147 Parents Testify That Vaccines Caused Their Children Harm

Terri Stewart-Watching a 2 year old child right now detoxing and going through tremendous pain due to metal poisoning from vaccines..no ty”

Nita Wiley “I got my flu shot yesterday and I feel terrible. I’ve never had this kind of reaction before. Anyone else had issues after getting it this year?”
Annette Lesko “I had my 1st flu shot this year and had a horrible reaction. I am not allergic to eggs but it seems to affect most of my family. This came across my feed and found it quite interesting”
Dee Scott “I for one had a very bad reaction when working at Gables nursing Home years ago. They suggested all staff have the flu shot where we worked so closely with the residents. Felt fine beforehand, then 2 days later i was never so sick in my life with a huge lump on my arm, red streaks, blinding headache and all the rest of the fun flu stuff. Couldn’t get out of bed for nearly a week, so lost a weeks pay. Never again, and will take my chances”

Jill N Jarrod Hemphill N EVERY time I have been made to get 1, I have within an HOUR been running 103 fever, aches and pain so severe all I would want to do is cry…after getting ahold of the insert and looked CLOSELY at the ingredients, I found that the ONLY INGREDIENTS ARE FORMALDEHYDE AND MERCURY! EVERYTIME my parents get it, they both are very sick in bed for a week also…I have begged them not to get the shot…mom had both the pneumonia shot as well as the flu shot last year and then in January of this year, she was in ICU with bilateral pneumonia and the flu….she almost died, her kidneys started shutting down and was in ICU for a month before going to the floor…..I do NOT recommend the shot and I refused this year at work….I won’t get it again and I don’t recommend it for anyone….I don’t get sick but rarely and I have beens sick more these last 2 yrs than I have in 10….the flu shot is not recommended and it has been proven to weaken a person’s immune system over time….and I am sure it does with 2 ingredients of FORMALDEHYDE AND MERCURY!

“Besides, I was fine after my first flu vaccine. Initially. True, I started getting almost constant colds that lasted four or five months following the flu vaccine. Before, when I didn’t get the vaccine, I was usually healthy and cold-free in the winter. It took me awhile to connect the dots.It took me awhile before I stopped ignoring the clinical evidence in front of me, in my own body, and in my mom and siblings.“- Why this doctor doesn’t get her flu shot

Maryamber at 9 years old (she’s now 14) See it here

“My daughter was a victim of the DTP immunization (Pertussis & Mercury Preservative) to be exact. She was born with no problems. Normal beautiful innocent baby. She received her first DTP immunization at 2 months old. Within hours she started crying screaming unconsolable. We talked to our pediatrician about it he just said not to worry, some babies just cry. That didn’t really sound right to us. But we continued to care for our baby. I took her for her second DTP at 5 months old. Exactly 10 hours later while I was nursing my baby, she started convulsing…which lasted all the way to the hospital. She was admitted because she had another seizure and stopped breathing…They intubated her and got her breathing again …The next day I called where my baby had recieved her shot and reported the doctors findings and orders of NO MORE PERTUSSIS immunizations…The next week was full of medical test…You’ll never know the fright we went through….Then the Joy we felt when we brought her home again… She spoke in full sentences when she was only 7 months old…she walked the day she turned 9 months old…she was a very happy little girl with occassional seizures . The doctor said they were febrile seizures. But her fevers were never that high. When around 15 to 18 months old she stopped talking….she started walking on her toes….she wouldn’t or couldn’t look us in the eye anymore…she didn’t respond to her name anymore. She couldn’t feed herself anymore. She started having close to 100 seizures a day. At 20 months old she was diagnosed with Developmental Delay…Speech …Balance…Occupational Therapy was started. She also has a seizure disorder…and damage from all the seizures she was recently diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, & Neurological Developmental Disorders as a result of the Vaccines. My daughter is now 14 years old. She is in public school, gets therapy there and at a Rehab center. She wears a weighted vest and DAFO’s (ankle & foot braces). People need to be more aware of the Very Real Dangers of Immunizations”

Stop Mandatory Vaccination
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Melissa Love My beautiful, strong, seemingly healthy sister was diagnosed with ALS two years ago. I was convinced she would be high in mercury (from her annual “free” flu shots), so she let me submit a hair test for her. She came back high in Aluminum. Her doctors brushed it off saying it was from her deodorant and that it wasn’t connected to the ALS. (I am no expert, but I disagree!)

Sam Adi After receiving his 6 months vaccination my now 3 years old have an autoimmune disorder called EOE. He was a healthy, Chubby little boy but When he received his 6th months shots he started spiking up to 105f fever and from there he slowly slowly he stopped eating solids just breast feeding a little came down to have one wet diaper a day. To the point I was very concerned when they did testing the found out he had EOE. None of my family has any allergies to anything. Now he takes steroids everyday. I’m hoping that he condition goes away when he gets older 

Stop Mandatory Vaccination reach out to www.tacanow.org – they are vaccine injury specialists – don’t let the name throw you. You will want to do biomedical treatment, not steroids, if you want your child to actually heal.

Danielle Roundtree I have a 4 year old with autism, before her 12 months shots she progressed just fine and even walked at 7 months. We went in and got her 12 months ( year check up ) and she got shots. After that she was a complete different child her walking didn’t stop but her talking turned to babbling. I then got her diagnosis at age two and a half. I now have a two year old as well and have refused to get her shots and she is completely fine and has a vocabulary bigger then her 4 year sister. Being a parent of a child with autism is not easy especially when I feel like if I wouldn’t have had her get those shots maybe I could prevented it. But I have friends that all have girls and they have all had the same shots, one of my friends even have the exact same doctor and her daughter is completely fine. Every child takes the shots different.

Melody Cahoon- My daughter had the first two doses of the HPV vaccine. at 12. Then began suffering terrible migraines.

Crystal Starling  Gardisil I told her Dr not to give it to her but I was going through a divorce with her dad and he took her and allowed the shot that evening she called me crying I went to her the area of the shot was swollen enormously she was dizzy vomiting and listless! Last day she was normal she began to get stomach pains severe cramps PMS so terribly bad constant tore up stomach vomiting took her to every Dr imaginable and her gall bladder stopped working completely had it removed so anything she ate went right through her she was already skinny DCF was even called on us saying we was starving our child so I learned how to cook everything organic gluten free she finally got to the weight she should but she’s 19 today am still has stomach problems and severe PMS ! Now that shot has been pulled because of the side effects! I’ll never forgive her dad for undermining what I wanted!!

August Owens We don’t know for sure but believe it was dtap and hepb that killed our daughter

Diane Grgas DiDonato Hep B given @ birth to my older daughter WITHOUT my knowledge & Consent

Diane Grgas DiDonato What I’m going to say is…I suspected that my daughter’s ****** doctor did something to her like snuck an extra vaccine when he knew I was doing separate ones @ the time. I noticed little issues here & there but it became more clear between age 3 & 3 & 1/2. I fired my kids’ ****** doctor & when I switched doctors I found out about the Hep B. I was asked for my second one & I REFUSED it. I have the hospital records to prove it. Hopefully my little one is OK. I stopped vaccinating both my kids. My older one when she was 16 months & I’m happy to say she never got MMR or Chicken Pox & NEVER will. Neither of MY kids will. She was diagnosed with mild Asperger’s. Her issues a behavioral. She’s on a daily probiotic & we’re trying several detox methods. Unfortunately, sometimes with that the behaviors get worse before they get better. It’s going to be a long road but her doctor feels @ the end of the day that she can & will make a full recovery.

Sarah R- MMR severely damaged my little cousins

Jo-Anna  My 4 yr old son has childhood apraxia of speech and motor speech delay. And my older son, 6, has nut allergy and eczema. Dtap and mmr

Katie Hall For me, MMR (seizures for a few years) and HPV (chronic daily pain for going on 11 years).

Bridget Such I have fertility issues stemming from the guardisil vaccine

Mary Ann Bare Son started with asthma/allergies/eczema triad at 13 months old. Now has type 1 diabetes. Suspect MMR or dTap. Was fully vaxxed before I woke up. He is 21 now.

Katie Sandford My hubby, polio vac caused epilepsy

Paula Bellisario Domer My cousin is mentally 12 years old for the rest of her life. She is currently in her 40s and has to live without her parents or someone for the rest of her life.

