A Nationwide Database Which Allows You To See If Your Local Water Is Contaminated- Enter your zipcode and see!

A study was released in April of 2017 where 35 water ways around the country were tested for 719 chemical compounds.  What they found was of those 719 compounds, a little more than half or 406 compounds were detected.

The top ten chemicals in this report listed 8 pesticides, and two pharmaceuticals which were caffeine, and metformin ( a drug to tret type-2 diabetes).  What is interesting to note is the 719 chemicals tested represents only about 85,000 chemicals currently in production.

In the link below you can search your local water provider to see what records exist for chemicals in your local drinking water.  It tells you if they have been in violation, and what has been found in your water.

I looked up our area and found that my blind trust in our so called “clean water” was not so clean.

Look up your area, and see if it is time for you to buy a water filter for you and your family.

Here is the website…  prepared to have your eyes opened!