4 Designer Homes Decorated Around Old World Renaissance Themes


1. Pamela Pierce’s New Renovated Home Seen In Veranda

– One of my favorite interiors is the Houston home of designer Pamela Pierce. Re-imagined with cleaner lines and a more edited mix of modern & antique pieces, she has successfully composed a stunning new space to reflect her newfound aesthetic. Ruffled hems are updated with sleek white linen slipcovers creating sculptural forms that appear to float atop her 19th century rustic wood floors. Thoughtful juxtapositions include Frank Gehry’s iconic cardboard Wiggle Chair perched next to a 19th century elm table and antique rolled-arm English sofa. Her impeccable eye for color and texture allows each piece its own breathing room yet they work effortlessly together, as if to tell us one cohesive story. The photos in today’s post are from the Veranda spread along with some beauties from her design portfolio.

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2.  Richard Norris and Mark Leslie’s Home Seen In House Beautiful

This home has a Gothic style interior flavor.  Located in Montgomery, Alabama, the entry way is painted in a dark earthy tone.   Here we see a mix of rustic elements including moose antlers, a Gothic crystal chandelier, and a rustic 19th-century French grandfather clock.   Walking into the dining area, the area is paired down featuring a solid wood French table, two Swedish console tables, and a pedestal showcasing a bust.

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3.  Eleanor Cummings Old World Italian Texas Home Seen In House Beautiful

Designer Eleanor Cummings used reclaimed wood, stone and brick from antiquities dealer Chateau Domingue to give this home an authentic old farmhouse appeal.    The front doors are 18th century Italian oak, while in the living room Eleanor installed 10 foot shutters which were installed on a metal track so they would open and close much like curtains do.

The warm tones of reclaimed wood and stone give this house a cozy, inviting feeling.  To make the Viking refrigerator blend in with the old world elements, Cummings covered with zinc. In addition, she turned an Italian window grille into a hanging pot rack.

To prevent the house from looking too dark and heavy, Eleanor used plaster on the walls.  “We gave it what’s called a diamond finish, meaning it has movement. It goes from being totally flat to having a glassy sheen, depending on the light. You can’t get that with Sheetrock and paint”

Eleanor On Paint Colors –   She was given advice from her aunt who told her it was better to mix your own colors. Paint purchased from the store often tends to be too bright. She suggests mixing in a bit of brown to mute the overall color.  “This is how I describe it to painters: ‘it needs to be dirtied up.’ Farrow & Ball paints have that ‘dirty’ quality. They’re softer, not in-your-face colors”

Eleanor On Fabrics“Mostly I used linens and linen velvets. I don’t like anything with
sheen, except silk. But that’s a quiet sheen. Sometimes too percent linens have a little sheen, so I’ll just flip them over and use the other side “

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4. M. Night Shyamalan’s Pennsylvania Estate Seen In Architectural Digest-

The 1937 Georgian Revival residence is situated in west of Philadelphia.  Richard Cameron, a designer who specializes in historical minded projects,  renovated the house and added  12,000 square feet of space to the existing 15,000-square-foot residence.   Over the next four and a half years,  the house was transformed

The foyer, possesses a Elizabethan flavor, while the kitchen resembles an Arts and Crafts influence, with hand-hewn beams crisscrossing the ceiling.  The oak-paneled library was created at the end of a long, formal stair hall.

  • Visit Architectural Digest for more pictures and info on this house

Richard Norris and Mark Leslie's Home In House Beautiful

Richard Norris and Mark Leslie’s Home Seen In House Beautiful

Richard Norris and Mark Leslie's Home In House Beautiful

Richard Norris and Mark Leslie’s Home Seen In House Beautiful

Richard Norris and Mark Leslie's Home In House Beautiful