69 Preppers Leave Their Best Prepping Advice To Surviving The Coming Economic Collapse

I have been reviewing John from The Prepared Mind’s youtube videos, in which he gives his best advice to survive the coming economic collapse.  He admits in his videos that some of the best advice comes from his viewers in the comments section.

Here are the best comments taken from some of his videos:

Take Into Consideration Violent Crime Statistics When Determining Where To Re-Locate- First, I assume you will decide to remain in the USA. Next, FBI violent crime statistics by Zip code are the first data set to look at. Then exclude all prime and secondary nuclear war targets. This will get you on the right track. You will also need to decide which SHTF scenarios are plausible in your lifetime. Yellowstone caldera blow-out? Solar flare kill-shot? Financial-fiscal collapse? EMP strike from foreign power? Limited nuclear strike from Russia-China? Full-scale nuclear strike from Russia-China? Massive respiratory epidemic of Mega-Influeza/bird flu? Cascade mega-earthquake? San Andreas fault mega-earthquake? Killer eruption & blow-out of Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, etc.

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Learn How To Forge For WILD Food, As This Knowledge Will Be Hard To Learn Overnight -Go vegetarian/vegan people! Learn to know which plants and fruits to eat if sh*t ever hits the fan. You dont need to go killing every animal in sight if youre out in the wilderness. By the way, theres plenty of plant life available to eat in the desert as well.

Stick to the high ground, remote and mountainous preferably in a cooler climate. It’s easier to sustain heat than to endure heat and try to stay cool. Heat will sap a human body whereas if you can create a fire pit in the cold, you’re going to be okay, plus in the high ground of mountains, game is readily available as is fresh water.

Cooler Climates are often overlooked, yet snow is can be valuable for keeping food longer.  Wood is fire and shelter. Snow and ice keeps food. Water abounds and can be navigated. I already know which set of mountains and where to winter, and rowing to Hawaii takes to long. Mountains are my first choice.

Move to the ideal location long before collapse happens.  Don’t expect to move there last minute – Ive lived from Alaska to texas to Indiana and drove truck through every state in the country hundreds of times.. my personal favorite place as far as climate. population. wildlife. timber for cover from air surveillance. not easy for people to travel in other than roads in the Ozark mountains of Missouri and Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. lots of caves. timber. rivers. wildlife. catfish.water. etc. and its the highest elevation between the rockys and Appalachians. kind of an island in the middle of the country so to speak. just my personal opinion. I would strongly advise moving where you wanna be in a shtf scenario LONG before it happens. there WILL NOT be any traveling freely down the road folks. and there will be no time outs or regrouping. trust me. better get your sh*t wired tight now.when it comes you are exactly where you are gonna ride the sh*t out. period. so make a decision and get on with it asap.

Southern California is probably the WORST place in the USA. About 25 million people & no water.

USA states population map 2010

Northern Maine is overlooked  Where I live – northern Maine and NH – is widely overlooked. Yes, it’s cold in winter, but warm woolen and down clothing and blankets are available for not too much $$$. Plenty of trees for firewood, and rapid forest regeneration. Low population density. Low cost of living, Low prices for land and houses. Besides, I can’t stand southern heat!

Look for a location with access to firewood, not only used for warmth, but for cooking  -I’m in Northern VT, besides the cold winter, which is not a huge problem because of the ease of getting fire wood, it would be an ideal place. I live in a town of about 600 people and not very populated all around. Lots of helpful country folk and plenty of guns and ammo for hunting/security. Plenty of wildlife around. City folks probably wouldn’t last long up here if they aren’t used to rural living, winter survival and hunting/fishing for food. I’m staying put when SHTF.

British Columbia has plenty of remote locations -Don’t go to Canada? Really ?? Safest place in the whole da*n world if you ask me. Especially the most Western province of BC. Plenty of remote locations with fresh water everywhere. Ocean to fish and travel on if necessary. Temperatures are pretty consistent with Washington and Oregon so totally doable with a small amount of preparation.

Avoid areas around Yellowstone -I have to disagree with your map. The area of Yellowstone….Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and regions immediately south and east of it will be a cauldron of hell with the potential for a cataclysmic event.

The key to survival in Canada is to be prepared for a very harsh winter climate Canada wouldn’t be the worst place to go if the shit did hit the fan. I’m Canadian, and have lived in Canada all of my life. I can tell you that the climate is harsh… in the winter months. In the spring, summer and autumn months, it can be as warm and pleasant as it is in many parts of the northern US. Canada’s most southerly mainland point, Point Pelee (which is located in Ontario), is on the same latitude as Barcelona, Spain and there are a few other points that are more southerly than some points in the US. Canada has tons of arable land and virtually unlimited water, and in the wilderness regions well outside the major cities and towns, there is a lot of game available. Growing seasons are shorter in Canada, but it’s quite possible to grow crops even in a lot of the more northerly areas. The trick to surviving in Canada, of course, is to be prepared for the harsh winter climate – proper clothing and stores of food and water are essential. Get all of those things and proper shelter, and surviving not only the winter months but all of the other seasons will actually be quite easy. People won’t be so much of an issue as Canada is underpopulated. However, that said, remember that most of Canada’s population lives in cities that are located within a one to two-hour drive of the US border. Because of their proximity to the US, the fact that Canada is an ally of the US, and a member of NATO, most of these centers (that is, medium-to-large locales) are going to be nuclear targets. What this means is that many Canadian cities will be in ruins and unable to support those who survived the strikes, never mind refugees from the US. Southern and southwestern Ontario would be a bad bet as a refuge because it is the most densely populated region in Canada with relatively little arable land or forested areas where you could hide out. Even if none of the cities in these areas were hit with nuclear weapons, they are in the path of the fallout plumes that would be emanating from many targets in the US – specifically the Minuteman missile silos located in the Dakotas, Nebraska and to a lesser extent, the ones in Kansas, as well as from ground burst targets in the US midwest.