Dawn Ranae Hudnell MMR for one, the other contracted mersa in the site of her vaccines. It spread to her lungs which resulted in a drain tube and children’s hospital for 2 wks. Her site they drained with no pain meds just held her down. She passed out during the procedure. She was 13 months old att. We were delaying shots and those were her first ones. No vaxing now

Donielle Hamilton 2 month old stopped breathing and then had asthma after vaccines.

Lacey Ballard The MMR vaccine gave my fiancé bacterial meningitis and he is now deaf due to it.

Dan Auger MMR poisoned my grand son ,& took the light out of his eyes at age two .He is now 8 yrs old & severely Autistic

Marta Tamara I believe the Twinrix series triggered my MS.

Rachael Turner –Flu shot at age 4. Got Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). Horrible.

Sara Jones Hep B and they gave him 2 extra By 7 months old. He should have only been given 2 by then. But the health department ***** up or intentionally did who knows. Lawyers won’t even take the case. Hes now diagnosed with autism hes 2 years old and doesnt talk. Hopefully that will change.

Kristen Manning Welch Tetanus. Woke up the next day with severe arthritis. Had to quit my job and had testing done and it came back as what they thought was lupus. It wasn’t and my dr said he had no idea what it was. Didn’t put t

Alyssa Obniski My little sister she is 14 and had the HPV vaccine and started having horrible pain in her lower stomach. When she went in they found out she had tumors growing on her ovaries ( the size of softballs and golf balls!!) And she was diagnosed with endometriosis. She has to be on birth control for the rest of her life to balance her hormones that are now unbalanced after the HPV shot. They are not sure yet either if she will ever be able to have kids. I also just had a baby 9 months ago and we did a ton of research before having her. We decided not to vaccinate and we are so happy we didn’t just listen to doctor.

Stacy Tonkin Heintz Flu shot- completely heathy 22 yr old son came down with a VERY rare almost unheard of chronic kidney disease. (MCD) he was coerced into it at his yearly physical.

Bridget Maston  My daughter was given Hep when born and then again 6 days later….even though I told the nurse she already had it!! She said it won’t hurt and gave her another!! Wish I knew more back then. The 2,4 and 6 months shots finished the job…..she has autism and we are working hard for continual progress. She’s come a long way from being nonverbal till 5 yrs old. But we still have a long way to go and she’s 11 now!!

Sarah Branitz-Lenhart ·Pediatrician’s should listen to mothers more. My daughter started having severe tics within 2 hours of receiving the Tdap vaccine at 5 years old. We were shocked and caught it all on tape. After much research, it was easy to say with certainty in my opinion, that the vaccine disrupted her poor little body so much that she developed tics within 2 hours. Never in a million years would I have thought I would become a believer of how dangerous these tiny little vials of “medicine” can be to our children. But let’s face it, the drug companies only care about profit. Just look at the opioid crisis. Doesn’t matter how many people have to be buried. So sorry for the loss of your beloved boy.

Caro Masson my oldest was growing fine and hitting all milestones on target and sometimes even early until 12months. he was a super happy chatty baby. 3days after the MMR-V, he got super sick he was never the same. no more smiling, no more eye contact, loud noises bothered him when he used to laugh at the vaccuum and demand more, he tiptoed when previously had never done so, and lost all his actual very broad babbling/words and did not speak til 2.5 then. He is now dx with ADD, SPD and Anxiety but i still feel he should have an ASD dx with all he shows of signs. he is 9 now and it is very rough.

Gregory P Weatherspoon My son is 20 months old. He said his first word at 11 months and was vaccinated with the MMR shot at 12 months. He hasn’t said another word since.

Niki Coleman  My 5 year old still has a speech delay & I sincerely believe it has to do with vaccines. When he received his 18 month shot he instantly regressed. He’s a lot more verbal now because my 3 year old makes him talk. But, he still has trouble piecing phrases together & understanding questions. So I really hope you’re right about kids coming around later.

Stop Mandatory Vaccination This video that I shot a while back is of a mom whose son was diagnosed with autism after vaccination, and she did the treatment and reversed it. It’s a really great video, TACA is mentioned in there, and I think it will inspire you to move quickly on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yn4SBNSkg4

Stop Mandatory Vaccination Have you tried biomedical treatment? You can still help him recover to some degree if you are not already doing it. Two excellent resources: www.tacanow.org and www.cease-therapy.com – absolutely worth checking out and doing the work. Oh, and www.handle.org – all three could help him a lot.

Kayla Zaretzki Same happened with our oldest. Completely regressed and never came back. Our youngest now won’t be getting any vaccines tell hes 3 and will be one at a time following the “vaccine friendly plan ” book by Dr Paul.

Kailee Nicole That’s great. Two of my 4 got their vaccinations and were not fine.

James Lee Cox My severely autistic son who is nonverbal is vaccine injured for life.

Brooke Pannell I vaccinate all my children however when my husband was little he somehow developed muscle spasms,ticks,and Tourettes after a series of shots. He has suffered every day since then. Coincidence he developed this RIGHT AFTER getting his shots when he was a child?? We will never know:(

Kathy Fultz My friend has a boy named Noah and at 3 years old was as healthy as any child I’d ever seen. I saw him about 2 months after his vaccinations and he was running into the wall and going around in circles and wouldn’t even respond when you called his name. I said Amanda, what’s wrong with Noah ? She said he had his vaccinations and now they say he’s Autistic. It’s sad what the pharmaceutical industry can do to our children to pad their pockets for the billions of dollars they make by shooting our kids full of poison.

Vikki White Many parents of vaccinated kids say they are completely fine…but ask a little more..by “fine” they think no autism…no regression. But are there allergies, are there gastro problems, or other health issues? They dont realize that many other issues are traced back to the damage from vaccines. It isnt always or solely neuro issues.

Michael Simms I work in disabilities and have heard the same stories from many parents. I listened but didn’t take it on fully. I vaccinated my son and how have these same stories of my own. I wish I listened. I wish I could make and help people listen to me now. But as hard as I try nobody is interested in listening at all. Even with all the facts I share, they are simply ignored 

Skylar Lambert My son got all his vaccinations and he didn’t speak until he was 3 years old and has been developmentally delayed for a while... they say it’s aspergers but I think it was definitely the vaccines bc I didn’t give them to my girls and they are completely different

Steven Hook I have three kids. The first received most her vaccines on time. We stopped vaccinating her when we started noticing odd behavior. She’s been diagnosed with aspergers that was at 3 years old she’s 7 now. My next child the day of his 18 month vaccine got a high temp. The next day he started having seizures. He stopped breathing for several minutes. He lost his hearing and his voice until he was 3 when they finally figured out his hearing and operated. He’s 5 now and has been diagnosed as Autistic. Our youngest son has only received his birth vaccines despite telling the doctors and nurses not to. He his 2 now and still typical.

Debbie Huebotter Haley Pierce I was vaccinated and got the mumps and the measles. And now I have auto immune disease and aluminum toxicity and I believe vaccines to be the cause. Kids should be vaccinated with safer vaccines. There’s no incentive for big pharma to make them safer since they can’t be sued for vaccine injury. If they’re so safe, why did they need to be protected from being sued? Follow the money.

Cherriese Marie My daughter was reading at four. She was immunized in California for pre school. First day they go over colors. I asked if she read them all correct. He said, ” read, no. She barely recognized the colors. Now 8 My daughter is finally a strong reader again. We literally had to work with her consistently to get her back on track. Now she’s completely organic and filtered water with no immunizations. Sometimes she’s still a little slow to get things but was the smartest fastest toddler out.

Amber BennettHello, I’m new to this group and had a horrific experience with my 2 month old and his 2 month vaccinations. He had some sort of reaction.After the nurse gave them to him, he was crying then all of a sudden he just froze. His hands were making a fist and his arms were up in the air and his eyes were wide open, not even blinking. I immediately asked what the hell was happening and the nurse said she didn’t know. I ran and started screaming for a Dr I thought he had died. They grabbed some sort of emergency kit. I was hysterical. It was horrible. I never again want to vaccinate my son. Ever!!!the Dr says she still doesn’t know what happened!!I was told to just monitor him!!! I always thought they were mandatory and didn’t do much research,I feel so stupid for that but I would please like advice on this and what to tell the Dr and schools. I will never allow anyone to give my son another vaccination.
Sindy Cole My daughter was born 2 months premature. Weighing at 2 pounds 8 ounces. I always got my older children vaccinated. My daughter had her first vaccines in mid August. A few weeks later she was rushed by ground ambulance to the Stollery children’s hospital. She started having seizures. At first I thought “well she had her shots and now she’s having seizures! Must have been the needles” I expressed my concernes to all the nurses and doctors…… They “reassured” me that it was just “something had happened”……… Well she had her needles again on nov 9th…… Guess what back to hospital we go on Friday evening cause she had another seizure!


