How To Create Storage Space In Every Room In The House With This Simple Design Trick

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If you have ever lived in a condo, or an apartment, you know how little space there is, and how storage can be of supreme importance when configuring your living space.

When my husband and I lived in a small apartment in northern Virginia, we made our cramped space larger by creating a wall of storage using ceiling to floor curtains which was then used to hide our storage which made our living space look cluttered.

We didn’t own the condo we were renting, so building a framed wall was out of the question.   To best achieve this additional storage space you will need a wall that has no windows and ideally will allow the curtain panel to run from one side of the room to the other in a straight line.  The best thing about this design, is that it just shaves off a few feet of space.

Here are a couple ways to pull off this look:

Match Your Curtain Colors With Your Wall Paint

Having your curtain panels matching your walls will give your room a larger seamless appearance.  Today with paint match technology, paint can be effortlessly matched in color.  Finding the right fabric first is easier than trying to match fabric to walls.  Your fabric will appear as an extension of the wall itself if the colors match.

Hang Curtains From The Ceiling, Not The Walls

Hang your curtains from the ceiling using a ceiling rod bracket.  This is likely the most inexpensive option, and then could be additionally used to hang light weight wall mirrors from.  Depending on the weight of the curtain, and the mirror, you will want to be sure that your rod, and bracket can handle the weight.

Another option for this look is an extended curtain rod.  If you are working with extra tall ceilings, this support might be the better option.  The closer to the ceiling the better, but for extended ceilings, this curtain support bracket may be the better choice.

Ceiling Curtains

 Hang Your Mirrors Over The Curtain Barrier

Hanging a large mirror over top of your curtains can further give the impression that your storage space can also double as a wall.

OOK sells invisible hanging wire that can support up to 50 Pounds.  It holds like steel, and is naked to the eye.  Consider  a hook which could be anchored to the ceiling or wall bookshelf which could also support a heavy mirror. If your brackets are very secure, and bolted well, you shouldn’t have any problems with any weight put on them.

This extension hook is 48′ long and supports 15 Lbs.  Glamos sells a pack of ten heavy duty hooks for around 20 dollars.  So instead of paying 8 dollars for one hook, pay 20 for 10 hooks.  Depending on the extension size you may need, they can be located under amazon under hook extention

Fabric can go a long way of softening a room, and an antique mirror can go a long way of adding the luxurious feel you may be after.

Kids playroom with toy storage hidden behind decorative curtains- here

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