The Business Woman

Why Hosting a Women’s Fundraiser can Help Grow Your Business

Guest Post-Danielle Ward

Women have made a lot of progress in several business world segments. A Pitchbook funding database statistical roundup attributed ​ 2.19 percent of 2016’s venture capital ​to women-led companies. This percentage has decreased over the past three years, resulting in a greater need for women-centric fundraising. Between entrepreneurs, small business owners and retail chain gurus, hosting women’s fundraisers can expand an entity’s marketing potential, redefine business plans and create new networking opportunities.

It’s All About the Network

If you don’t know any investors, reconsider your outreach options. Think about your entrepreneur contacts, and double-check your B2B relations. Today, hosting a women’s fundraiser can pinpoint your business’s want for equal playing fields. Businesses can grow together—and they frequently do.

So, what can you do? Here at Soho Studios, we’re dedicated to equal-opportunity engagements. Below, we’re dishing out our best tips to organize women-centric fundraisers. Spanning across mini events, concerts and parties, the following fundraisers guarantee networking possibilities. More importantly, they highlight much-needed social issues while helping today’s leading female minds achieve success.

Host an All-Women Party

Sure, parties are for celebration. This doesn’t mean they can’t be used to raise awareness—and money. There’s a reason women’s clubs organize charity fundraising events: Public events and exclusive parties work.

Don’t make the event exclusive to your business’s inner circle, either. Make it inclusive, and create a membership-based group after. If you want to charge for attendance, do so. You should, however, make sure partygoers are donating at the door. As for party ideas, go wild! Between party dinners, dance parties and drink-centric gatherings, you have a lot to choose from.

Go on a Pedal-Powered Bus Tour

Pedal-powered bus tours are in style, and they’re ​awesome fundraising tools. Get your network’s leading ladies on a kinetic-powered bus, and take them across town. We get it: Nobody wants to work on their off day. They’ll work if there are sights to see, though.

Make the tour stop by iconic community landmarks. Or, if you want to bust out some drinks, choose one of your city’s many mobile bar pedal tours. Make it a conference, and raise money on a group basis. The teamwork, alone, will be well-worth it. Plus, you’re raising money for industry awareness, wage gap awareness and lady-powered success. Who doesn’t want that?

Organize a Wine-Tasting Dinner

If you want something low key, consider putting together a wine-tasting dinner. Charge a fee for attendance, and close with a VIP membership to ongoing wine tasting events. If you ​reallywant to spruce up the event, serve cheese, appetizers and crackers. Hire a wine connoisseur, and discuss wine pairings as a group. At some point, fundraising needn’t be serious. Give the ladies a night off, and give them a reason to enjoy the night.

Host an Auction

An auction doesn’t need to be gender-exclusive, but an all-women crowd can be fun. Auctions are fantastic charity events, and they can be held at home, in the office, in a park or in a unique location. Have members donate home-baked goods, serve refreshments and arrive in style.

Host a Relay

When in doubt: Host a relay. Perfect for charity events, women’s groups and breast cancer fundraising events, relays can boost team cooperation while celebrating the race for achievement. Offer refreshments, and let the ladies enjoy themselves. Don’t stick to a bland track field, either. Get creative, and host a relay in your city’s downtown area, near the beach or in a national park!

Set Up a Women’s Banquet

Celebrate in style, and mix dinner, raffles and dancing together. Choose an awesome ​ banquet hall in  Soho Studios​, and customize your event from the ground up. When it comes to big celebrations, the venue matters. Take your time, and setup the perfect party. Some Soho Studios halls are great for runway shows. Others, meanwhile, are better used in award ceremonies. Don’t stop there, either. Deck out your event with props, glitter, stage performances and high-tech video equipment.

Give Away Prizes on Social Media

Sometimes, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the answer. We live in a digital age, and you should use digital technology to power your women-centric charity events. Give away digital coupons, and have Facebook members like statuses for special offers. If you’re running an Instagram marketing campaign, have your industry’s leading ladies submit photos with relevant hashtags.

Have fun with your event, and don’t be afraid to mix and match different options. Between concerts, relays, parties and runway features, you have a lot of tools to use. ​ Soho Studios ​can help, and they’re ready to help your fundraiser get off the ground. Successful networking requires a successful location, and Soho Studios is situated in the heart of Miami’s booming cultural forefront. Showcase your business’s best side, and celebrate today’s professional women.