Consider an area with a prepper mindset I posted a response earlier, it was there for about 15 minutes then gone, so I’ll give it a go again. I used to live about 70 miles south of Chicago, Not Good! A year and a half ago I moved permanently to our bug out location in the boonies of NW Tennessee. We are 1/2 mile from a very large lake, we have 3+ acres with deer and squirrel. What few neighbors we do have are all preppers. I will not be going anywhere in a SHFT situation as this is it for me, well maybe that final destination of heaven if it got that bad and we were overrun. I do have to admit though that I’m about 110 miles from The New Madrid fault in the event it ever let lose with an earthquake, which it has been known to do. They say anything larger than a 7.0 and where I live could be in for a rough ride.

A boat could be valuable -The ideal place for single families when SHTF is on the water on a sailboat. You don’t need fuel to travel, you have ready access to food (seafood). Buy a water maker that converts saltwater into potable water. Most thugs that would try to rob you probably have no idea how to sail nor will have fuel (after a given time) available to come after you in a gas-fueled boat. Stock on Vitamin C and multi-vitamins as scurvy is a real issue living off of a strict seafood diet. All in all, it is probably the fastest, safest, most effective way to get out quickly and be able to survive for a long period of time.

The Mountains Of Virginia –I live in the blue ridge mountains of VA, it has plentiful mountain springs, game big and small, It’s mountainous so the population isn’t really dense, plenty of rivers and streams with fish in them. the winters are iffy, sometimes cold sometimes not cold.

The Rocky Mountains might be a refuge location.  Seriously plan for a war invasion to happen in the United States. See those prophecies here The East coast wont be a safe place,  when the Russian strike wit nukes many major cities in the east will be destroyed and after the a nuclear attack follow by a great invasion , they will destroy everything your homes hey will burn everything.  the Chinese will strike with Nukes also the west coast is out of the question Cali will be cover with Chinese much of Arizona and  New Mexico and much of the southern states will be cover wit enemies,   The Rocky Mountains will be a place of refuge and safety many areas will be safe the some areas in South east of Utah the western Co Montana , North eastern Idaho,  though the truth is the destruction of the wicked by the wicked militaries they will flood our nation,  this is latter day prophecies,  WW3 will be the cleansing of America and many other nations will greatly suffer also.   about the only places where there be places of safety and refuge will in and around the Rocky Mountains.   Good Americans should help those in need because h will be god people that lost everything and had to leave the east and the south.   WW3 will be about destroying the wicked,  THe Wicke Chinese and the N. Koreans which are wicked many Mexicans will group and build up gangs and if your white you can be sure you’ll be a major target,  though there are many good Mexicans that will join up with militias and the US Army will have it’s hands full and police and States governments will be taking apart there wont be and law and order though there be groups of Christians that will stand and keep order but there will be gangs of criminals all over hunting for food and water an they will kill just for the fun of it.  70% of Americans are not prepared for these future event they will suffer greatly , it will come to the point that you be meat on the table people will end eating each other to stay alive

Stay away from the north east and the southern areas of the United States – I’d say Eastern Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, northern Utah, Colorado and Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Possibly northern Missouri but I’d stay away from the northeast and most of the south. The northeast is just too densely populated while the southeast and gulf regions will attract too many survivors due to the weather and the southwest is mostly desert, not to mention that Mexico factor……

Eastern WA, OR, ID, MT are some of the most active homesteading areas in the country with the exceptions of Alaska and the Ozarks. -I grew up in B’ham WA, and just bought 40 acres in the Okanogan Highlands this year to build a homestead. I have lived and traveled around the country though. I am not just focused on a region because it is all I know. I know the different areas of the country and kept coming back to Cascadia. I would actually prefer Western WA/OR if not for the issue of the Cascadian Subduction zone. In fact the Willamette valley is almost the perfect location minus the subduction zone issue. The West side is actually one of the most biodiverse regions in the country, offering so much wild edibles that it would be hard to starve if you bother to learn what the wild edibles are. But the earthquake, tsunami, and volcano threats are too big an issue to risk for me. So I moved inland to the Eastern side. Eastern WA, OR, ID, MT are some of the most active homesteading areas in the country with the exceptions of Alaska and the Ozarks. The area between the Cascades and the Continental divide has become the hot spot for homesteading and the new back to land movement. There are a lot of like minded folks in the region working to make some great homesteads. Something a lot of folks don’t realize is how much agriculture is done in Eastern WA. The famous WA apples for example come from Eastern WA. The soil is actually some of the richest soil to be found due to glacial and volcanic soils build up. Especially since so much topsoil has been lost around the country from erosion.

