Tips To Attracting And Keeping Great Tenants


Keep it simple- Update Vintage Furniture With Paint, and Combine painted interiors with natural
wood furniture.

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Get your existing cabinetry painted professionally. The kitchen is a huge focal point
for a tenant. Even a vintage kitchen painted can look sharp. Consider gray,
white, or black paint colors for the kitchen cabinets.

Many more people are opening up their homes to renters, which enable them to pay off their mortgages earlier, or help bring in the missing income that two parents would bring in.

Many people are renting out their basements, their upper floors, or often times just one room to a tenant which goes a long way to paying off debt or extra bills that tend to pile up over time.

The very first factor is to determine if your basement is equipped with a bathroom, or a kitchen.  If it isn’t, consider renting out a room, with shared amenities.

Furnish With Purpose In Mind

A furnished rental can either push the rent to be higher, and become more valuable, or it can cause people to leave.

Make sure that you don’t fill the property with furniture that doesn’t serve a purpose.   Your number one goal is to make your rental appear spacious.  You don’t want to make it feel crowded, rather leave potential tenants with the impression that they the property is spacious.

Focus On The Basics

In the bedrooms, you will only need a few pieces.  Beds, a chests of drawers, nightstands, and perhaps a chair if there is room.   In the living room, you’ll need a sofa, an accent chair and TV stand.   Consider supplying a dining table and chairs and a fridge and washing machine.

This doesn’t mean you have to refurbish the property with grand furniture that costs you an arm and a leg, but rather with furniture that is versatile, and attractive.  Solid wood furniture always makes a great impression.

Not every tenant will look after your property, but if you supply solid wood furniture, there’s less chance of things getting damaged or broken that you couldn’t sand out later on.

Consider re-painting the walls, in an off white, such as light gray.  Finish the baseboards in a little bit of a darker color to give a professional touch.  Going with really basic, neutral colors gives any home a serene feel, and something that everyone could live within.

If you’re working towards a goal of getting your home  occupied and earning money, furnishing it with simple, clean looks can give you a better chance at a long term rental contract.

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