5 Immediate Steps To Take After A Job Loss

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Losing a job is never easy, no matter the circumstances.  It can be an overwhelming time but when it happens you need to act fast.

Often times after a job loss, you just don’t know where to start, as it can be overwhelming.  Here are 5 steps that should open up your prospects in no time:

1. Update Your Resume -The first thing you need to do after losing a job is to pull up your resume and update it with the correct contact information and job titles and duties.  If you get on top of this right after losing a job, you will find you have the motivation to go out and look for another.  Have several people look over your resume before you submit it to a potential employer. This would be the first impression that might lead to a potential interview, so make sure it’s a good one!

2. Determine Your Budget And Pay Requirements– With a job loss also comes a huge adjustment to your bank account.   Adjust your daily life to fit your new budget.  This means cutting back on spending money, shopping and other frivolous things. If you need too, take it step further and cancel your cable and downgrade your cell phone plan in order to get through the time which you are unemployed.  Before applying for another job, determine your take home pay after taxes.  This will allow you concentrate on jobs that will pay your wills without having to depend on a second position.

3. Determine If You Are Eligible For Entitlements– Contact the Human Resources department of your company and go over with them what you are entitled to after the job loss. You may be eligible for unemployment after being let go, or laid off.  Request to collect unemployment immediately. Contact your human resources department, or states workforce website.

4. Don’t Put Off Job Searching– This is not a time to be shy, get out there and start hunting for your next job. Contact friends and family; send them your resume so that they can help. Networking is one of the best ways to land an interview. Search job boards daily and don’t give up! Handing out resumes in person is 10 times more successful than emailing your resume to potential companies.  Employers will remember a personality than someones life history written on paper.

5. Don’t Let Your Emotional Side Get The Best Of You– Losing a job for whatever reason can be really hard. It plays a toll emotionally as you fret and worry about what you will do financially, and what your future potential job may look like.  Remember that with this economy and other instances, losing your job is more common than you realize. Don’t allow yourself to get down for one minute, dust yourself off and throw yourself full throttle into the job force.  Walking from business to business can be liberating, and give you more hope than spending time behind the computer desk day after day emailing resumes out.  During this time, don’t be afraid to ask questions from professionals who deal with human resources. Network and don’t give up, your next job is just around the corner!