Bugging Out Requires A Lot Of Skills, Think About Staying Put Instead- Are Very Yes we see things very similarly. I quickly stopped doing BOB’s and moved to INCH bags as I learned quickly that you just can’t get much in a BOB for survival past 72 hrs. My INCH is tool and oddly food heavy. A lot of people have a naive idea they can hunt and forage while bugging out. I pack enough food to get far enough away from my location that I will have passed the folks who ran out of food. And on that subject the amount of people who think they will be able to hunt and forage in the wilderness is just sad. It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to survive off the land when times are good, and it is still hard. If SHTF wild game and foragables will disappear quickly. I suspect that many National and State Forests will turn into scary places in SHTF as food runs out. And of course many rural communities will end up blockading entrances to their areas. To keep the city folk refugees from coming and taking their resources. SHTF will not be like a lot of people expect. Though I do have to say, on the good side of errors in people mental picture of SHTF I think a lot of worry about bad behavior is over hyped. History has shown when there are big disasters and collapses of infrastructure that there tends to be a lot more community and strangers helping strangers than the hype wants us to think. While there might be issues of people behaving badly, I think there will be a lot more examples of the best of humanity being shown.
Growing Root Types Of Vegetables Away From Your Home -Many lessons for SHTF scenarios can be learned from the great depression, WWII Europe and communist Russia – growing scattered crops of root type vegetables (potatos, turnups, onions, carrots, beat….. I hate beats, radish, potatos etc.) away from your home in an area not maintained as a garden is a way to help with a fall back that will not likely be confiscated or stolen. a small bird an onion carrot and a potato…. most root types will stay pretty eatable left in the ground even through the winter…. yep, I know what you’re thinking, but the bugs just add protein 😉 not so bad for a day when your neighbor has nothing and believes you to be in the same boat so he doesn’t kill you and steel the little that you have. it’s best to appear to have nothingness, you tend to be left alone. I could go on and on and on……. any way….. gardens and scattered crops will always be great supplementary resources even in a city.
Northern Nevada especially Northeastern Nevada is not to bad a area either really. it’s not as dry as people think if you know where the springs and creeks and other riparian areas are located like up in the mountains in the Elko or Ely areas. now southern Nevada near Las Vegas in the Mojave desert is a different story. to many people and little water.
Nuclear waste locations USA
Map of Nuclear Plants US
Places you don’t want to be: Cities , down wind of nuclear power plants , near fault lines, FEMA camps.
Build Your Own Cellar With Cement And Stones -Not sure exactly what a bunker is, but I know that you can buy those shipping containers, that may be an option. We have a storm shelter that I think his parents paid like $2,500 for. Those don’t cost over $5K. You can also buy tin or steel panels (for like garages & livestock shelters in odd colors fairly inexpensively at discount places). If nothing else, get yourself a bunch of cement & stones to build a cellar. The best time to think clearly is before a tragedy & planning really helps. You’ll find something if need be, I am sure. Even if it is rusted, paint it. Find a farmer whose barn has fallen, make him an offer on it’s roof. They may sell it, especially if they know what you’re using it for. I am going to keep praying for everyone on these sites that I cross. Sure hope you & your family are born again. God bless.
All the guns in the world will not help you survive when SHTF it will actually make you a target, and scare food away from you. Learn primitive skills what edibles grow in your regions learn how to craft a bow, bone spear, or sling. Learn snare, dead fall, and pit traps. learn how to tan hide save your bullets for when they are absolutely necessary. Most importantly: Learn your bug out area of choice now, there are thousands of smaller state and national forests scattered across the U.S. learn the terrain beforehand, as if it were your backyard “because it just might be”. It’s the only way to guarantee long term survival. Not to mention no one lives in state or national forests. Although firearms are great for defense they will also be desirable and make you a prime target for marauding groups, and can literally be heard from miles away. Whereas the bow or spear hunter can do his business virtually undetected and without terrorizing potential game out of the area.
I recommend moving to a small town where folks are already community minded. We need to help eachother and plan for it ahead of time. We need to barter and learn skills that can be bartered. Remember we will create whatever our minds are thinking will happen…So, I opt for NOT freaking out and rejecting each other in times of deep descent.
The Homeless Have More Tips Than The Preppers, Start Investigating Their Advice – I have worked in the homeless service provider field 8 years now, and spent roughly 8 years chronically homeless myself. What I am noticing, having spent a lot of time in this field, both lived experience, and well trained provider, is how this ignored homeless population epidemic, though directly related to these topics, including martial law, SHTF, end of times, new world order etcetc, is not looked into or correlated to these topics at all. This is an important piece of the puzzle most are completely overlooking. What most people do not know or understand, is that martial law has already taken effect and is employed daily upon this underground, invisible population, and has been for well over a two decades. Here is a quote from the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty- the article titled, “No Safe Place/ The Criminalization of Homelessness in US Cities” -“Imagine a world where it is illegal to sit down. Could you survive if there were no place you were allowed to fall asleep, to store your belongings, or to stand still? For most of us, these scenarios seem unrealistic to the point of being ludicrous. But, for the homeless people across America, these circumstances are an ordinary part of daily life.” If one were to take a moment, and REALLY consider this summary describing homelessness, and REALLY attempt to imagine this being a REALITY, it SHOULD be alarming to almost everyone. I personally would find this scenario to be unreal to the point of being ludicrous MYSELF, if I had not personally lived