25 Pages Of The Best Researched Cancer Prevention Info

25 Pages Of Bill's Notes On Cancer Prevention Adobe

William Schnoebelen came out with an interesting new documentary called “Cancer Wars”.  In addition to the video, he made available his notes on the subject that took him over 1000 hours of research.

The video is broken down into 4 parts: 1) Discussing people with cancer, traditional methods of treatment using drugs, cutting or burning; 2) Demonstrating how a healthy diet can cure cancer; 3) Showing how a healthy diet can prevent cancers from ever beginning; 4) Illustrating how our spiritual condition before God can prevent sickness, including cancer.

Schnoebelen exposes how the cancer industry’s deadly monopoly, lies and publicity campaigns have suppressed life-saving, non-invasive, natural cancer therapies and frightened patients into having revenue-driven and deadly procedures.

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Cancer Wars – DVD – With One Accord Ministries

Bill’s interview with Dr. Stan Monteith from July 31st mediaarchives.gsradio.net

Cancer Wars Notes Link http://www.withoneaccord.org/assets/images/freedownloads/Cancer%20Wars-Alt%20Treatments%20FINAL.pdf