitamin C in evenly divided doses during the waking hours. Continue taking vitamin C on this schedule until, Pauling says, you have loose stool (just short of diarrhea). After having loosened stool, reduce the vitamin C dosage reduce by about 25 per cent. If you have another loose stool, reduce the vitamin C again, but if the symptoms of the viral infection begin to return, increase the dosage. You will quickly learn how much vitamin C to take; even children can learn to do this. Continue until you are completely well. Vitamin C greatly shortens the severity and duration of viral illnesses.Vitamin C expert Robert Cathcart, M.D., specifies very high therapeutic doses of vitamin C. For a severe cold: 60,000 to 100,000 milligrams/day. [4] For most influenza (flu), 100,000 to 150,000 mg/day.  For Avian (Bird) Flu, 150,000 to 300,000 mg/day.Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, October 26, 2005

First of all, you will want to strengthen your immune system as much as you can. During a flu pandemic, take plenty of vitamin C and vitamin D every day even if you are not feeling sick. By building up your defenses this will help your immune system to be as strong as possible if you ever do come down with the disease.

There have also been reports of healthy patients developing an auto-immune response known as a cytokine storm in response to some forms of the flu. For those who are concerned about an auto-immune response to the flu, many health experts are saying that taking plenty of vitamin A can help avoid that.

If you do develop the flu, the following are some products that many natural health experts are recommending for battling the flu…..

*Oil Of Oregano, *Elderberry, *Fish Oil, *Sambucol, *Olive Leaf Extract

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Big Pharma And The Medical Health


Big Pharma And The Medical Health


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  1. Comments Found on Vaccine Facebook groups…

    579 children in 2013 (Jan-Sept.) who have suffered from a vaccine
    reaction? I couldn’t imagine the real number because less than 10% of
    parents report their child’s vaccine reaction.

    81 deaths reported from 1/1/13 thru 9/17/13 and 75% of the post-vaccine deaths were children:

    Personal stories of vaccine injury…/

    The medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction: Brain Infection (Merck Manual)

  2. Ben Zeller, wins a landmark case when his normal 11-month-old when he
    received the Measles, Mump and Rubella shot in November of 2004. Within days, he had a complete febral seizure.

    “This was a reaction to the MMR shot, there is no doubt in my mind,” Zeller said.

    Zeller was one of the first to prove his case in the Federal Vaccine Court. Last July, the court ruled his son would not have experienced the seizure if it weren’t for the MMR vaccine.

    “We have thousands of cases and we can show all vaccines are causing the exact same problem,” said Dr. Andrew Moulden, a Canadian physician gathering evidence to support a class action lawsuit.

  3. More Links Shared On Facebook Vaccine Groups:

    Measles outbreaks happen in populations of 99.7% vaccination with no easy explanation.

    As of March 1, 2012, there have been 898 claims filed in the federal
    Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) for injuries and deaths
    following MMR vaccination, including 56 deaths and 842 serious

    As of July 9, 2012 there have been 6,058 serious adverse events reported
    to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in connection
    with measles vaccine since 1990, with over half of those occurring in
    children 3 and under.

    Dr Andrew Moulden proves how and why vaccines cause autism. He also teaches how to recognize symptoms of autism in very early stages…

    Comment on Facebook:

    “XXXX, if you are really torn read the book Vaccine Illusion. Short read but
    is filled with tons of references on scientific research, efficacy and
    lack of efficacy of vaccines, myth of herd immunity, how unsafe vaccines
    are, the $ wrapped up in vaccines, why vaccines should not be given to
    pregnant women, etc. The book is written by an immunologist who was
    provax before reading the real studies. A real eye opener!”

    A comment from Katie Ge On Facebook

    “The newborn got hep b and vit k in the hospital, you got tdap… I would
    start with and look at each disease that we vaccinate for. At 2
    months they do rotovirus, DTaP(diphateria, tetanus, acellular
    Pertussis), Hep B, PCV13(pneumonicccal), HiB(hemopheilus influenza B)
    and IPV(polio). Sometimes they do combo shots of a mixture of them…
    Please know that you can delay as long as you need to to come to a
    decision you are comfortable with. Also know we are here to support you,
    no matter if you choose just a few, to do all on a delayed and spaced
    out schedule or none at all. In Washington state you have all 3
    exemptions to opt out of vaccinations(Religious-most popoular and
    reccomended, Personal and medical) to meet or get around the school and
    day care vaccine requirements. You do NOT have to get them for any
    reason but you want and feel comfortable getting them.”

  4. Response from Tiffany McDanel on Huffington Post article

    It might help if you were honest and tell parents that vaccinating isn’t that effective in preventing whooping cough. Side effects of the Dtap vaccine are Other mild problems include:

    Fussiness (up to about 1 child in 3)
    Tiredness or poor appetite (up to about 1 child in 10)
    Vomiting (up to about 1 child in 50)

    These problems generally occur 1 to 3 days after the shot.

