90 Creative Home Schooling Ideas

Here is a list of creative ideas to inspire you in your homeschooling plans this year.  Guaranteed, you will be visually inspired to add something different that will captivate you and your kids. 

Vintage home making skills we need to still know today – heartscontentfarmhouse.com/

18 old fashioned skills needed today – simplelifeofacountrywife.com/


Print out these numbers and have your kids color them.  – Slide Share.net

Homespun Mom, carlemuseum.org

Use a cookie sheet tray and fill it with pepper or sprinkles and allow your child to do their letter formations or math by moving the mixture around with their fingers.

Fish in the Pond: Simple Counting

Life skills kids need to know – grownandflown.com/

Math made fun – notimeforflashcards.com

Ideas to keep your toddler engaged.  7daysofplay.com/

Let them practice writing their names in a new way. 

Lego Fractions – jdaniel4smom.com

Lego Multiplication – navigatingbyjoy.com

Word Banks – teacherspayteachers.com

Vocabulary Program – blessedlearners.com

Rock Your HomeSchool – rockyourhomeschool.net/

Kids World Prayer Map – Free

Homeschool with documentaries – raisinglifelonglearners.com

40 Old Fashioned Skills Kids Need To Know – frugalfun4boys.com

These old fashioned fridge magnets can be used in different ways.  Think of using a cookie sheet to create words with these old fashioned alphabet magnets. 

Pouring skills can be learned in a way that doesn’t create a mess.

Book Report Templates – 123homeschool4me.com

Next time you see that free fridge cardboard box, pick it up. 

A pizza pan sprayed with black chalk paint for math and writing. 

Creating unique trays like the one above can be found at dollar tree if you look in the cutlery / tupperware container section

Older kids can start using the sewing machine, but why not in ways nobody thinks about?  Making cards using stitching. 

Think about your garage door differently. 

Use tape to create removable toy villages that keep their interest for a week.  Create art for cards or letters using crayons, sandwiching leaves under paper.  

Creative Homeschooling

Great Idea?  kindermooney.blogspot.com/

Nature Faces – Look around and be creative- Link

Gardening School For Kids – rootedinabundancefarm.com/

Wooden letters decorated with wallpaper. 

Book Bucks.  – Sometimes it pays to read

Being creative with the outside nature

Twig Ornaments – Etsy

Create villages using branches, and stamp creations for custom cards. 

Get creative with ordinary things. 

Lego on the go – planningplaytime.com

Re-think outdated furniture such as this lego house.  – jonesing2create.com

Counting with beans – Abc Dee Learning

Portable lego kits made from lunch boxes – mamapapabubba.com

Lego Math – homeschoolmasteryacademy.com/

How things are made – weareteachers.com

Animal Mosaic Building Cards –frugalfun4boys.com/

Our favorite addition and subtraction videos – weareteachers.com

21 Old Fashioned Skills Needed today – oldfashionedfamilies.com

19 Typing Games For Homeschoolers – classicallyhomeschooling.com

How moms save their child’s artwork without feeling like a hoarder

Snack plates that might be impossible to find.  

A teaching clock made beautiful

26 movies based on war in the military – homeschoolgiveaways.com

Educational Movies For Kids – melyssawilliams.com/

A bingo dabber used in a new way

10 Youtube channels to bring Art into your homeschool – homeschoolingtoday.com

Homeschooling print outs – education.com/

Frame your child’s best art through this next year

They say kids learn better when they are outside.  Here are some ideas you can create with some time and effort.