Kelly Jo My daughter was diagnosed with narcolepsy at age 10 after being hospitalized for seizures at 9 months and stricken with Bell’s Palsey at 2. She also had pneumonia twice, multiple ear infections and partial deafness. She’s the only one of my children to have received a flu shot.

Jesse Daddo All 3 of mine have or had some form of development issues. The youngest has autism and PANS.

Kelly Marr Mazza My daughter stopped breathing after her vaccination. Thank God I didn’t put her down for her nap that day! I was standing right next to her & picked her up and started pounding on her back because I thought she was choking.

Laura Ballegeer MMR shot at 18 months of age over 20 years ago. 107 temp visit to ER with a spinal tap and roseola rash. They said it was normal.. My daughter didn’t speak again for years. Years and years of struggle and therapy and Dr’s. My 23 yr old daughter had an IQ of 3-5 yr old and can never be alone. My heart goes out to all victim and their families of vaccine injuries.. It’s just not worth it.. Give us chicken pox, measles etc.. I had it all as a kid and I survived and so did the majority or people.. The explosion of autism and special needs kids has exploded with the increase of vaccines.. I pray people wake up and stop following the propaganda and do your own research.

Danielle Graham My oldest son and step son are on the spectrum after vaccinations. My son had severe asthma, my step son febrile seizures. My youngest son has severe asthma…

Joann Ciccone-fariello I have children who are vacinne injured and also grandchildren. I myself and sister have severe eczema since childhood.

Sara Autumn-Breeze Smith My two year old has never received a vax because my 6year old brother DIED of meningitis within a few days of receiving a vaccine for it. That’s our story, it’s short, but it’s #truth He shouldn’t have received it….he had an immune deficiency already, it was just too much. This is exactly why they shouldn’t force anything! Everyone reacts differently.

Tana Jackson My son who is now 17 was four weeks premature and they gave him the hep B shot. He stopped breathing they saved him! But he had to be in an incubator for 15 days. Came home on a heart monitor and he had sleep apnea. Later found out that sleep apnea is a repercussion from the hep B shot. He is still always sick and unhealthy.

Penny Nelson In 1992 my 15 month old daughter had MMR and HIB and one other shot. Developed measles from the shot, strange looking stools, then within 2 weeks had swelling joints out of the blue sky. After taking her to 10 different doctors who said 10 different things (one doctor suggested her toes were swelled because of some powder I must have used on her feet-even though only 5 out of 10 toes were swelled)-we took her to Boston Childrens’ and had a diagnoses of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. The head of rheumatology agreed with me when I said it had to be from the MMR vaccine. The whole waiting room was full of kids the same age with swollen joints after MMR vaccine.

Lola Theodora My bubbly bright daughter after MMR at 18 months became silent, broody n developed full on severe Autism. A friend I met years ago told me her daughter became quadriplegic within 2 days of her MMR and never recovered. Growing up I only knew in my primary school one child who had mild disability. Today there is a Special Needs Primary School n Secondary school in my area which combined have nearly ONE THOUSAND STUDENTS catering for our neighbourhood districts. I did volunteer work at the secondary school of about Six Hundred students n my heart broke for them n their parents. Some were like zombies with empty expressionless faces just walking around. Could not take it n stopped going.

Dawn Luehrs I got an H1N1 vaccine when 16 weeks pregnant w/ fraternal twins in 2009. Within days, I had edema. 1 week after vaccination, I went into labor & both membranes ruptured (pPROM). 2 weeks after vaccination, the first twin was born. 6 weeks after vaccination, the second twin was born. Neither of my twins were born mature enough to survive outside my womb. In Nov ’12, when my youngest son was 22 months old, 2 children were vaccinated w/ the flu mist on their way to our Friday morning playdate. After playing for a couple of hours, their mother mentioned it to the rest of the mothers at the playdate. That evening, my son developed a fever. He sat at about 102 temp for 3 days. Slowly, over time on Monday his condition degraded & I drew him a dose of fever reducer, with the intention to give it to him about half an hour before bedtime. 15 minutes before bedtime, his fever spiked suddenly & he had a febrile seizure. The seizure broke his spiking fever & it went back down to 102 or below. Over the next few days, he recovered. His illness was attributed to the playmates shedding live flu virus from the flu mist vaccine.

Courtney Smellink I myself had a reaction as a teen, developed photosensitivity (in other words an allergic response to sunlight..Urgh) My son had a reaction to his second dtap vaccine, he developed a milk protein allergy from it.

Candice Smith Only my son is. He will be 5 tomorrow. He is on the autism spectrum. He is very high functioning and smart for his age. A building prodigy. I knew something was off from around 18 months (shortly after receiving his last shots). He was not learning new words, had regression with communication gestures, etc. Was a little detached from the world. He was diagnosed by Seattle Children’s Hospital

Tara Last-albrecht My 19 month old has a gene mutation & consequently when she was vaccinated had a reaction to the mmr. She was sick for months on end!

Christina Giunta -September 19, 2017 at 9:13 am

Our son had an adverse reaction to vaccines at four months old and has a Vaccine Medical Exemption. He subsequently developed severe allergies and asthma requiring hospitalization several times before age 8 because he could not breath (oxygen went down as low as 80). We tried many alternative techniques — worked with a homeopath for years and got no relief as well as multiple cleansings and all kinds of supplements with a Naturopath. He continued to be sick and end up in hospital. Ate all organic and clean. My husband is a Certified Master Chef so we eat very clean and whole foods. When our son was 8, he looked up at me and asked me if he was always going to be be this sick. Up until that point, I avoided Allergists like the plague. A women at our health food store recommend an allergist in town that is nutritionally based. So, we went to him. At the top of his list of recommendations was very high dose Fish Oil, Vit. D3, and Probiotics. Next on the list, he recommended Singulair, Low-Dose Steroid Inhaler, and Zyrtec. Lastly, he also said that he would greatly benefit from Allergy Shots and that if I wanted him off of all meds someday, I should consider Allergy Shots. I refused the Allergy Shots and the Steroid. A few months later, out son ended up in the hospital with very low oxygen and difficulty breathing. The Allergist then explained to me that every time he ends up in the hospital they blast him with IV steroids that is way more than he would ever get from a low dose inhaled steroid. He also reiterated the benefits of Allergy Shots. I was beginning to trust this doc so I added the Allergy Shots and the Steroid inhaler. What a difference! Our son was like a different kid! He could run faster and longer on the soccer field and no more hospitalizations since that point. By age 13, he was off ALL meds and is still off all meds to this day at age 18. He still takes the high dose Fish Oil, Vit. D3, and Probiotics. He does get maintenance allergy shots every 7 – 8 weeks. The shots he gets are from a company called ALK and the ingredients label lists: Sodium Chloride 0.9%, Phenol (Preservative) 0.4%, and Water for Injection Q.S. Not sure if there is human serum albumin (HSA)and Aluminum in there and it is not listed because it is such a small amount? I am waiting to hear back from our doctor on that one — just left a message with them! My husband (who has had SEVERE asthma and allergies his whole life) saw how well our son was doing and he then started on the same regimen of supplements and Allergy Shots and same amazing results for him! Both my son and husband have not had an asthma attack or needed a rescue inhaler in about eight years since starting this regimen. So, something is working very well for them!

Cheriel Jensen -Yochana asks for a solution to her son’s allergies. EASY. Vitamin C to bowel tolerance. I take 6 hour timed release Vitamin C so I am always loaded up with it, even through the night. It works like a charm. It is inexpensive and there are no bad side effects, just a clear head and easy breathing. For the last 23 years, taking Vitamin C, I have not been sick a single day. But if I forget to take it on time, my allergies come back for a few minutes until I remember to take it. Allergies clear right up in minutes with Vitamin C.

Margie- Cheriel, I can attest to your solution. I had very bad allergies as a child at a time when the only solution was medication that would put you to sleep. As a young adult I discovered Vitamin C as well and at 6 grams or so a day I was fine


I watched my son have a stroke right in front of me after four vaccines (most of them combination ones and three were full of thimerosal – something I had expressly forbidden the pediatrician to give my son, but she lied and gave it anyway).

