YUP! My Plate Broke! – Secrets To Making Your Own DIY China Cake Stands -3 Tier Bone China Serving Tray - Cake Stand - Plates

China Serving Tray – Several styles on ebay for $49 on ebay

I have always admired this picture of stacked china being used as tiered cupcake and desert plates.  The concept is easy, simply drill holes into your plates, assemble the hardware..and your done.  How easy is that?  Yet where do you buy the hardware?….and how easy is this project really? 

I have actually tried this idea with some platters I found in a small niche gifts store in my local area, and I didn’t have success at first…… to be honest.  My plate shattered, and I said, “heck with this!” and put my project on the back burner.

Read on to learn how to do this project successfully……………………..

The most rewarding part of the project is finding your plates.  There are so many china patterns out there, that you can mix one style with another.  Ebay is the very best place to find vintage plates.  Consider mixing two patterns together.  You’ll need a dinner plate for the bottom, a side plate for the middle and either a saucer or teacup for the top.  Next you will need a diamond drill bit to drill the holes in your plate.

YUP! My Plate Broke! – Secrets To Making Your Own DIY China Cake Stands- Diamond Drill BitsNeiko Heavy Duty 5-Piece Diamond Dust Hole Saw, Tile Glass Marble slate Tool $11 on Amazon

Most home hardware stores will sell diamond drill bits especially made for glass, that won’t shatter your plates.  This set above, sells for only $11 dollars.

Don’t wreck your china like I did…..  I used the wrong bit!

Here are suggestions from fellow bloggers…….

  • Use Water To Keep The Glass Cool As You Are Drilling– Gail Wilson, from My Re Purposed Life shows a graphic picture of how she placed her teacup in a tub filled with water, utilizing a soaked towel to prevent the dish from spinning.

“I use a diamond bit for drilling too. I make a lot of items from glass and the bit works great! I rarely have chips break off. As Linda said, it cuts a little plug out of the material and is self cooling/lubricating. I drill under water, I use the kitchen  sink quite often but also buckets or anything that will allow me to completely submerge what I’m drilling on. I’ve found that submerging the item helps with control glass shards or bits that might pop off.” nmgirl

  • Use A Drill Press Than A Hand Held Drill – This comment comes from Garden Web Forum I use a drill press with a ceramic bit and draw the drill down very slowly. The drill press is easier to control than a hand-held drill. I also put water on the cup bottom to cool the drill as it works. I add more water as I drill…just dribbling on a little at a time. The bit will be EXTREMELY hot when he’s done, so remind him not to touch it until it’s cooled…I’ve burned myself more than once attempting to put the drill bit away too soon.I find that ceramic cups vs. bone china or glass don’t break as easily. I have succeeded with china cups, but have had more breakage.”

“The diamond bit drills easily through china and pottery…and usually doesn’t splinter and throw chips. We also used a small drill press to help with making the pressure more even. Worked great!! Good luck with the next one!” marlene_2008

  • How To Drill Larger Holes – “Here is how you can drill a very large hole in glass or ceramics, if you don’t want to spend the money to buy an expensive diamond hole saw.Get a regular hole saw for wood of a diameter that you need, and get some silcone carbide (Carborundum) powder and mix with water. Drill at a slow speed. It will take a while to cut thru, but it will do a very good job. I have made 4″ holes in 1/2″ thick glass” dcarch

Next…. assemble the hardware.  Put your washers on each side of the plate and screw the hardware into place.  Repeat this process until all three fixings have been attached.   Either use a small saucer for the top plate, or double up and use a china cup which can hold the chocolate covered almonds.  Perfect for those lift me up snacks through out the day…  

YUP! My Plate Broke! – Secrets To Making Your Own DIY China Cake Stands- Cupcake Stand Hardware

Multi-style 2 or 3 Tier Cake Plate Stand Handle Fitting Hardware – Buy it from $1.99 On Ebay

  • Create these stunning DIY tiered plates for a wedding, party or lunch. Collect inexpensive china on ebay, and assemble dozens of these brilliant dessert holders. Surprise your guests by giving them away.
  • Make a bird feeder out of them. Instead of three tiers, go for one tier with a teacup. Fill the top cup up with bird feed, and allow a plate below to catch food spilled over the edge. What a brilliant, yet attractive look for your backyard. Vintage china in the tree,-  gosh you are really living the life girl!
  • Buy transferware plates and match the color of your bathroom scheme.  Fill it with beautiful organic soaps, and scrubs for your guests…  (or for yourself). Who knew this could be such an inexpensive decorating idea.  I buy all my expensive creams, lotions, and masks at Ross Dress for less.  They always seem to carry the organic brands for killer deals.  I have found some foreign cosmetics from Israel for less.  Dress up your bathroom with products you really will use…..
  • Supersize this look by using over-sized wooden platter plates and use them on your kitchen table to store your bananas, apples and apricots. Keep small jars of nuts for a healthy to-go snack.

YUP! My Plate Broke! – Secrets To Making Your Own DIY China Cake Stands- China Sets on AmazonGracie China Vintage Porcelain 11-Piece Tea Set $69 Amazon

YUP! My Plate Broke! – Secrets To Making Your Own DIY China Cake Stands - China Sets on AmazonGracie China Butterfly 11-Piece Porcelain Tea Set, On Amazon

If you love floral china, consider adding a few pieces of Gracie’s China into mix into your tier plate sets.  You can find my favorite picks here

YUP! My Plate Broke! – Secrets To Making Your Own DIY China Cake Stands- Bonnies PhotographyBonnie’s Photography

 YUP! My Plate Broke! – Secrets To Making Your Own DIY China Cake Stands -Found on flickriver.com

Found on flickriver.com

YUP! My Plate Broke! – Secrets To Making Your Own DIY China Cake Stands - Sandras-Rose-Bone-China-Chintz

Sandra’s Rose Bone China Chintz- Find it on Amazon

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Vancouver Vintage