this reality myself for over 8 years, and now, having been forced into the very society that practices this unconstitutional policing, having to witness hundreds and thousands of living testimonies from countless others who were or are currently being subjected to this very unreal and ludicrous scenario, on a daily basis. This missing piece of the puzzle, that most people fail to see, that is happening before our very eyes every day, heightens the seriousness of what is really going on in this country. Religions like Christianity are doing videos on the LGBT agenda, New World Order Agenda, the list goes on exponentially as you know, but WHO- I ask, is touching on this significant and possibly key element? Again, WHO? Almost NO ONE. Any laymen of theology knows that the message of Christianity heavily advocates for the poor. One look at Psalm 109 can easily attest to the biblical stance on poverty. If you have not already, check it out. It will blow your mind, guaranteed. Yet none of these Christian youtubes are even remotely touching on this. The unconstitutional policing of the homeless is as real as as light is the day- and most people are completely blinded to it, and have no clue it is happening. Yet the LGBT transgender ‘bathroom rights’ is saturating the entire civil rights movement, while the homeless are getting arrested for having to pee in an alley because there are no public bathrooms for them to use, and in some states, being charged with indecent exposure and forced to register as a sex offender as a result. HOBOPHOBIA is far more epidemic an issue than homophobia. For anyone who is concerned with the heightened awareness talk of ML, I urge you to look into this unconstitutional policing of the homeless, as it just might give you insight as to how close we really may actually be to: SHTF. You may find, after some investigation into this, that we may be a lot closer than once thought. Considering the facts surrounding the criminalization of homelessness, I have to say, it doesnt look like we have a lot of time left to wonder folks
Forget about doing prepping last minute….  You become a target when anyone can follow you home – WHEN SHTF: DO NOT GO TO COSTCO, HOME DEPOT, LOWES, PUBLIX, WALMART, CVS……………………….THOSE ARE GONNA BE BATTLE ZONES.
The Upper Northwest Is Underestimated -I strongly disagree with the north west. I have lived here for the past 14 years. we have more fresh water probably than anywhere else in the US if not the world, your assumption that there are no trees is absolutely wrong. There is a little bit of desert but the north west is probably 20% desert, 30% grass land, not including rivers, and 50% mountain/forest. you can’t drive 20 miles where I live (in the supposedly desert area) without finding large sections of aspens and another 100+ without running into the mountains full of pines and such. our fish population is massive, our animal population from rabbits, beavers, and coyotes, to elk, moose, deer, mountain lion and bear is also huge. our Winters as of late if you stay away from the Oregon and Washington coast line have been very mild until this year and with a little know how is very survivable. The biggest issue to worry about is Yellowstone.
The Ozarks Are Great, But Be Aware Of The GVT Presence -He’s right about the south quadrant being more heavily populated than the west, Texas and maybe Oklahoma are really the only places left with wide open swaths of land still untouched. But there is a reason a certain “government contractor” is building the largest single residence home in the US around the Ozarks in Missouri. The home is completely self sufficient and built to withstand an F5 tornado coming over top of it…. In other words, it is most likely a ‘continuity of government’ outpost for when shtf. The area also has an abundance of caves and even what basically amounts to an entire underground city not far away, in nearby Springfield. It’s also worth noting that our great mother government has began sealing off the thousands upon thousand of known caves throughout the country, and the locals around my area all think it’s because they are expanding their underground cities. Literally the only caves they give blessing for anyone to even explore anymore are those which were already established tourist attractions.
Your Faith Is Number 1.  Consider Investing In Natural Cure Handbooks and Medical Guides -Remember to get in shape physically, mentally, spiritually or you’ll have little chance no matter where you relocate. Doctors, hospitals, meds may not be available. It’s critical to be strong emotionally & in your faith to deal with the trauma of radical change & disaster. Stock up on OTC medicine & natural cures. Get books like doctor’s & nurses handbooks & herbal cures. Sub YT channels like The Patriot Nurse. ABOUT PREPPER MEDS: YOU CAN ONLY GET OTC ANTIBIOTICS (THE ONES THEY GIVE ANIMALS THAT CAN BE USED FOR PEOPLE) WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION UNTIL DEC. 31, SO ORDER NOW!
I really think the best place to be is where you know. You have to know the lay of the land for several miles in every direction, to pack up and go someplace you have no knowledge of makes you nothing but a target….and their is going to be plenty of people wondering along the way to SHTF nirvana only to find death at the end of the road.
In my opinion if you live in the country keep your food and ammo stashed outdoors burried. keep vigilant of roaming groups. be outdoors when they come through so your not stuck defending a structure. Wait the starving populous out. after 30 days the bulk of the populous will be gone. only have contact with others in your area to defend crops and keep out interlopers. and above all avoid military, they will take anything you have of value or nutrition. prepare your mind to do whatever you have to do to defend your family from anyone even alleged gvmt. officials. good luck
Be aware that it will be three years before stable agriculture from heirloom seeds is devised, stored, or protected.– Can you make shelter, butcher meat, make fire, craft clothes, invent weapons, use an atlatl, shoot a bow, harness an animal, tan leather, evade enemies, cover your trail, scavenge, dry meat, work a night or fashion footwear? Food and gas are the first two things that will disappear. Then ammo. It will be three years before stable agriculture from heirloom seeds is devised, stored, or protected. Will people work together, will God save you, will there be a population crash.? Rats and disease will abound. The best 3 survival tools are as follows. Keep your head. A knife. Fire. The most valuable commodities will be salt and vitamin C. Wild dogs will abound, and take the loners out. Wild hogs and dogs will proliferate as an easy food source. Water will be the best mode to migrate or travel once the cities self destruct. Of course I have faith in my country, my fellow human, and the future, and will probably keep my job and eat well in my abode. I don’t think too much about apocalypses or walkers at this time though.