My son immediately lost all speech and affect right in front of me and then came the high-pitched screaming – which they said was “normal.” that went on for an HOUR before we were sent home. I walked int with a perfectly healthy, normally developing child, and walked out with a child who was a shell of his former self.

Those vaccines damaged his immune system. He began to get sick all the time. His body could no longer even fight the bacteria from an insect bite. In addition, he over-reacted to some insect bites. One day after only three stings from fire ants, he went into anaphylaxis.

His immunologist put him on allergy shots for fire ants, and we did them for three years, but a couple of times after these shots, he started wheezing and coughing, and this frightened me. After three years, we re-tested,and the allergy shots had had NO effect on lessening his reaction to them. Yet, the immunologist wanted to continue giving them but suggested we come more often for more shots.

I said I wanted to read the package insert first. He said, “Oh, we throw that away.” I asked what was in these shots. He didn’t know! (so he said). I told him my child was getting no more injections unless I could read the package insert.

Saliena Foster’s post.– (See pictures) These are before his 15 month vaccinations (mmr, dtap and hep A) and the reactions after. Which if you look at the manufacturer (Merck) insert for the mmr vaccine one of these reactions that can happen along with a whole lot of others is crossing of the eyes. This is because the brain has been damaged. I wish I would have known about this sooner so I could have made a different decision. Some say so what just put him in glasses. Why should I have to? I am at least glad that this was the reaction we got instead of one of the others. Now we just have to detox, load up with vitamins and hope it heals.

Daryl-Interesting that I am in my 50’s and was receiving allergy shots through Kaiser. After 2 months of shots I had a sudden increase in blood pressure. Thinking about what I was doing differently the only thing was the shots. I stopped taking them and my blood pressure went back to normal within two weeks. The head allergist at Kaiser said it couldent be the shots and I must have been on the cusp of high blood pressure before the shots and that the shots must have set it off. We decided to try a lower disease and within two weeks the EXACT thing happened. Kaiser is in denial, even my primary physician. I wish I could sue those lying bastards…

Gary Scearce -My wife had allergy shots from sixth grade through college, once per week, one shot in each arm. She developed ductile breast cancer at age 39. Seems aluminum concentrates in duct tissue of the breast. Seems a bit suspicious to me, but nobody will state cause and effect.

The National Vaccine Information Center discovered the opposite from independent research on the combination of Gardasil and Menactra (a meningococcal vaccine), if given on the same day. Respiratory problem reports increased by 114%, cardiac problems by 118%, neuromuscular and coordination problems by 234%, convulsions by 301%, and injuries caused by falls after unconsciousness shot up by 674%. –What You Need to Know About Gardasil

Rolanda Lee Mullis My almost 15 yr old son is vaccine-injured with autism. He was advanced with everything, especially his verbal skills. Once he received his vaccines at 15 mths of MMR, DTaP, Polio, etc, he started having febrile seizures. With every seizure, he went backwards 2 mths. He lost all words, except 3, all potty training, etc. It broke my heart!! He is now diagnosed with epilepsy along with his high functioning autism/asperger’s. Granted through years of speech therapy 3 times a week and my mom and I doing it at home 3 times a day, he’s now verbal. There’s still times when he gets overexcited and you can’t understand him. The last shot he had was against my will and a doctor’s orders by his dad. That was the beginning of hell for him and my family again! He became extremely violent and defiant to the point of assaulting me and anyone else that was near by him. It got so bad with the bruises at school that I attempted to admit him for inpatient treatment. Please I beg you don’t vaccinate your child! I now have a 2 yr old son, vax-free, that is very healthy!

Beth Noelle We are! My daughter was hospitalized after half the flu shot years ago when she was 4. She was diagnosed with GuillainBS but thankfully recovered with help of a chiro, homeopath, and naturopath. She also had a reaction at 1 to the MMR where her eyes swelled shut for days and the dr told us it was normal.

Denise Frampton Son had developed perfectly normal until 2nd year visit (shortly after 2nd birthday) with MMR and Dtap shots. Language stopped and all previously learned skills such as holding a fork and kicking a ball were lost. During routine blood work with a new pediatrician found out son was/is allergic to egg whites. Daughter had newborn Hib shot and vit. K for fear of being reported to CPS on lack of vaccination i.e. child endangerment. Now has severe food allergies to chicken, milk, eggs (both yolk and whites), and chocolate. Never again will I sign for my children to have these poisons put in their bodies.

Nora Linehan-Daly my two kids were injured, both had severe colic their first year, my son had 25 ear infections one after the other, two surguries for tubes, had to have surgury for aetnoids, my daughter had severe food and medicine allergies was hospitalized and was unconscious so many times had to call 911, i, as an adult have fibromyalgia, digestive issues and allergies to food and medicine after the mmr vaccine, my sister had five miscarriages, has fibromyalgia, lupus, ibs and so much more from the Dtap and mmr and my nephew has autism its been rough for us all.

Angela Hemphill I have 2 vaccine injured children because I trusted the doctors to much. One is worse off than the other. I am now a permanent stay at home mom because of it. The doctors refuse to admit they had vaccine reactions, and I was to naive to contest them. I stopped vaccination completely. My children are considered almost up-to-date on shots, 10 year old and 17 year old, boys.

Nora Huntington-Rodriguez My 1st born had 26 double and single ear infections by the time he was 24 months old. Was on antibiotics all the time. He also suffered severe asthma and was hospitalized sometimes twice a week. My second born would scream at the top of his lungs for hours. Especially at night until he was about 8 months old. He had a temp of 104 and was larthargic.. He would have constant rashes and stomach pain. ONLY when I stopped vaccinating did I see a change in both children.

Shannon SultanThere were 7 but the first time, before I knew better or put it together, was the Hep B. She was immediately ill but they claimed she must have suddenly developed a blockage. Nothing was ever found. The second time she ended up on life support for a week and my friend, Gail Wheetley, woke me up to the dangers of vaccines. I took off from there with science and my son is 100% VAX free.


Corey Gardner Couldn’t tell you which one gave our daughter her beyond deathly peanut allergy. Our son’s tipping point was the chixpox shot at 20 months.

Branden Simoen We don’t know what shot gave our son a deathly peanut allergy either.

Crystal Starling Mcclinton Gardisil I told her Dr not to give it to her but I was going through a divorce with her dad and he took her and allowed the shot that evening she called me crying I went to her the area of the shot was swollen enormously she was dizzy vomiting and listless! Last day she was normal she began to get stomach pains severe cramps PMS so terribly bad constant tore up stomach vomiting took her to every Dr imaginable and her gall bladder stopped working completely had it removed so anything she ate went right through her she was already skinny DCF was even called on us saying we was starving our child so I learned how to cook everything organic gluten free she finally got to the weight she should but she’s 19 today am still has stomach problems and severe PMS ! Now that shot has been pulled because of the side effects! I’ll never forgive her dad for undermining what I wanted!!

Ali Honisch My military vaccines.. who really knows what they gave us.. but Anthrax made me sick and crazy and sterile

August Owens We don’t know for sure but believe it was dtap and hepb that killed our daughter

Sarah Reed MMR severely damaged my little cousins

Jo-Anna Rose My 4 yr old son has childhood apraxia of speech and motor speech delay. And my older son, 6, has nut allergy and eczema. Dtap and mmr

Katie Hall For me, MMR (seizures for a few years) and HPV (chronic daily pain for going on 11 years).

Bridget Such I can’t say because they gave my son all his “catchup” vaccines at once…….we now suspect he has aspergers

Bridget Such I have fertility issues stemming from the guardisil vaccine

Mary Ann Bare Son started with asthma/allergies/eczema triad at 13 months old. Now has type 1 diabetes. Suspect MMR or dTap. Was fully vaxxed before I woke up. He is 21 now.

Katie Sandford My hubby, polio vac caused epilepsy

Melody Cahoon-Niemietz My daughter had the first two doses of the HPV vaccine. at 12. Then began suffering terrible migraines.

Diane Grgas DiDonato Hep B given @ birth to my older daughter WITHOUT my knowledge & Consent.

Paula Maire I’m so furious. I needed a copy of my toddlers medical record for school. The bastardized at the hospital gave the hep b shot after I signed numerous refusal letters. How can they get away with that?

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Unknown Testimony– Shared From Facebook

Putting the puzzle pieces together…

This is my oldest (picture shown) 2-3 days after he received the dTap and Rotavirus vaccines. He is 2 months old here. I followed the Dr Sears delayed schedule and I have been telling people he only had 1 shot per visit but after looking at his records he actually did have 2 at a time on some appointments. In this case it’s actually 4 considering the dTap is a combo shot. My son is vaccine injured. I never had an “AH HA” moment but now that I know what I do, I realize the signs were there but I wasn’t seeing them because I was told by everyone including Dr’s that it was ‘normal’.

