14th Century Renaissance Theme Decorating

When a person thinks of Gothic style, the first thing that comes to mind is dark, dreary interiors, or the modern day movement that involves high gloss furniture, ……and they say….heck no! 

In recent years, many designers have offered stunning new interpretations of this style that have made it appealing again.  The Gothic movement started in the mid 12th century and lasted until the 16th century, and reaching back to this era is where we find breathtaking interiors.   Many designers are drawing off these time periods to embrace raw wood, and pairing it with simplistic interiors.  Stone floors, tapestries and wrought iron have become stylish again.

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If you love this era in history, here are a few ways you can pull off this style in such a way that it looks upscale and expensive in taste.

1. Consider Working With A Underlining Regional Theme Of Furniture

If you like the English style, or French furnishings, work with those pieces and bring in the overall Gothic look with other elements.

It is going to be tough to find ALL Gothic styled pieces, so working with what you can get your hands on, which can be altered with stripping or painting is one way to get the style going in your home.  Over time, you can replace pieces as you discover more authentic pieces.

A series of Gothic interpretations came to England in the mid-18th-century, and then spread through 19th-century in Europe and largely continued into the 20th century.  You have almost every region embracing this style at one point or another, so it wasn’t a look that was confined to one region alone.

Gothic Home Decor Picks From Hersite Blog

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2. Have At Least One Piece Which Has The Classic Gothic Characteristics-

This style originated in 12th-century France and has been remembered for it’s architectural characteristics that included the pointed arch and the ribbed vault.

The simplest way of translating this look for others when they walk into your home is by what you select for your walls, and the furniture you decide to feature. Work with vertical mirrors that have the architectural features within the wooden frame.   Work with anything that is iron or metal and bring it in with accessories, lighting, and furniture.

Invest in a couple great looking Gothic pieces of furniture. If you are on a budget, plan on at least one piece per room, and pair down your accessories, and furniture.  Often less furniture and accessories can draw the eye to the better pieces in the room.  Consider a side chair, or an armoire, or a table.  Sometimes the larger pieces can present a mood quicker than accessories can.

3. Work With Raw Elements Such As Stone And Natural Wood

In each region of greater Europe, the overall style was determined by what people could get their hands on.  In France, limestone was widely available, so it was favored for sculptural decoration. England had red sandstone as well as dark green purbeck marble.  In Northern Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, and the Baltic countries, stone was not available, so brick was used.  In Italy, extensive marble was available, so it was preferred.  Timber influenced the style in Scandinavia because of the vast forests.  Using any of these elements in your home will go a long way to giving your home a authentic Gothic appeal.

Work With Stone- Earth elements such as wood, brick and terra-cotta can be used for flooring, along with wood panels can be installed for the walls.

Invest In Wrought-Iron- for furniture, hardware and lighting, and utilize the heavy wood-carved candlesticks as decor elements that can sit on tables.

4.  Work the 18th Century Victorian Gothic, BUT In Richer Color Tones

The Victorian Gothic is an architectural movement that dates back to the 1740s. This era embraced the ornate architectural designs that were influenced in the previous Gothic eras.

Avoid Black Walls- Instead of working this theme in black, (which is what is often suggested), work with richer color tones such as, oranges, salmons, emerald green, dark ocean blue, and red in accessories.

Lighter shades such as white, or cream can look sensational on the walls, especially when molding is used.  Layer in darker painted furniture to make your pieces stand out.   A light interior can put most of the attention on the furnishings.

Avoid Bright Modern Paint Colors- Dull your colors down, when choosing paint colors.  Avoid the really bright, saturated tones for paint colors.  Think about mixing in the color brown to give your paint shades an antique appearance.  Avoid the really bright blues, and reds and opt for colors which are deep, but not in your face “new”.

5. Avoid Shiny Fabrics, Work With Natural Textures

While sheer drapery is suggested for this look, it is rather outdated today.  To modernize this look, avoiding hanging heavy drapery for the windows, and opt for heavy wood window molding and thin linen which can be hung instead. Instead of satins, which are often promoted, work with natural fabrics, or rich velvets, or patterned fabric to bring in the Gothic flavor.

6.Avoid Statues Of Skulls And Gargoyles

Oh my!  Nothing would ruin your look more than setting up a statue of a skull, spider webs, praying statues, goddess statues, fairies, dragons and so forth in your home.  These types of things associated with the word “Gothic” are tacky, and shouldn’t even be in the home decor category.  Instead decorate your walls with ancient weaponry.  Consider creating a wall of cross bows, ancient arrows, bells and so forth to present a high end collected feel.

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Designer Darryl Carter

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Jeannette Whitson House Beautiful Magazine

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17th-century Tuscan, and 16th-century table from Umbria- Elle Decor

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