    Moderate Problems (Uncommon)

    Seizure (jerking or staring) (about 1 child out of 14,000)
    Non-stop crying, for 3 hours or more (up to about 1 child out of 1,000)
    High fever, 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher (about 1 child out of 16,000)

    Severe Problems (Very Rare)
    Serious allergic reaction (less than 1 out of a million doses) Several other severe problems have been reported after DTaP vaccine. These include:

    Long-term seizures, coma, or lowered consciousness
    Permanent brain damage.
    Here is a study published in JAMA about how the vaccine does not prevent whooping cough.

    Here is another about the number of vaccine injuries including death from this vaccine.

  5. LOTS OF FACTS with vaccines…..

    * 80% of the total decline in mortality, since records began to be kept in the United Kingdom in 1860, occurred before any vaccine or antimicrobial drugs were available and 90% or more before there was any national vaccine program.

    * Diseases declined and longevity increased due to hygiene, running water and refrigeration.

    * Japan stopped using MMR vaccine in 1993 due to side
    effects and cost of compensating victims. They reconsidered using it
    again in 1999 but decided not to reinstate its use. The MMR is still
    used in the U.S.

    * In France, government officials halted hepatitis B vaccine school requirements in 1998.France’s health minister acted after numerous reports of symptoms
    resembling arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Hep B is still given in
    the U.S

    * The H1N1 flu vaccine is 60 times more likely to cause a miscarriage than regular seasonal flu vaccines according to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

    * In October of 2013, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria,
    France and Canada suspended the use of a number of Novartis flu
    vaccines. Novartis is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug

    – See more at:

  6. 8 Reasons I Haven’t Vaccinated My Daughter

    1. I fear the risk of complications from vaccines more than I fear the risk of complications from infection.

    I am not fearful of short-term infections that come and go, like chicken
    pox. I had it growing up, and it would leave my daughter with lifetime
    natural immunity. Furthermore, the “long-term consequences of preventing natural exposure to agents covered by vaccine are not known.”

    I am much more fearful of what comes through that needle, because the
    risks of vaccine side effects are real. Additionally, vaccine side
    effects are largely underreported because the passive nature of the legal system puts the onus on the victim to make the connection, file extensive paperwork, and report the issue.

    Read more

  7. What to Do When You’re Told You Can’t Get a Vaccine Exemption

    It’s well-known in this area that I am “in the know” when it comes to parental rights, vaccinations, and how to get your child out of them. People often contact me to
    figure out what they need to do and where they need to go to pick up one
    of those cherished exemption forms. Yesterday, I was contacted by a
    local mother who had attempted to get a religious exemption form in
    Missouri at their local health department but was told “the state
    wouldn’t allow them to pass out exemption cards anymore.”

    Read more here

  8. 4 Ways To Tell If You’re Doctor Is Lying to You About Vaccines

    have some doctors still declaring openly that vaccines are safe and
    effective, right to the faces of their patients while vaccine makers
    declare openly in the legal documents that come with vaccines (the
    vaccine insert) that vaccines are neither safe nor effective. In fact,
    vaccine makers declare openly on all vaccine inserts that 1) that
    vaccines do not guarantee immunity to the targeted disease and that 2)
    the vaccine can kill you directly, injure you temporarily or permanently
    or cause side effects directly associated with death.

    See more at:

  9. Dr. Gregory Poland who is one of the biggest proponents of vaccines and their oh so awesomeness, admits that the MMR is a dud.

    It Took Studying 25,782,500 Kids To Begin To Undo The Damage Caused By 1 Doctor

    Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines

    Police Confiscate Healthy Baby For “Testing” Because Of Off-Grid Birth

    When Ethicists Attack

    In case anyone needed to know the vaccination rates for this country and each vaccine here they are as of 2013.

  10. In February 1998, the Lancet published Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s case
    series of a group of autistic children with gastric problems, which has
    become one of the most controversial studies in medicine because part of
    the patients’ story included regression after receiving the MMR vaccine. The debate is a heated one, as the study suggests there may be a link between the MMR vaccine, bowel disease and autism.In an interview I conducted with Dr. Wakefield in 2010,
    he said he knew he was about to enter treacherous waters when the study
    was published, and he expected the inevitable backlash from the vaccine
    industry. Read More

    CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism

    Dr David Ayoub proves mercury causes autism

    Scientific Evidence: Vaccine-Autism Link Can No Longer Be Ignored!

    Mercury, Autism And The Global Vaccine Agenda (Full Length)

    Shocking Testimony About Vaccines

  11. The
    boy was diagnosed with autism as a child and then started on SSRI
    antidepressants before the age of 6 or 7. He continued to be treated
    with the antidepressants Zoloft and then Paxil which, I testified,
    caused his mental condition and behavior to deteriorate. I also
    presented evidence (here) and (here) that the antidepressant drugs very
    frequently cause disturbed emotional reactions in children, including
    disinhibition and mania.

    of removing the child from the offending antidepressants, his first
    psychiatrist started him on Risperdal (risperidone). His second
    psychiatrist, who was the defendant in the case, continued him on
    Risperdal and then Zyprexa for 2.5 years, despite the appearance of
    tardive dyskinesia symptoms.