This is about the time that our son would cry uncontrollably before bedtime. We jokingly called it ‘monster hour’ because he was totally fine during the day. It was only right before bed he would arch his back and cry inconsolably. It was very unusual but we were told it was normal. This was also the time frame that his Dr was telling us he needed to be ‘sleep trained’ That never felt right with me so I usually laid with my son or rocked him to sleep and then would place him in his crib and he would sleep independently.

We had the Angel baby monitor with the motion sensor under his mattress so that we would be alerted if he stopped breathing. We were terrified of SIDS and with the words of wisdom we received in our baby classes prepping to be new parents, we always made sure he didn’t have anything extra in his crib that could potentially suffocate him and he was always on his back.

This is the time frame too that I woke up to the alarm going off in the middle of the night. I was in a deep sleep and remember hearing the BEEP BEEP BEEP, BEEP BEEP BEEP. I shot up out of bed and ran across the hall and flipped on the light. I remember seeing my baby laying there on his back, eyes wide open and he looked lifeless. The alarm was still going off and a picked him up as quickly as I could and gave him a little shake. I was terrified. He looked at me and started moving and I held him for a long time watching him to make sure he was OK and then brought him to my bed and nursed him to sleep. That was the night I became a co-sleeping mom. He was always by me at night and so were my other 2 children when they came along.

We continued with the Dr Sears delayed schedule until 12 months sans the MMR and then stopped completely. My son was not developing the way he should. I would take him to his well baby visits and that form they give you to monitor their progress was always ‘NO’ to every question. My son was not meeting any milestone and I started to become concerned. Our pediatrician got us connected with our local services for early intervention and it was from there that my journey began.

My son started working with specialists, speech, occupational therapy, social integration. At 14 months, his speech lady told me that he was showing signs of being on the spectrum. I had a freak out moment where I was researching everything. I wanted to detox my son and try to recover him. I decided to take my son to a naturopath and chiropractor and was doing everything in my power to help him.

When I took my son to the naturopath she told me he had neurological damage. At the time he was about 15 month old. He was not crawling, not walking… he would roll around the room like a rolling pin to get to where he wanted. She explained his brain wasn’t making the connection and he wasn’t getting the correct signals that neurotypical babies get when they start to crawl, walk, etc. She confirmed that he was vaccine injured. We started him on a detox and I started giving my son liposomal glutathione which made such a huge difference.

I know in my heart that stopping vaccines and the intervention he received ‘saved’ him from becoming severely Autistic and other struggles. He was tested at 2 for Autism but they were not able to place him on the spectrum. His diagnosis is ‘developmental delay’.

My son didn’t walk or talk until after his second birthday. He was in early intervention until he was 5 working with specialists for speech and occupational therapy for both his selective eating due to his sensory adversion to textures in food and also for his low muscle tone. We had classes for social integration and more. Now at 6 he has an IEP. My son is very smart and meets or exceeds his peers intellectually but socially he is behind. He still struggles but we are powering through.

Getting back to this picture. I used to think it was cute but not anymore. Now it makes me sad. My son is clearly struggling here and I didn’t see it. You can see how puffy and swollen he is. His hands even look purple. Everyone said he was chubby and it was cute. I don’t see that now.

They always say you don’t know what you don’t know and when you know better you do better and that is the absolute truth.

(not my story from a different group with her permission)


Beth Love Nine month old went into respiratory distress and was rushed to ER 5 hours after receiving a flu shot. She was up to date until that point. Was sick for 10 days after. No long term affects as far as I can tell. She is 9 years old now, gate program, 2 grades ahead in reading and writing and on par for every other academic category. I attribute that to a) breastfeeding exclusively for the first year and b) stopping vaccines completely. She is also rarely sick. Gets a mild cold about once a year. No chronic illness, no rashes, eczema, psoriasis, stomach issues, etc. No vaccines since 9 months. I should add, I went on to become a nurse after taking the no-vax stance and continue to stand by it even after my medical education (and because of it).

Cricket Grein My youngest developed Polyarticular Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at 5 yo. My middle child has hashimotos, and my oldest has crohns. None of them should have ever been vaccinated because they are all at least hetro for c677t mthfr. The youngest is homozygous, different father.

Cynthia Wolff In 1990 my two year old twin boys had their MMR & other vaccines. Shortly thereafter one twin stopped speaking & wouldn’t respond when spoken to. Communicated by grunting & pointing at what he wanted. Took him back to the pediatrician who said it was nothing to worry about as long as he started speaking again by age four. Also both twins had chronic ear infections requiring daily antibiotics for a year & speech therapy in kindergarten. The one who lost his speech did regain it but has trouble maintaining eye contact since. I had no inkling vaccines could cause such harm & was given nothing but the run around by their doctors.

Bianca Witherspoon-Castillo My son was mildly injured and recovered. Hep A shot gave him a big hard knot on his and some swelling. Don’t remember if it was red or not but it took 2 months of hell for it to go away just like the pamphlet said would happen. This was when I had just started waking up. I did not want to continue vaccinating.

Scarlet Howell As a baby I had a severely high fever reaction to the pertussis vaccine. To the point where the hospital had to put me on ice. I also suffered from staring seizures at 2, and they never figured out why. My mom stopped vaccines and I still to this day don’t receive them.

Irena Stepanova I do. My son was born healthy, but he has two disabilities now. Qualified for SSI without so much as a health exam… And I still have friends and family who vaccinated their babies because they apparently think something is wrong with me. Well, it is. Was. I trusted doctors….

Anna Maus My daughter had what most healthcare professionals would consider a “mild” reaction, or as some like to call it, “normal.” When you see your child suffering more than they ever have before right after vaccines you know there’s nothing normal about it. The question isn’t so much can you trust the vaccines, it’s can you trust the industry as a whole. And the truth is no, you can’t.

Vicki Neal A huge majority of parents who don’t vaccinate came to that opinion after seeing their child have a reaction. I saw that in 1970 when my 2 month old had a reaction almost immediately after her first vax. She is OK now but almost died. No internet back then! I can’t believe kids are still being hurt all these years later. Back then, I was sure that people would have wised up in a short time. Instead they have added so many more shots.

Chantel Pavlick Premature nephew died 2 days after hep vaccine at 6wks old. It was catching him up at full gestation. SIDS is not a cause of death

Kailee Myers The MMR gave me encephalitis at the age of 15 months and my mom said it was like I was a completely different baby afterwards. I was almost non-verbal when I learned how to talk. I only talked to certain people at certain times. My mom was my teacher in pre-k and I would refuse to talk to her while at school because there were too many people. Later on I figured out that I have Aspergers, Tourette’s, and OCD.

Mary Klink My 11 year old son who has Down syndrome was diagnosed with Austism after his MMR at age 6. He was healthy, happy and meeting his milestones. He was talking and just a happy boy until that day. He rapidly regressed and has never been the same. He is now 11.

Vicki Kurup Wooledge I had only 1 vax at a time for my kids. 10 days after my son’s MMR at almost age 5, he woke up with garbled speech… I thought he had a stroke. I took him to every doctor I could find including Mayo Clinic specialists, and no one could help. Various doctors in the bunch asked when he’d had vaccines but never let on. Finally, after 4 months of no answers & no improvement (& doctors saying he’s doing this on purpose!), I took him to a holistic MD who said he’d seen this kind of thing….reaction to vaccines. Full detox & after the 2nd session, my son had 85% of his speech back! After the 3rd, he was back to 100%. We are one of the lucky ones who could reverse the damage. No one helps you of your child has a reaction. If he had measles, I’d have been able to have him treated. It makes no sense.

Robin Rebrik Stavola Www.hopefromholly.com

Achillea Mahko My daughter daughter developed OCD, uncontrollable temper and eczema since her mom got all her shots behind my back at age 5. She’s one of the lucky ones in that her symptoms are relatively minor, probably due to the age she got her shots at. My friend’s fraternal twins (boy and girl) went from being way ahead of the developmental curve to full-blown, massively debilitated autism immediately following MMR at around a year old.

