8 Ways To Get Your Kids Room Organized

Guest Post – Jason Phillips

Any parent will know and understand the cry “Clean your room!” or “tidy your room”. There is a constant battle between lost parents and their children as you try to instill a sense of value and respect for both their environment and their possessions. Instilling these values is not easy, but the following tips can help:

1. Bring it down a notch

Children see the world differently; they are closer to the ground and have a different perspective on the room and their mess. Take yourself down to their level and you may be surprised at how different it looks. Adult items may look good in their rooms but they may be difficult for your child to use; replace them with furniture, shelves and cupboard which their hands can manage.

2. Do it together and have a good time

If you get your child or children to help you organize their room you will gain an understanding of why they struggle to keep it tidy. You will then be able to address this issue and help them develop a good attitude towards organization and tidiness.

3. Keep it simple

Make it as easy as possible for your child to keep their room tidy; remove unwanted or outgrown items and provide easy to use storage boxes. Everything has a place and children will quickly learn to store things in the right place; they will be able to find it when they need it!

4. Containers

Plastic tubs are great for storing toys, but they must be the right size! If they have a lot of tiny parts they need to store all the parts for one item in a small container; this can then be placed safely inside the large container. This will also help you to show them the importance of tidying away when they have finished. Before they can get a new toy out all the pieces of the old toy must be put back into the relevant container.

5. Easy away

The easier it is for your children to put their belongings away the more likely they are to put them away; in general you should make it as easy as possible to put things away whilst making it difficult to get them out in the first place! For example, books can be stored in an upright file, allowing your child to select any book and then just drop them back in afterwards; in any slot. You do not need to worry about all the books falling over when getting them off the book case.

6. Height

Children tend to be shorter so it is essential to put the most used items on the bottom shelves with the least used on the top shelves where they may be difficult to reach by themselves. It doesn’t matter if you use drawers, shelves or cabinets, stick to this routine and your child will not need to keep disturbing you to get a prized toy. They will also be able to return them to where they belong.

7. Labels

This is a good way to teach your child to be organized and to help them put things away. Label every box of toys they have, use labels and writing that is big enough for them to understand, alternatively pictures may help. This will ensure your child knows where each item belongs; it will also make it easy to change tidying up time into a final game of the day; match the object.

8. Routine

It can be very difficult for a child to know when and what is expected from them if the boundaries keep changing. Instead of having random tidy days and clear outs create a schedule. Your child will know when they need to tidy the room and what you expect; this will make it much easier for them to do!

There’s no need to invest thousands of dollars to keep your kids happy and pleased with the way their room looks like. Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity to make things work. Consider fun, playful bespoke furniture designs, colorful pillows and cushions, and drawers. This way their room will be easier to clean and they’ll even learn how to stay organized.

Antiques For Children’s Rooms

Displaying painted toys around your home is one way of adding an old fashioned feel to your home. Wood toys are completely different from the ones that kids normally play with and can be in-fact far more interesting for any child. Wood toys look even better as they age. As the paint wears, the wooden toy gets naturally distressed with handling. Wooden toys stand up quite well to rough playing. Often times wood toys are stronger and more durable over the years. Wooden toys are easier to repair, as a bit of glue and paint is usually all that is needed for minor fixes.

There are a number of wood toys you can buy, everything from blocks, to wooden games, to pull horses. Smaller kids can be entertained with building and alphabet blocks whereas older children can be kept occupied with wooden assembly kits.

Handcrafted toys always have been appreciated though out the generations compared to the manufactured plastic toys that are seen today. Children and adults tend to appreciate the effort taken to craft a single toy. Wood toys are the perfect things to invest in if you do have children and even if you don’t. Wooden toys can add a period style touch around your house, giving you the rustic look you are after. Toys which feature fine craftsmanship are often the very things passed down through families. Quality heirlooms such as toys can be something that future generations can also play with. Miniature models, wood doll houses, pull toys make interesting keepsakes that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Oberammergauer HampelmannVintage Jumping Jack Toys – Buy it on Amazon

Handmade in limited quantities in Oberammergau, Germany, these Hampelmann, also referred to as Jumping Jacks, are strikingly simplistic, yet sophisticated and beautiful. Originally made as a traditional German toy, complete with moving arms and legs, they are now also considered Objet DÕart.

Made from the stems of Spruce trees native to Oberammergau, just as they were when they were introduced back in the 18th century.  Artists hand carve the desired shape of each Hampelmann and then split the wood into shingles. Once the figure has been carefully assembled using wooden dowels and string, which provides the movement to the arms and legs, the artists apply a typical Oberammergau painting style known as “Fassmalerei”, a secret combination of pigments and lacquers layered on top of a base of chalk.  The characters often depicts German folk heros and contemporary figures.  These vintage toys make great window embellishments.

1920’s Original Paint Metal Toy Pedal Car – Antiques on Old Plank Road

Facemaker, New wood toy blocks from millergoodman

Facemaker, New wood toy blocks from millergoodman

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Swedish Wooden Dala Horse - Natural

 Swedish Wooden Dala Horse – Natural –Scandinavian Shoppe On Amazon

The Book, Swedish Wooden Toys, by Amy F. Ogata discusses looks at over 200 years of Swedish toys, from historic dollhouses to the latest designs for children.

The Swedish toy industry has long produced vast quantities of colorful, quality wooden items that reflect Scandinavian design and craft traditions. This superbly illustrated book shows off rattles, full-size rocking horses, dollhouses, skis, sleds, and tabletop games with intricate moving parts.  Swedish Wooden Toys also details the history behind the beloved red Dala horse in the creation of the Swedish national identity along with the tradition of educational toys, and the challenges of maintaining quality craft manufacturing in an era of global mass-production.

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The Willow Dollhouse Kit From Amazon $90The Willow Dollhouse Kit From Amazon $90

White Wooden Birdcages Painted White
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French toy horses from the 19th century- M Naeve


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