34 Period Films Available For Free On Youtube

Period Films On YoutubeIf you love period pieces, you are going to love this Youtube Channel Period X Drama. They list 34 tv mini series set back in time. If you love watching old fashioned romance, fine manners, and movies that don’t cuss or take the Lord’s name in vain…then these movies are for you.

Today’s movies don’t draw out the feelings of deep romance, or times of hardship, friendships between ladies, courting,  dating, and falling in love. Enjoy the simplicity of life back in the 18th and 19th centuries, when having a cup of tea with the ladies was something to look forward to, and friendship between friends was treasured. You will smile at what mothers worried about and the little things to life we somehow forgotten today. I don’t know about you, but I adore these types of movies.

Here are a few titles which are listed:

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (TV Mini-Series 2012)

Review By Charity Bishop

It was the novel Charles Dickens never finished. Halfway into the narrative, he suffered from a stroke and died the following day, leaving his mystery unfinished.

There is only one woman for John Jasper (Matthew Rhys). Unfortunately, she happens to be introduced to his younger nephew, Edwin Drood (Freddie Fox). An ambitious young man who dreams of foreign travels with a cherub face but has too little respect for his fiancé to please his uncle, he cannot seem to understand how blessed he is to be engaged to such a lovely girl.

Martin Chuzzlewit -(TV Mini-Series 1994)– Greedy and selfish relatives are after the failing old Martin Chuzzlewits money. He is surrounded by all these sycophantic relatives that he truly despises whilst ill, each one only interested in getting their hands on his estate. This series is based off the novel by Charles Dickens.


Going For Gold

Bert & Dickie (2012) - IMDb

Bert & Dickie (2012)

Bert & Dickie (2012)- Thrown together just five weeks before the final of the 1948 London Olympics, Bert Bushnell and Dickie Burnell row together in the the double sculls.

This BBC docudrama takes place in a postwar London where money was so tight that the 1948 Olympics came to be known as the Austerity Games. The narrative concentrates on Richard “Dickie” Burnell (Captain America‘s Sam Hoare), an upper-crust council worker, and Bert Bushnell (Dr. Who‘s Matt Smith), a working-class office clerk, two oarsmen who join together to compete for the gold in double sculls. Arranged by their trainer, Olympic champion Jack Beresford (24‘s James Frain), their first meeting goes poorly, but they’ll need to cooperate if they hope to make their mark–and they have six weeks in which to accomplish that goal. Warns Jack, “You don’t win if you don’t pull together!”


Cranford (TV Series 2007– ) In the 1840s, Cranford is ruled by the ladies. They adore good gossip; and romance and change is in the air, as the unwelcome grasp of the Industrial Revolution rapidly approaches their beloved rural market-town.

Return To Cranford – Change is racing towards the small, close-knit village of Cranford like a steam train — quite literally. As the railroad continues to encroach at the edge of town, Cranford strives to open to new realities, from surprising romances to unexpected losses and even waltzing! Matty Jenkyns (Judi Dench), Miss Pole (Imelda Staunton), Mrs. Forrester (Julia McKenzie) and Mrs. Jamieson (Barbara Flynn) are back with other distinguished residents of Cranford, along with one well-outfitted and mischievous cow. When a shocking event seemingly derails Cranford from its innocence, can a bit of magic and faith in enduring friendships save the day? Based on the stories of Victorian-era writer Elizabeth Gaskell, Return to Cranford also features Tom Hiddleston (Wallander) and Tim Curry.

From Time to Time (2009)

From Time to Time (2009) -A story spanning two worlds, two centuries apart. When 13 year old Tolly finds he can mysteriously travel between the two, he begins an adventure that unlocks family secrets laid buried for generations.


Wuthering Heights 2009- In Emily Bronte’s classic and haunting tale, Heathcliff is tormented by his love for Cathy. Will Cathy choose a life of comfort and wealth with Edgar Linton or will she succumb to her love for Heathcliff? Starring Tom Hardy (The Virgin Queen) as Heathcliff and Charlotte Riley as Cathy.

Sisters of War - ABC TV

Sisters of War – ABC TV

Sisters of War (TV Movie 2010)-In January 1942, the Japanese war machine thundered across South East Asia. In its path lay a tiny Papuan mission station, Vunapope, where a handful of Australian nurses took refuge with 84 wounded Australian soldiers. Abandoned by their commanding officers, they found themselves in the eye of the storm when the Japanese military made them prisoners of war. Although they were two very different women, army nurse Lorna Whyte (Sarah Snook – All Saints) and Catholic Sister Berenice Twohill (Claire van der Boom – The Pacific) forged a friendship that would survive starvation, beatings, torture and separation. Sisters of War is the dramatized true story of their captivity, their will to prevail and their extraordinary courage – a story untold until now.

Nicholas Nickleby (2002)

Nicholas Nickleby (2002)- After Nicholas’ father dies and leaves the family penniless, the Nickleby family moves to London to stay with their Uncle ralph. Ralph turns abusive and separates the family, which includes sending Nicholas to the cruel and wicked Wackford Squeers. At this horrible escape from the school and set off to reunite the Nickleby family.

Miss Austen Regrets

Miss Austen Regrets (TV Movie 2008)-In the later years of her life, as she’s approaching the age of forty, the novelist Jane Austen helps her niece find a husband.

Our Mutual Friend (TV Mini-Series 1998)

Our Mutual Friend (TV Mini-Series 1998) –One of Charles Dickens’ darkest yet also most romantic novels gets a lavish treatment in this BBC mini-series of Our Mutual Friend. The heir to a great fortune made from the garbage business is drowned–and his death affects everyone. His father’s manager, Noddy Boffin, gets the money, to the alarm of snooty society. The plot creeps up and down London society like a tenacious plant, twining around a pair of golddiggers who mistakenly married each other and a heartsick bone merchant named Mr. Venus . This excellent adaptation moves with aggressive speed, drawing the viewer into the grimy worlds of the riverside and the dust heaps and the glittering, gossiping parties of the rich.

He Knew He Was Right (TV Mini-Series 2004)-

He Knew He Was Right (TV Mini-Series 2004)– Behind their neat facades of Victorian propriety, Anthony Trollope’s characters are bursting with life. A flirtatious vicar, two squabbling sisters, an ingenue and her meddling aunt… these are the friends and relations who surround Louis and Emily Trevalyan in the first blissful year of their married life. But things take a darker turn when the roguish Colonel Osborne (Bill Nighy) takes an interest in Emily, and, flattered by the resulting gossip, fans the flames of Louis’s jealousy.

Anna Karenina (2012

Anna Karenina (2012) – In late-19th-century Russian high society, St. Petersburg aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a life-changing affair with the dashing Count Alexei Vronsky.