Carreen Engelbrecht Wow, where to start… I could agree with most of the parents here. Just happy our eyes opened up and we stopped before our eldest was severely injured. He was ahead on all of his milestones and development, he sat up strongly unattended just before 4 months, but the 4 months shots is where things went really bad very fast, probably just built up from the ones before those. He started regressing with each shot up until 9 months. Eczema, his one eye started pulling inwards slightly, he barely slept (especially at night) up until just past 2 years of age, screaming and severely losing control over his emotions almost 24/7 (especially at night), “night terrors” for 3 months straight, speech delay, at the age of 3 years and 3 months, he still struggles to drink from a cup/glass (it’s like those muscle reflexes just aren’t developed and wont), he still loses control over his emotions which leads to hours and hours of heartbreaking crying sessions, he started walking a bit late, he was constantly so so so very sick, had terrible reflux and colic, a few days after his 4 months shots, he got sick and sicker and sicker and ended up in the hospital almost completely unable to breathe, doctors, nurses and physio therapist all said that they were amazed at how he was still able to breathe at all, he is an extremely fussy eater, still have skin issues related to the chicken pox vaccine (looks like it might be shingles that keeps flaring up), we have also suspected juvenile arthritis, still keeping an eye on it. These are only the ones i can think of now.
Even i have severe allergies since i can remember and struggle with IBS at times and migraines. Wish we knew the truth earlier or could find an undo button and give our son the best chance in health that he deserves. It’s the most heartsore burden to live with. When he can talk better and understand better, i want to apologise to him AGAIN for the millionth time. He needs to know we are sorry, WE also need this too. It could have been so much worse if we continued. Wish someone told us during my first pregnancy to DO THE RESEARCH AND NEVER STOP! We needed to be awakened sooner.

Alina Phoenix Both of my girls were nothing but sick from vaccines. When we were listening to the doctor and doing every vaccine, they had eczema, allergies, asthma, bowel issues, ear infections. It was a rare week we weren’t in the doctors office. There were creams, antibiotics, steroids, inhalers, nebulizers, a couple trips to the ER, a hospitalization. They were nothing but sick all the time. Then my nephew got encephalitis FROM his vaccines, lost all his language, potty training, developed seizures, and when the symptoms that started THAT DAY never went away, they diagnosed with autism. That is what woke me up. I stopped taking my kids to the doctor, no more vaccines for either one, and began the long and grueling road to recovery. We went all organic in food, cleaning and personal care. We started chiropractic and to heal their guts. For now, they are healthier than they have ever been, although my youngest is showing signs of autoimmunity and we have to take her in for testing. I’m autoimmune myself, still trying to figure out which flavor of autoimmunity it is, but it is severe. Vaccines were nothing but poison for my family and caused catastrophic harm.

Jamie Pack Fricke My oldest son was vaccinated to one and a half on a delayed schedule and he stopped talking after he had his MMR. Now he suffers a speech delay and he had severe eczema that went away when we stopped vaccinating him. I was vaccine injured after having the Tdap vaccine after I had my son. A week after having the vaccine and giving birth I was rushed to the emergency room in pain all over my body. They couldn’t figure out what was going on and it took me over a year and a half until I was finally diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. All autoimmune diseases!!! It was a naturopathic doctor and integrative medicine and a chiropractor that helped me heal my body. I’m still not 100%, but I’m a whole lot better than I was. I had zero symptoms before I had the vaccine and I never got sick in my life only about every 5 to 6 years and I would just get the 24 hour flu that was it. Now I’m having to start over and rebuild my whole immune system. I’m sick all the time and when I get sick it’s really bad. My sister in law also got the Tdap vaccine and within two days she was paralyzed from head to toe and couldn’t breathe on her own and was put on life support for 4 months. She was diagdiagnosed with GB syndrome and had to go through a whole year of physical therapy learning how to walk and move her arms again. Today she has to wear braces on her legs to walk, she has severe nerve damage and is in pain all the time. She’s only a couple years older than I am.

Sasha Joy Amara My son at birth. Given Hep B. He wouldn’t latch on to nurse. Cried incessantly and wouldn’t sleep at night for a year.

Safika Erselcuk Mine is. Autism dx as well after last vax was Hep A. Believe he had several reactions previo

Patricia Gately Anderson Horrible reaction to hep b vaccine the day he was born. Born at 6:21 am, was doing amazing. Latching perfectly and looking at us when we talked to him. Hep b shot was given around 3 pm and he started crying about an hour later, loud painful cry that did not stop for over 10 hours. Would latch then pull away and cry. This I later found out was an encephalitis cry. I didn’t know and the nurses looked at each other with concern, but did nothing. I vaccinated on schedule. He did a similar cry at 2 months, but not as bad. Just over a year, I knew something was wrong. He didn’t seem to understand us. Diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 2, and later full autism at 4. I regret not knowing, and I’m disgusted with those that know but don’t care. And they do know. Stopped vaccines at 17 months, but he’d had 29 by then.

Stef Miharas Vaccine injured son! HIB vaccine full Kawasaki disease! 7 months later MMR atyp

Tammy Jean Martino Oldest son, now 23 yrs, was fully vaccinated, developed chronic ear infections. My girl, now 20 yrs was talking and doing great, her dad fully vaccinated her despite my protests and she went into an autism state about 18 months. My youngest, partially vaccinated, developed facial tics and rapid blinking after the dpt shot around middle school age. The hepatitis b vaccine triggered multiple sclerosis in me within weeks of the initial shot.

Lis Manno My son stopped eating, stopped talking, stopped responding to his name, developed tics, sound/noise/touch sensitive from his 15 month’s vaccines. He was ahead of schedule in milestones before these shots. It is on his pediatricians chart.

Diane Legato I am vaccine injured, went to work overseas had numerous vaccines, chronic inflammation, anxiety, the body pain is getting worse by the day, I have 5 vaccine injured grandchildren, autism, diabetes, asthma, eczema. My husband has been diagnosed with two cancers.

Kim Owens Im vaccine injured. Developed ulcerative colitis shortly after Hep B for grad school. And have gotten sicker and sicker with each passing year. Better believe if I ever have kids I won’t be vaccinating.

Halleigh Hill My daughter started having seizures, extreme lethargy after her very first round of vaccines at 4 months within in hours. She was a happy healthy baby before- we did an alternative schedule and did two at a time – my doctor told me her reaction was perfectly normal so we continued every 6 weeks and each time her seizures got worse – we finally stopped at 10 months – she had so many seizures when they finally stopped she was so lethargic she didn’t open her eyes for almost 3 days – she had delayed speech and signed until she was almost 2 – she is now very healthy and seizure free 3 year old. My son is 1 and has same reaction at 8 weeks – we decided to do one shot at a time. My kids are both MTHFR positive – I find most interesting is my daughter has chronic eczema and when she does pick up a bug she is prone to high fevers – my son on the other has had a cold once and that’s it.

Joline Balmforth My son has Vaccine induced Autism, eye problems, eczema, situational Anxiety and so on. Had shots up to 18 months.

Milla Ezman my daughter regressed into autism and developed allergies, after her 21st month shots. I recovered her with diet, no thanks to doctors. no more vaccines for us, no antibiotics, no SAD diet.

Eva Higdon Charles I will add to my story that once I figured out that vaccines damaged his body and he was old enough to understand, I apologized to him for doing what I thought was keeping him healthy but instead messed up his body. I cried the whole time I explained and apologized. He said he forgave me.

Lindy Keil Schultz I lost my son to ‘autism’ within a few days of his first MMR, HIB, DTP,polio shot at age 18 months. He lost what little speech he had left within a week after a tetanus shot at age 3. I did not make the connection until I met Dr. Bradstreet (in 1998) whose son reacted almost identically To MMR. He told me that 99.9% of the kids he saw with ‘autism’ were vaccine damaged.

Leslie Ann Driver My son had an adverse reaction to the pertussis vaccine. Before it he was babbling and starting to roll over. He stopped after the shots and became non verbal except for crying. He is now almost 11 months old and can’t roll over, is non verbal, has gross motor delays and has a physical therapist and occupational therapist come each week. They say he’s at a 4 month level. He was 4 months when he got these shots. He also has some sensory issues.

Saraliz Jimz My son kept getting sick they said is was a lung spot. But could not give me anything conclusive even after 3 days in the hospital. Then I was told he needed his adenoids taken out and tubes in his ears. I was referred to a chiropractor who told me to stop vaccinating and treated my son who was better after a week under her care. That was 4 years ago he hasn’t been sick like that again just little cold twice a year. He still has his adenoids and no tubes in his ears. Since we only go to doctor once a year to get forms signed because he hasn’t needed to go.

