5 Russian Survival Hacks You Can Do With Every Day Materials At Home

I stumbled across a channel on facebook called The Crazy Russian Hacker.  In one of his videos he demonstrates how we can produce heat from a few materials most of us already own at home.  I am willing to guess, you have the majority of the materials to make these hacks possible.

5 Russian Survival Hacks

1. Save Your Dryer Lint.

This Russian Survivalist says dryer lint is the easiest way to start a fire.  This is something you can save practically every single day at home for free.

Firestarter Flint.  – Here

2.  A Homemade Stove From A Can For Cooking

– The ingredients in this hack are a roll of toilet paper, alcohol and a soup can.    The inner tube was removed from the toilet paper and placed into the can.  The alcohol is poured into the can.  4 bricks are placed on top of each other, holding the pot in the center.  The bricks also will hold the heat.  One tip he suggests is using a clean paint container ( which you can purchase at hardware stores ).  He says, you can seal the contents, and use it again.

3.  Heat From Tuna In A Can

He explains that the only way this hack works is to work with the canned meat that is in oil.  It will not work with the canned meat in water.  Step 1, make a hole in the top of the can using a knife.  Step 2, cut a piece of candle wick off, and push it through the hole, getting the wick as deep into the can as possible.  Next, cut off the extra wick and light it.

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4.  Candle Heater From Cardboard Scraps and Wax

The next hack involves using scrap cardboard, and wax.  Look through your garbage from your last online order.  Cut the cardboard to the size of the metal container.  As you can see above, he used a tuna can.  The cardboard is folded up so it will fit tightly into the can.  Next, heat up an old candle and pour it into the container until it reaches the top.

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  • youtube.com/user/crazyrussianhacker