120 Scientific Studies Show Black Seed Oil To Fight Cancer

Picture Credit – Mountain Rose Herbs

Egyptian researchers studied how bee honey and Nigella grains can have on the stress and the cancer that was created by exposing rats to a strong carcinogen.

After the four groups of rats were exposed to the carcinogen, some groups were fed black seeds or honey, and one group was fed both black seeds and honey.mAfter 6 months of close study, the rats who ate black seeds received 80% protection against cancer formation. Astonishingly the rats who ate both honey and black seeds were protected 100% against oxidative stress and cancer formation.

In a 2014 study, Turkish researchers reported that black seed oil could potentially be helpful to people receiving radiation treatment for cancer.

A study was conducted with rats where rats were exposed to a single dose of gamma radiation. One group of rats received one gram of black seed oil per kilogram of body weight one hour before the radiation and received a daily dose afterward for 10 days. This study showed that the use of black seed oil before radiation treatment, and for 10 days afterward protected the rats from some of the harmful effects of radiation.

In many articles around the web, black seed oil can interfere with liver cancer cells, brain cancer cells, breast cancer, colon cancer cells and more.  Research it.