Ashley Dore My son died 10 days after his 3rd set of vaccines at 5 months and 5 days old. His death was ruled undetermined after the coroner said he suspected vaccines but the county didn’t allow that as a cause.

Heather Rose Scott Our son stopped speaking 2 days after his MMR vaccine. He was 2 and now is 4 and still in speech therapy. He is progressing well but it’s been horrifying. Went from speaking normally to not speaking at all for months then he was impossible to understand.

Jenni Dill Right after my now six year olds shots at 2 yrs, she began having hours long night terrors every night. This lasted two years. She also began showing signs of sensory processing disorder (which is on the autism spectrum), but we didn’t realize that’s what it was until she was 4. She regressed in speech, although the doctor said it was normal, and just encouraged us to put her in speech class when she got into preschool. She also had loss of hearing for about a year – not total loss, but she just stopped being able to hear everything and was constantly saying “what’d you say? I can’t hear you!” Ear nose and throat doctor said her hearing was fine and she just had “selective hearing.” Her hearing returned to normal around age 4, interestingly enough around the time she finally stopped having night terrors every night.
She has asthma, that began around age 2, chronic bronchiolitis – she gets this at least three or four times each cold season, and it turns into pneumonia almost every time. She has skin allergies and food aversions, and is six years old and weighs 35lb, can wear size 2T clothes with no problem. Now that I know what I know, I completely and entirely see the link between her two year shots and ALL of these problems. She was a healthy baby, so chubby and so happy.
She has melt downs at least a dozen or more times a day when textures, routines, foods, lights, sounds, etc aren’t the way she expects them to be.

Mary Maresco My 10 year old son got ulnar neuritis lasted 6 months from TDaP. The docs response was..”the next time we give it, we’ll put in the other arm and see.

Dakota Capeheart My son ran an extremely high fever 12 months – 15 months vaccinations and even in between them. Was shortly after diagnosed with a tumor.

Eva Higdon Charles My son’s eczema started after his first round of shots at 2 months old. We continued to vaccinate and he continued to get worse. At 3 years old I figured out that the shots were triggering his already hyper active immune system. We did find out in the following years he is allergic to foods including soy (Prevnar 13 contains soy protein) and peanuts (not sure which shots speficially contain peanut oil). We also found out that he has the MTHFR gene mutation which means his body can not detox the way other people can. We then spent two years getting him off of the topical steroids his body had become addicted to.

Amanda Clarkson Talbert My oldest got sick following each set of shots. I was told it was many things “oh he probably just got a virus” “it’s just a coincidence” ” it’s bronchitis” “it’s bronchialitis” ” it might be adthma” “it’s just croup” so so many excuses. He also had constant ear infections and caught many virus’. Was sick all the time. Right before his 1st birthday he got the mmr and chicken pox vaccine. He had a reaction on his thigh a big ,raised, hard, bright red, perfect rectangle around the injection site. It was there for weeks again I was told its normal. He again was sick with high fevers and a cough but soon he started having night terrors very violent ones where we had to restrain him for his safety and ours, he stopped answering when we’d call his name we had to have his hearing checked several times because everyone thought he was going deaf, he could no longer communicate what he wanted which resulted in banging his head in frustration, couldn’t take him in public without meltdowns, suddenly the train going by and vacuuming would make him freak out….so many changes. He has aspergers I know it’s from his shots. My second son we spaced out his vaccines and started down the same path constant ear infections resulting in tubes twice, constant fevers, illnesses, asthma and he also has bahavior issues we are sorting out right now. Since stopping vaccines neither of them have asthma anymore nor have they had another ear infection. I have 2 unvaxed children also neither have asthma and only 1 has had an ear infection and only once.

Nicole L Henery · So here is my story on October 18, 2017 my almost 7 month daughter named Briar passed away. When i started to read this article my hands started shacking because it was someone was writing about my current situation. I have been wondering why because she was a healthy baby according to doctors. I have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for any answers as to why or how my beautiful baby passed away. Nobody will me answers. My daughter was vaccined on 6-15-17 with the DTap vaccine. Now i want to know if this vaccine is what killed my baby girl because if so i will fight to get if removed from the vaccation list.

Soria House My two daughters were injured by DTaP as teenagers in 2009. They will live with these injuries the rest of their lives. I still have them though. I cannot begin to imagine your pain. My tears will not stop after reading this article. You are not alone- the more you go public the more injuries you will learn of. WE NEED TO STOP IMMUNIZATIONS! Until we can change the entire system, stopping is the only way to save these babies! God bless you both with the strength to carry on, one day at a time.

Natalie Williams Napier  The dtap was the only vaccine my child has received and exactly 2 weeks after she received it, she started having seizures. I looked into that vaccine and the side effects to the pertussis is seizures and hypotonia, the two things my sweet girl has. I know it was that vaccine that did this to my daughter. We have done every genetic test and everything comes back normal. I had one neurologist tell me it was probably the vaccine that did this and he told me I was smart for not continuing because my girl could have been brain damaged or dead. Sending prayers to you all. My heart breaks for your family.

Stacy Slater Eye I too believe our son died of SIDS ( I believe from his immunization shot at age 4 1/2 months). It’s been 28 years and still nothing has changed. More babies dead. If I can help, I want to be involved in providing awareness to others and prevent more deaths. We all need to come together!

Annika Speckhart ·I am so teribly sorry, it is painful to hear of what you went through and know that sadly you are not alone in this. Your boy is such a sweetheart and your girl too. You are right to question the vaccines. My daughter got mild autism at the age of 5 from DTAP, as I dealyed the vaccines and did them later, but still she got mild autism which was brutal too, even though nothing compared to what you went through. Do not ever give up the fight on this, as your children and other children deserve it. I have teens now but I will never give up the fight on this. And I come from the time when everyone had the so called childhood diseases. I grew up having measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, small pox, whooping cough, shingles and scarelt fever. Everyone who could contract it in that time ( in the 60ies in 70ies Sweden) had it, and no one I ever heard of died.

Joanna Hayston Rydzewski Nick, Marjorie, daughter. I’m sorry for your lost. I didn’t physically lose my son but mentally I lost my son from a DPT / MMR vaccine in June 1984 at his 6 week well visit………………MY son now age 33 years old has a brain function of a 12 month to 2 year old depending which doctors talking. He is total care but born normal with everything working until that dreadful day of 6 week visit.
Niki Push · I am so incredibly sorry. Our oldest changed after his MMR, and was eventually diagnosed with autism. I believe every single word, yet still get the push back from my doctors to vaccinate our newest baby. I had landed on settling and just getting the dtap only, because that’s what our pedi wants the most. After reading your horrific story, absolutely not. God bless y’all for sharing, and I pray that one day you find peace and healing.
Dee Latta This is the second time today, that I have been reduced to tears, & I have been a part of this large, ever growing movement of pissed off people. My son would have died, had I taken his pediatrician’s advice & gone to sleep. This was after many hours of my son screaming (encephalopathic scream) & then lapsing into a coma-like state. I had called the ped’s office several times. I was told, “Let him cry it out.,. It’s normal.” (It’s not.) Then when I could not wake him up for many hours to nurse, again, “Well the poor babe has been through a LOT. Let him sleep it off. It’s normal for them to sleep for many hours.” (Somnalence is NOT normal) I was again told this was my time to catch up on some much needed sleep.. But I was too afraid to. So I was right next to him when he stopped breathing & turned blue several times. I nudged him each time & got him breathing again. Called his ped once again for the newest update. Told to keep doing what I was doing. (Whaaat??) Yes, & was told NOT to bring my son to the hospital. He’s 34 now & disabled. I still have my son.  My heart breaks for those who have been robbed of their children. This is infanticide!
Michelle Berrett Bodine ·My oldest son developed autism, tourettes, and seizures from his vaccines. My 2nd developed sensory issues, anxiety, and paralysis. My 3rd developed eczema, sensory issues, and a bleeding disorder. Each time I was told it wasn’t connected, and it wasn’t the vaccines. But reviewing their medical records it is very clear when the injuries happened…ER visits within 48hrs of almost every vaccine. They are young men now and we were lucky to be able to heal most of the damage, but they have missed out on graduations, driving, and so much more. Its heart wrenching to see so many more families suffering unnecessarily.
Dee Latta 2 out of 3 for my son. Never had seizures, but he is on the spectrum & has Tourette’s. That began at the tender age of 6 months. Night terrors are the first clue. Yet they tell us that something is scaring the babe. My son’s pediatrician had me remove EVERYTHING from his room, saying that something in my son’s nursery was scaring him. At 34, he STILL has night terrors. Not as frequent, but they are pretty intense! The ER visits, yes. Always right after a vaccine. No graduation for my son.. No driving, no wife or children. Not much of a life, is it? But at least we still have our boys. That is something to be thankful for. P.S. I went & picked up my sons medical records & they had been doctored! Many pages missing & it appears on file, as though I had only taken him in to the pediatrician’s office no more than 6 or 7 times. Doesn’t even add up to the full vaccine schedule he had up to age 4. The ER & hospital records were complete.


