A 5 Star Movie On Grief- A Must Watch!



If you are looking for a 5 star movie, check out The Russell Girl. 

It isn’t your typical Hallmark movie, full of romance, and always ending on a positive note.  This one happens to be more serious and fulled with realistic emotions on the battles when someone faces their last days.

(Amber Tamblyn) is a young woman who has recently discovered that she has leukemia right before she also discovers that she has been accepted to Northwestern University’s medical program. She decides to put her school on hold so she can travel back home to tell her parents. However at the same time Sarah is convinced that the cancer she is battling is retribution for an accident she caused to her neighbors family.

This movie is certainly a must see!

Comments From Youtube

Myrafe Leona- This movie is really nice. I cried a lot and learn a lesson. A family will always be there no matter what happen. I do agree of what he said that bad things happen even to good people. Trials and obstacles in life are always be there but we need to be strong to face them all. Always believe Him and worship Him.

Ann Miller- Whatever the title is doesn’t matter, I’ve watched it 3 times and love it and cry every time.. beautiful, beautiful movie thankyou.

Pat Wiley- Very well done movie and topic. Realistic. Thanks for putting this on here. I saw The Lucky One and good, too, but two different kinds of movies. Not sorry I saw this, since now going through cancer. Thought it would be tough when I found out what the subject was, but it drew me in.

Alta Kruger-I haven’t cried for a long time, but this movie actually made me sob! Very good movie, thanks!

Siva Voleti- WORTH WATCHING!! Characters were very well portrayed. Director had a great sense of understanding towards relationships, human tragedy and unexpected adverse consequences.

Laura Wright- This movie hit home more than anyone can imagine. I’ve been battling Polycythemia Vera which is the opposite of Leukemia. I’ve had it now for 15 years. I don’t know what normal is anymore but I know I want to live because I have a 15 year old daughter that needs me. I was diagnosed 5 months after she was born. I’m very blessed I had her when I did because having another child with my bone marrow cancer can only guarantee a 50% survival rate. My husband and I at the time weren’t willing to take the risk. God gave us one child and I’ve poured every ounce of love into her. There is no cure for me. I’m controlled by medication and blood draws when my hemoglobin hits a 12. This causes me to be very anemic so I’m tired a lot. I don’t normally talk about my illness much less try to even think out it. May God Bless everyone that is suffering from an illness/cancer that has no cure. Amen

(The movie below is Russel Girl, which is named wrong)