It is going to get very ugly, very quickly, I can’t help but repeat water water water – you can go 90 days without food – 3 days without water – if you have public water they run on pumps and will be shut off, the first 30 half will die because of lack of water and lack of knowledge of treating water. There will a lot who die from dehydration and drinking polluted water, I think 50% dying this way is a low figure.
There is a place to go, its where all the useless eaters with no skills wont want to go! LOL… Montana, WY, ID, is the place where the strong and decent will survive. Look at all the states with the warm weather, all the high crime and people on the dole gravitate to all those states because they are lazy and skilless. We have been seeing MANY families, entire churches, etc, moving into Montana and ID for years now. They appear to be the opposite types who tend to gravitate to the warm weather states. Its all gonna suck, no doubt, but cold weather in NOT the primary issue for those who understand it. Forget being comfortable. Forget ideal. Just get to where MOST will never go. And those places are few as you pointed out. I was career Special Forces, so I am speaking from experience.
Heirloom/open pollinated seeds on Amazon
Be sure and buy heirloom/open pollinated seeds. Not Walmart, unless you order them online and they say heirloom. Park Seeds is also good.
I feel sorry for people whose only plan is “I’m going to bug out”. Look at the population of the smallest city around you, and imagine even half that number milling around in the woods. They will take all the wildlife, even what is considered “too small” by legal standards. They will be trying to have campfires with no understanding of fire safety, and the woods will become a wildfire with no firemen organized to go put it out. Also look at a map of nuclear facilities near you. How long after SHTF before those workers who have families at home to worry about aren’t showing up for work? All scary to contemplate. Also know how to hide a cache at your SHTF location, because anyone on the road may be robbed. Women may be increasingly vulnerable because of slave trafficking. Most Americans can live longer than they think on their extra body fat alone–calculate 1 month for every 20lb overweight. But they will panic when their stomach grumbles. Exposure to cold and lack of clean water will get most people first.
I have been in places along the east coast in Virginia, North, and South Carolina that were very sparsely populated. Alaska and Canada especially western Canada are very sparsely populated. That is one of least populated areas in the world. If you have the right clothing, equipment, tools and training Canada and Alaska are the very best places in North America to avoid people and the bad situations. Your an idiot. Anyone who lives in California for long periods of time are mentally retarded from the culture. That comes from someone born in San Diego moved away, moved back and lived in Orange county for a couple of years. Most of my life I lived in Texas and Tennessee, but I have worked in over 20 states all over the nation.
Your Going To Need A Lot Of Salt  -You need to be in the colder less populated areas, get survival manuals, build under ground or find caves and be prepared with plastic sheeting and seeds to grow the stuff that will grow there? Kale is really going to be important, grows all year long and will save you from scurvy. Potatoes also and be able to trap and fish what you can. Need a lot of salt. Also areas of interest to you you will need to a acquaint yourself with the population in those areas some way or another so you will be welcome when you show up. These areas that can sustain life even though they look very uninviting will have militias in place to protect what they have, but if you are or know people there you will be probably be welcome, but be prepared to follow orders by the person “in charge” to stay and work to earn your keep.
Start To Learn Skills Now -This is why I own a homestead out in the country complete with animals and enough crops to support my family. I would suggest people learn how to hunt and grow things and learn animal husbandry, then buy land and get started before shtf. don’t stay in the city then start scrambling when it’s already too late
 If any one thinks they are just going to pack up the truck and bug out you should buy some land now and get to know the locals where ever you plan on going.– I have lived or worked in rural Florida, NYC, Buffalo NY, Pittsburgh PA, Boston, Rural PA, and every where in between east of the Mississippi. I can tell you one common thread between all of them. If you are not from there It will take years to gain trust. I would especially not want to be in rural Florida. Nasty people all with guns and know how to use them,hot weather, bugs that will eat a Yankee alive. If any one thinks they are just going to pack up the truck and bug out you should buy some land now and get to know the locals where ever you plan on going. Oh and get your shots.
Wild Edibles Might Be A Better Skill To Learn It’s my understanding that during the great depression, whitetail deer, and other “wildlife” as you mentioned, were quickly depleted as everybody became a hunter, so I suppose if you divide wildlife numbers by the multiples of todays population, that would happen even quicker. I suppose you could argue that everybody WAS a hunter back then, and most of todays population would starve due to lack of the skill, but whitetail and other herding animals will be easy pickins for anyone who can point and shoot, when they aren’t protected by regulation in a world. And… in many parts of the US domestic animals are numerous and would be much easier to take, and WOULD BE taken in the field, as possession and risk would soon be rendered meaningless by starving men. But even then, no riskier than the competition for the last deer. At any rate, you’ll eventually have to kill good men and deny young children to survive. If they come threatening, I suppose I could do it, but I just don’t know if I’ll have the “stomach” for it when the time comes if they just come starving.
