5 Ways To Bring The Tuscan Style Into Your Home

Many people find refuge in the Italian style because it so comfortable,  yet so rich and luxurious.

From Italy we find so many design elements that we admire such as arched columns, wrought iron hardware, richly distressed antiques, and the extravagance that stone can bring to an interior. The rolling landscapes and miles of vineyards, rustic farmhouses, avenues of cypress trees and fields of sunflowers are all the romantic visions we picture of Tuscany.

If you always admired Italy, borrow a few elements from their culture.  Here are a couple ways to do that……….

Work With Stone Floors

In Italy marble interiors are quite common in most homes, because marble is found in the region.

Instead of working with marble, consider polishing your existing concrete.  Unless you are in a condo, almost every home’s foundation has concrete.  Contact the work to a professional company  which will replace any existing cracks, or craters left from pulling up the nails from existing carpet.

Polished concrete is first treated with a chemical densifier and ground with progressively finer grinding sanding tools. The grinding tools consist of diamond grinding cup wheels and diamond polishing pads.

Polished concrete flooring is hard wearing.  A concrete floor that has been hardened and polished will have an extremely long life compared to other flooring. Tile may only last 10–20 years, but a polished concrete floor that has been properly maintained may give 100+ years of service.

To add physical warmth to your space, work with area rugs on the floor.  Polishing concrete can be labor intensive, and costly, but in the end, you are looking at an entire floor refinished, and it might be less expensive than laying tile.


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Work With Terracotta 

The terracotta in shades of orange and brown has always been an integral part of the Italian interior design style.  Terracotta is seen everywhere in Italy, from the floors, roofs, walls, and pottery, this is the ideal choice to make if you want an overall look of Italy.

Go For Bold Color 

Earth tones are predominant in the Italian decorating colors, as local landscapes have always served as inspiration in the past. Consider working with the shades of red and brown along with with the natural colors found in marble or granite, with highlights of color of blue-green taken from the shades of sea.  Go for rich yellow seen in the sunflowers, bright red, shades of green and anything saturated in color for your furniture, or accessories.

Remove Your Carpet

Would it surprise you to know that carpets are rarely seen in Italy?  Marble flooring may be out of your price range, however choosing hardwood flooring or tile flooring may just be the single greatest decision for high impact in your home.

Parquet or planked types of hardware flooring are also fantastic choices for a rustic interior.  Create focus in a room by using the rugs to frame furniture placements.  Create two conversation areas with rugs.

Venetian Plastered Walls

Highly beautiful plaster walls are seen all over Europe.  In the old days, color pigment was mixed in with linseed oil which was applied to the walls.  The coverage was almost translucent in areas, giving that great depth to the walls.

Multiple coats or layers of paint were needed for coverage.  Every couple of years, homeowners would apply a thin layer of paint to brighten things up, and that is how they get the rich layers of paint.

In Europe we see plaster walls everywhere, and they are far more striking to look at than any of our modern painted walls we see in America. Consider investing in a faux paint finisher to give you the old world charm on your interior walls.

Decorative stucco and Venetian plaster are two of the single most popular faux finishes today and can be produced just with paint, plaster and a trowel.  Faux painting techniques can produce artificial marble, stones, columns, sculptures, and fireplaces.

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Work With The Right Furniture & Accessories

Iron railing, heavy hardware, stoneware  are all architectural elements you can employ to get the look of Italy.

Edit out your old furniture, and decide the look you want for your home.  You can go for modern furniture with old world architectural finishes, or go for beautiful hand painted antiques.  Looking for the Italian design concept when shopping for furniture is a simple way of getting the look without any laborious commitment.

Work with marble-topped console tables, and coffee tables, gilt wood mirrors and brightly painted accessories.   Statues and stone work dominate Italian decorating, so look to incorporate any types of stone work into your scheme.  Look for arched mirrors, bookshelves that are made from metal, and iron accessories, and small tiled details that all give a presence of Italy.

Italian Baroque Gilt Mirror

Italian Baroque Gilt Mirror


Decorating The Italian Style


Decorating The Italian Style

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