April 11, 2017

Great news for dogs and cats in Taiwan. Yesterday, Taiwan’s legislature passed the amendment banning the consumption of dog and cat meat on the island.

Kuomintang Legislator Wang Yu-min, the sponsor for the historic amendment said that while some localities already had measures banning dog and cat meat consumption, national legislation was needed.

Restaurants in Yulin, China still hold their so-called “tradition” of the Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival every year, despite international criticism of the festival as sick, cruel and inhumane.

Up to 10,000 animals, many of them stolen pets, are slaughtered during the Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival annually. We still have hope that one day soon China will also ban the cruel consumption of dog and cat meat.

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(Additionally, Taiwan’s top legislature also passed an amendment on Tuesday that cracks down on individuals who commit acts of animal cruelty, punishing those who intentionally harm animals with a maximum of two years in prison and fines of between NT$50,000 (US$1600) to NT$2 million ($65,000).)