Gardening, food preservation and foraging will be the best skill sets to have. Too many think you need meat to survive. People will be fighting over meat and hunting grounds more than a pumpkin or kale. I think planting a garden near your homestead and many secret gardens within hiking distance in remote overgrown areas is the way to go. People may ransack your garden, but probably won’t find them all. Root cellars in various places will be key to having food on hand or nearby. If you find or live in a community that will trade and barter these will be lower theft items, but desirable for trade. I live in a rural town and think we could see some devision, but also feel hope we could band together. Yes we have cold winters, but we are used to that and know how to survive during a power outage from an ice storm. I think we all agree that highly populated areas will be the most dangerous place to be, but I also think it’s dangerous to believe you can bug out of a big city, if you can even get out alive, and make it on a self sustaining lifestyle if you not already doing so in practice. However you are living if and when the time comes will ultimately decide your outcome. A strong faith will also keep you at peace whatever you decide.
One thing I learned after pretty much losing everything, is that all the gadgets, and prepping stuff I used to have I don’t really need. the most valuable thing I had that the bank couldn’t take was the knowledge i accumulated over the years of prepping.
Actually, anywhere in the Pacific NW between the Cascades and the Pacific is good, except for the areas close to Portland or Seattle. Reasonable temps, plenty of water, excellent growing condition, good fishing, endless firewood. Of course, much of it depends on exactly what kind of S#!T hits the fan, but in general, the region is hard to beat, and there won’t be many incoming hordes from anywhere but Seattle and Portland – all other population centers are just too far away.
North maybe cold, but it definitely has the most food and water. Most of Canada would survive the end maybe not Vancouver or any cities. North has deer, elk, wolves, bears, raccoons all kinds of animals that can be eaten. Anyone that grew up in cities and that is the only lifestyle they know they will have a hard time surviving the end most won’t survive because they don’t know how to hunt and trap basically they have relied on grocery stores and never shot an animal or a human for that matter in the end. In cities survival of the fittest is at its worst because other people will kill you for food and water. Cities will face scarcity of resources because of the millions of people that will raid stores for food water and medicine. The north is already set up for the end we always have been, agriculture, and wild game is our commodity you might just have to put on a jacket and pants in the winter because it gets below 30 degrees to 0 shelter and camp fires will keep you alive our lakes have fish as well. Almost everyone hunts for food as a substitute to grocery stores one deer can feed a family for a month or more they cross the road all the time so their are plenty
I just recently upgraded the fuel capacity on my truck(4×4). I have about 600miles easily available, now on one fill-up.
Preppers will not be able to use fire to cook with (smoke signal) known preppers will be looted. Fortress preppers will be mobbed. People who do not become mobile gathers leaving populated areas under nocturnal living will be walking targets. Areas that have cold winters will be death traps. Mass migrations will be common. Those that do not know wild edibles will lay down and starve with life sustaining food tickling their cheeks on the ground and life long food supply… and you don’t kill yourself with lack of being able to clean yourself (you will die before starvation) You might survive in an environment that mental illness will take its toll evolution and natural selection will decide survivability
Be off the beaten path  – My personal thoughts: Where is a super safe location? Frankly I don’t believe there is such a thing. I do believe there are potentially safer locations which are to stay away from towns and especially cities. Be off the beaten path. SHFTmigrants who are hungry and/or marauding will most likely take to the path of least resistance. HWYs, including even smaller paved roads and the easiest route to take will be the lower elevations no matter the location. So stay away from main roads, away from the city, in a less accessible area that would cause excess excursion to navigate on foot.. Be in a state/area that has a lower population and consider any locations of dense populations within more than a few days hike. No matter where you are, you have to be careful with cooking and heating – smoke is a dead giveaway to your location. And don’t settle right next to a water source which may be a higher traffic area, but rather at least a mile away to reduce the chance of your location being discovered. I know that stock piles of Pre-SHFT food will deminish so skills such as knowing how to purify water, make fires in even wet conditions, learn how to forage for food and hunt (quietly! fishlines, bow hunting even slingshot) as well as the preparing and preservation of it, know how build a weather proof, concealed shelter and at the very least have some medical knowledge. Have some idea about security measures no matter where you are and don’t just have a fire arm – know how to use it. John, you have asked a very complex question no simple answer will do because of all the variables. All in all, I belive the bottom line is that if you are NOT prepared before the SHFT happens (and it will – either manmade or nature) you significantly decrease you and/or your familys’ chance for survival. There is much wisdom and truth when you say: “Chance favors the Prepared Mind.”
Water Preparations Without Power -So water, if you have a well. Were the plastic pipe comes out of the ground the pipe that is capped. We put a wooden box stand, that can be moved if needed, then mounted a cast iron hand pump. It works super when power is out.
Read “One Second After”; I think it’s pretty realistic. The forest animals were pretty much gone the first year. Maybe it was over-hunting, maybe it was animals moving on. They’re pretty smart that way (this comes from a long-time hunter of wild game). Also consider the waste: there will be people killing a deer, eating one meal, and leaving the rest to rot. And then there’s the smell of meat cooking. You ever smell the neighbor grilling? Out in the woods, that odor could carry for a significant distance. What about the sound of a gunshot echoing through the hills? Hey, I’m not saying it’s impossible to be a hunter/gatherer, but it’s not going to be as easy as you think. Better than the city, God yes! But the woods are probably going to get pretty lean before it gets better.
