Medical doctors are trained in medical schools and hospitals, largely funded by pharmaceutical companies’ dollars. Allopathic physicians are highly indoctrinated on the importance of vaccinations to prevent disease and illness, while receiving little to no knowledge on vaccine dangers and their negative impact on health.

In an abstract of the journal Pediatrics, in the year 2000, an analysis of chiropractors’ views on vaccinations was presented. In one small survey, 36% of respondents reported the belief that no scientific evidence exists to support the theory that vaccinations work. Over two-thirds of  surveyed agreed that nutrition and sanitation are more important than vaccines in preventing infectious diseases.

An analysis of the Dynamic Chiropractic, a chiropractic trade paper, showed the following anti-vaccine argument categories to be prevalent:

  1. Immunizations are not effective
  2. Vaccines can be harmful
  3. There is disagreement and opposition to vaccinations among medical experts
  4. Vaccination policy is dictated by the Medical-Pharma complex and is motivated by greed
  5. Any compulsory medical treatment is unacceptable
  6. Vaccinations are unnecessary
  7. Acceptance of vaccinations goes against chiropractic philosophy [1]