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Visualize Your Cervix In Labor With Fruit

Credit: KidSPOT

What the cervix does

  • Allows the flow of blood from the uterus during menstruation (periods).
  • Helps to direct sperm into the uterus for conception.
  • Secretes mucous which helps to boost fertility.
  • Prevents bacteria and infections from entering the uterus and fallopian tubes.
  • Holds a plug of mucous in place during pregnancy. This creates a barrier to stop infections tracking up into the uterus and affecting the baby.
  • Dilates to a maximum of 10 centimetres during labour. This allows the baby’s head (or bottom) to be born.
  • May play a role in sexual pleasure. Exactly how remains a bit of a mystery, but some women claim they are able to achieve a cervical orgasm because of the high concentration of nerve endings in the cervix.
  • Gives us an opportunity to buy new underwear at least once a year when our pap smear is due!

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