The majority will run out of bullets with no back up plan –  I happen to split my time living in the woods and hotels. I never said I thought it would be easy, but it would be easier than sticking around some US city and trying to survive. You sound like someone who’s never been in the woods honestly but also like the type of douche bag that just tries to disagree to kill someone else’s confidence. There was no shortage of deer, wild turkey, and rabbits when I did tons of simulated survival camping last year in the Sierras, Yellowstone, the Rockies, and North and South Dakota. Who cares if someone shoots a deer and eats one meal. They’ll run out of bullets before the Earth runs out of deer. And the smell of an animal cooking? You’re saying other animals are going to get smart to it Disney style and completely disappear as an organized group? Get real. You probably don’t even have a hunting/trapping plan! And yet, you’re the expert on all things. Typical American idiot!
I had an SUV with 600+ mile one tank capability. An auxiliary gas can take you further. But believe it or not, there is a ton of land out there sparsely a human on but you have to get 400 to 500 miles away from a major city. It’s possible. I’ve practiced it extensively this last year. The forests of north east California. The entire area southwest of Mt Rushmore. Western Wyoming. The mountains of south east California… it just takes some map reading. A 15 to 30 day supply of food thanks to Mountain House, a crossbow and/or .22 rifle, and a 10 L water filter from Lifestraw, with a tent, below freezing capability sleeping bag, a hatchet/axe and hunting knife, and lots of mouse/rat traps for catching lure/bait meat for bigger animals and you’re already so far ahead of the game.
Have A Back Door Escape Route –A really Super place is a place with an escape route. A “backdoor ” if things become unmanageable at your primary point will save your life. My personal spot is coastal with access to a boat. The Gulf of Mexico is my “backdoor ” if things get real ugly. Think about a “backdoor ” escape plan.
I think the safest place will be a place with the fewest people and the most resources.I do feel I have to mention that,almost every prepper video I see,they all talk about food,water,shelter,defense(guns and ammo) and clothing etc. but, they NEVER mention fitness.If your fat and out of shape and can’t walk around the block you will die in SHTF.period!By the way,I’ve noticed the jacket and I have to say that most people are more likely to listen to a guy in a T-shirt than a guy in a suit.just sayin.
In my opinion, preppers who can think quickly and creatively stands the better chance of surviving.
A suggestion- Buy a used school bus and outfit it as a mobile bug-in center. Enough solar power to supply a small home, 1500 W. 100 gallons fresh water. Water purification to recycle grey water, needing only 10% water replacement. Verma-composting toilet system, supplying fertilizer for garden. 200 gallons fuel, enough to drive across the U.S. 3500W diesel generator. A 20 ft trailer, framed as a mobile green house. Vermaponic growing system. Enough growing area to feed a family of 8. Verma-composting system. Rabbit cages for 3 breeding pair of rabbits. 100 Gallon water tank. 100 Gallon biomethane generator. This unit would be like a mother hen. Gathering several families together. Each family would have a vehicle and a trailer, bringing supplies along.
Since there will be no super markets and being able to produce food is the #1 concern. That means fertile ground, with proper shelter and tools. A means to defend that ground from starving passers by. Which brings us to safety. The land should be not closer than 5 miles to a major interstate, no closer than 50 from a city with over 100,000. No closer than 10 miles from a city with over 10,000 people. BUT at the same time within ten miles of a town/village of 1000-3000 people. It is important to be able to barter with a reasonable sized group. Pick your group wisely. My situation is not ideal but I am not moving. I live four miles from a city of 35,000. But, its a very conservative town(which helps). I have chickens, my neighbors all have cattle, two of them have goats. Every property owner within 3 miles of me owns at least ten acres. Many of them are commercial farmers. There are no subdivisions closer than three miles. Again, not ideal but its what I’m willing to deal with. Why? Because, I have a water well, a 11,000 gallon stone lined cistern that’s fed from my barn gutters( originally dug in 1920, still functional), I live on a ridge with a 1-2 mile view of my surroundings, home with a metal roof and high ceilings with great ventilation(for days without electricity, built in1920 also), tin chicken coup, and enough fertile land to feed my local family that lives in town. And lots of farm and ranch type folk to barter with. So there ya go. Ideal vs. willing compromise.
An important thing to remember in selecting your safe spot is considering the “S” in SHTF! Sanitation is key to health, so being aware of how & where your waste is going is crucial. Do you have an outhouse, composting toilet, private septic system, or municipal sewer system? Are you located downhill from a sewage treatment facility, or have basement toilets connected to a municipal sewer that will eventually back up if the grid is down, or even a naturally wet basement that relies on a sump pump to keep it dry? Is your septic tank in need of pumping & your leach field working properly & is your uphill neighbors? A five gallon bucket of packed snow will melt down to 1 gallon of water, a half gallon will flush a ground level toilet, if dumped quickly in the bowl, not the tank. Paper, wipes, etc. can be put in a bag & burned for fuel & plants like Mullein & Lambs Ears are great substitutes for TP in the country, old telephone books work if you don’t have plants nearby. Also, if you have a well, how deep is it & is it easily accessible. A handpump, some kind of siphon or a clean rock in a narrow container on a rope may be the way to get water, if you have no stream , lake, etc. or rainbarrel. I have a downspout system rigged for my horse that faces south east, connected to a fifty gallon barrel cut in half & even on the coldest days if the sun is out he gets sufficient run off to keep him healthy, w/o me having to break up ice too often. Knowing the geology of the area safe spot is crucial. Flood maps, landslide & avalanche dangers, earthquake, wildfire, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, average rain & snowfall data is easy to find on the web now, & should be considered in your plan. Just a few shitty thoughts on an sometimes overlooked topic on SHTF & preparing LOL!
I have not heard anyone talking about animals when shtf. When it goes, there will be millions of dogs and cats kicked to the curb.After a while (a few weeks maybe ) there are going to be packs of starving now feral dogs hunting anything that moves. If you think humans are a threat, wait until the packs attack. Most people will not be ready for that, and they will not be able to defend against an entire pack of animals when it happens.One person might be able to take down 5 or 6 dogs, but if there are 10 to 20, they will be toast. And remember that these will be starving animals. they will NOT be stopped by gunfire. The ones circling around will attack from your blindside. Once people realize this fact, they will have to plan for a whole new set of contingencies. Starving animals wont give up.