Carolyn Faust Maslowski · We feel that our son is vax damaged. He has PANDAS. basically when he gets sick, his immune system attacks his brain. We finally are on the road to recovery. The school almost kicked him out bc we refused to vax this year, 6th grade. We got a med doc in NYS to sign the med vax exemption form, the school rejected it! So we wrote a bad was religious exemption letter and it got approved. Those vax are really dangerous and filled with tons of bad ****. Good luck.

Nick-Bree Bradley My daughter we waited for 9 years for , went through this . She had cold symptoms and fever excessive and lethargic , ended up with blood transfusions . We felt we had to submit to vaccinations Becuase we adopted . I like you researched and being a studying Naturopathic Doctor at the time and now practicing . I proved it . I demanded the bottle numbers off vaccination bottles she recieved . I reported to Vaers . I prayed a lot and then I started reversal of process detoxing her tiny body to save her . It’s took us almost 2 years to gain our babygirl back . It changed her disposition a bit . But her case was linked to MMR reaction and she’s allergic to it . Only Becuase we detoxed her immediately did she survive . Nurses called chaplain at one point but I was dosing her full of vitamins and pulling toxins and heavy metals out continually. My heart grieves for stories and families as yours . I am now a full time practicing Naturopathic Doctor . We do not vaccinate ever now . I build my kids immune systems . Your welcome to contact me anytime , heartfelt prayers & peace for your family ~Dr Bree ND
Becky SJohn  So very sad and want to hug you and cry with you both. My son was injured after the MMR and chicken pocks shots. He has Autism. I dont want to believe it and I keep telling him he is healed and he is the smartest boy ever! He is seven and still in a special Preschool. We have faith thats all vaccines cannot take away. So I am with you and hear your cry for the action we must take to stop this violance on our children! I pray God holds you in HIs merciful arms until we see your son and so many other babies that are with our sweet Lord Jesus in Heaven.
Kimberley Bennett ·My daughter had a seizure after her 2 month shots. 2 years later, my son dies of SIDS at 2months 10 days, after his 2 month shots. My Dr said that my future children should not ever have dTap. That i should only give them dT. I have had 3 boys since my son died, and they all are happy and healthy adults. So be careful of pertussis vaccine.
Rita Marie My own son has severe brain damage following the same vaccine. I am a Registered Nurse, and do not look at vaccines the same since. My heart breaks for you, and your family. Prayers for peace..
Claire Mc Mahon I’m so sorry for your loss. I too lost my 14 month old daughter 7 days following MMR, HIB Men C and PCV vaccines, I know the immense pain and heartache you feel. I also know how corrupt government authorities are and how the keep our children’s deaths quiet to maintain the false illusion that vaccines are safe and effective. Four years on and I’m still trying to get justice, I haven’t gone public with my story yet but I am considering it now as I think I’ve tried every other avenue I can take without any help from the state or any authority. Evidence and samples were destroyed, medical records disappeared, they still will not disclose my child’s full medical record as they know the GP is liable for criminal negligent behaviour in her treatment provided to my daughter and I. I hope one day we all get justice for our children and this murder will end. X
Marge Figgs Warmkessel ·Our family lost a beautiful 3 month old baby boy. He, too, was a healthy baby, albeit, premature. His death came after receiving his first DPT shot. This occurred 26 years ago. His mother has never come to terms with it.
Betty Rodriguez My daughter had high fevers and respiratory issues. After her past vaccines, she started having diarrhea and that went on for 3 years after we stopped. Her last shots were at 6mos. She developed eczema over her face and extremities since the age of 4 months. She now continues to deal with absence seizures every single day. My boys are not vaxd and they are 100% healthy. Not even a runny nose. They naturally went through chicken pox and other childhood illnesses that a vax doesn’t even exist for like roseola and HFMD. It’s too late for our beautiful daughter. But I’m glad I started to research before anything worse happened.
Laquinta Mason My daughter was 18 months this when she changed….Autism is being caused by the government….my daughter is 21 now, and is the equivalent of a 10 year old….
Megan Elway My son was born at 7 months. At 4 lbs 11 oz they gave him all the shots of a full term baby. I breastfed and he was hitting milestones as if he was full term. at 14 months walking and talking and eye contact ceased after a horrible fever and body rash following a whole bunch of shots. Drs said it was normal. Btw he was given the short lived combo vax in 1998. At age 7 I knew he was different diagnosed autism spectrum age 10 after 3 yr wait for top dr at children’s hospital. At age 14 I requested all his immunizations from schools he had attended and former drs and discovered because we switched pediatricians many times in first 6 years of life he had been given “required” shots 3x due to incomplete files being faxed. Regardless of how others feel about toxicity in vaccines I know my son was injured. Maybe he was sensitive to fillers and preservatives, maybe he got his autism from a gene turned on by murcury poisoning or maybe I had to much toxic material in my breast milk being he was my first born I don’t think I will ever know. My 1st born daughter (32wks and 8lbs 2 oz)was given shots on schedule and has different father. At age 18 months my spirited child got a bad fever following vaccines and had seizure. They didn’t stop and further testing showed epilepsy. Last child did not receive vaccines and is healthy but has seasonal/cat allergies like her dad and possible wheat dairy sensitivity like me that I didn’t developed till adulthood. I needed to share my story because I am a medical professional and love science and learning. I’m skeptical and believed in the theory of vaccines. I think there is more to it then what we know but much is covered up and hidden as well. Truth is boys have different brain blood barrier. My daughter has extreme atypical neuros even her readings were odd. Epilepsy is not in our or hwr dads family as far back as we can go and she has extreme adhd. I wish I had been more educated and cautious using my motherly instinct instinct instead with neurologically damaged child 2. Thank you for reading.
Cheyenne Agust Makes me so angry drs refuse and get defensive over it. My friend lost his son due to the flu shot. He was a healthy little boy and as soon as he got it killed him hours later. ….. Guess what was not to blame…… Bullshit. My kids will never get the flue shots or any more shots from here on out. Drs only say its not the vaccine but really its cause that’s money in their pocket every time they give someone vaccines
Amanda Fleuriel My son got his shots and had a very bad recation, It lasted for day, scream, fevers, acid diarrhea burning all the skin off his butt and balls, the Dr said ***strange coincidence*** 4 months later we did the second one and the EXACT SAME THING happened. And I demanded they note it on his file as a vaccine injured.. thanking GOD my son is not permanently  injured and IT was just some really bad reactions. Both times the EXACT same reactions. My poor baby.. praying for all who have had something horrible happen to their babies. We have not had another one since.
Natalie Grass Vaccines can be harmful. 7 years ago I received like flu vaccine that I have received many times in the past. Within two weeks I couldn’t move my arm. The pain was so bad I begged the doctors to just cut my arm off. It took 13 weeks to figure out what was wrong. I ended up with a Brachial Plexus injury. 1 in 100,000 people will have this happen. 7 years later I still have problems. Received a secondary diagnosis of CRPS due to the original diagnosis. I’m scared to death to get any injections now.
Emma Lloyd I’ve just joined this group to educate myself about vaccines. When I gave birth to my son three years ago, I was completely pro vaccine. I followed the schedule by the book, trusting and believing doctors that they were safe. Straight after the MMR vaccine, my son changed overnight. He went from being a happy, sociable boy who made lots of eye contact, was waving, saying a few words (basically meeting milestones) to losing all expression and eye contact, is now completely non-verbal and displays sensory seeking behaviours. For this to happen straight after MMR cannot be a coincidence. I’ve stopped all vaccines since.
Figment Meraki My son was injured…1 week of severe icky times w high fever, screaming ill acting 18 month old switched forever like light and day…and they waited 4 years for an asd diagnoses. He went from 2 issues at birth to complete dietary and 12 other neurological diagnosis before the asd. Its a damn shame all this cause of the mmr or due to 7 total vaccines pooling threw his system.