The best I can prepare, is to keep supplies hidden separate and away from living quarters.
Well this is how preppers get a bad wrap. We as preppers are the ones planning to survive through trying times. If we loose our humanity and simply blow people away for what they see. Thats ridiculous at best. I’m not saying give to those in need, and there will be plenty. But we must keep our Heavenly Fathers and our founding fathers principles. To do harm to someone that has done nothing to you, well you are no better than an animal that attacks without provocation. We MUST KEEP CALM AND ASSES THE SITUATION! I AM BLESSED TO HAVE HAD THIS TRAINING, I suggest you guys that wanna go rip shit riot, get some reality based training and lay off the movies.
I have taught Church & Community groups some basic class in preparedness. EVERY time I teach one of these there is always ONE person who says “I’m coming to YOUR house!” No, you are NOT coming to my house! I am my brother’s keeper only goes as far as my educating them n what THEY need to do-I cannot and WILL NOT do it for them!
Being LDS I get told that too because, “Mormons have food”. Mormons also have bullets. Really though most “Mormons” don’t have food. The Church says to store food but most members DON’T. We’re just people like everybody else.
I think the hardest part will be dealing with relatives and close friends.  I have relatives nearby that have no interest in discussing prepping, they think I’m nuts every time I bring up an alternative world view that takes them out of their comfort zone.  They are of much greater means than I am, but will guaranteed be left with their pants down.  The boys would be of tremendous help in a SHTF situation (hard working and mechanically inclined), but all together, it would add 6 mouths to feed and cut my food supply by more than half.  The severity of the SHTF will play a big role in the decision (as much as we can evaluate the potential severity), and I think how much they could get together in the time there is to get things together would also be a factor.  There will be many difficult and emotional struggles.  Where to draw the line will likely be a devastating decision, and potentially tear my own family apart…
People I would accept into my group that didn’t prep are ‘ doctors,nurses,anyone who posses an needed skill, especially old world skills.
Many states have 10 day plus waiting periods to purchase any weapon, particularly Ca. All stores will be ransacked, and bought out in hours of a disaster, without land to grow food, raise live stock, chickens, etc, not good and as far as water goes you will need a “constant” and steady supply well into the future. In the end the prepared folks will have a shot at survival and the unprepared will go extinct! Pretty basic stuff!
SHTF bad enough for bad preppers to prepare has 1 big hurdle……. the shops will be CLOSED because NO_ONE will go to work that day, or the next. I am not a ad prepper but you may consider me one for my prepping……. TAKE everything I need and bug out. I am not going to Walmart for food, guns and ammo, I am going NEXT door to the idiot who said it wouldn’t happen. I am taking my family as far away from town as is feasible then I will return to the outskirts of own and take whatever else we need. Those that prep to STAY in their home have rocks in their heads. The government OR the enemy power will round them up and put them inholding facilities (concentration camps). Prep to LEAVE. I am lucky, I live in the middle of nowhere to start with, Half a days walk and my family and I can completely disappear. Makes it easy to come back to town and raid stores at night. If you live in a big town, or on a big property and think you can “prep” to stay YOU are the stooges.
98 percent of the American public has 2 days worth of food and water stored. This is why the govt doesnt need to go door to door “taking guns”. They know most people will hit the streets in the chaos, and the rest will either turn themselves into FEMA and the UN for “help” within the first week, or die of starvation and dehydration. Most Americans will be helpless within the first few days of a grid down martial law scenario. This leaves 2 percent of us left who are actually prepared
I’ve put in WORK to prepping. I’ve got solar panels, learned how to make batteries, and have bought power inverters so I can still have some simple comforts. I bought HAM radios, got my general class license, food/water/filtration and defensive measures. I have some close friends that I consider an asset as far as extra eyes and equipment, but as far as skills go, I’m not impressed. It will greatly friend on my estimation of how long the SHTF will last of I let anyone in. I don’t want anyone I know take me/my family down with them. I’ve told people what they need to do, and explained that if they don’t take heed, I will be of no assistance. You must be ready to turn people away if it comes to total fu**edness. I’m not going to take people in, barter, or piss in the general direction of anyone who has not taken steps necessary to handle THEIR business. I don’t want to be seen. I live far enough away from the city to where I will have plenty of time to put sh*t in place to take care of my business. I’ve have but one obligation where I will make an exception, but that depends on the risk to my life.
I have “friends”/coworkers who are good people but when it comes to being self reliance, they zone out and I can see their heads skillfully go into the sand. It’s rare for me to speak of shft but I gave one last quick talk to them. As a last resort, I tell the story about the man on his roof during a deadly flood. I explained why he drowned although he was given three chances to be rescued; to chose to save himself. I said it was the last time I bring up the subject ever again and I’ve kept quite since. They’re lazy and they admit it.
A crossbow, you are trading accuracy for speed.  A long bow would put more arrows down range.  A single shot rifle beats the bow and arrow.  In America, a good bow will cost as much as a gun.  Arrows cost as much as ammo, so it is equal in cost.  The gun hassle maybe worth it in the long run.
I’ve tried since 86 to get people to get ready. They all say it’s a good idea. Most have even benefited from my planning. Only ones I prep for now are the young ones in the family. Their open minds and hearts take planning ahead as given without a second thought.