A Seasoned Doctor Talks Off The Cuff To Student About The Motives Behind The Medical Industry

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Al Schaffer

August 2, 2016 ·

I got to sit and speak with a prestigious doctor that I had the distinct honor of coaching this weekend and my views/beliefs were completely solidified regarding the medical industry. It was no coincidence we ended up together and I was privileged he felt me worthy enough to coach him in what we do at ZCC.

He graduated from med school in ’75, has been a practicing physician for 41 years, and an ER doctor for 35. He has pronounced 2,000 people deceased in those 35years in the ER and saved too many to count. Tough gig. He also currently teaches pre-med students for IU Med School at Notre Dame and gave me quite an ear full. (He said I can come sit in the classes as his visitor any time and I’m quite excited for that opportunity.)

He knew I was studying for my Naturopath Doctorate and told me about all of the times he has tried to get real nutrition in to the curriculum. He has even begged to create the curriculum himself and is denied, every single time and is told that it’s not their focus. He really wants to add real nutrition as a preventative, not just for cholesterol or diabetes fixes. I then told him of how my original life dream was to become a doctor one day, but I now had dedicated my life to the natural living movement because of our family’s journey. When I explained the event that happened (my sons vaccine injury) he went on a complete informational tangent I was not prepared for.

He said, without any prompting from me, “ahhhh, well, then we have what we call “denying the patient’s reality”. So, we then tell you you’re crazy and there’s no way there was a vaccine Injury, it must be something else.” (He meant we as the collective not himself.)

My jaw hit the floor.. “so that is literally what is taught?”

He continues, “No, no, not in those words but it is a part of the hidden curriculum.”

“Hidden curriculum?!?” I ask.

“Yes. So we make them sleep deprived, push them hard, give them unrealistic deadlines and then practice on them the power of suggestion and persuasion. They get to witness other doctors treating patients this way and it becomes their norm. They haven’t even realized it is now in their belief system. They learn to push drugs and it becomes about how they can best give medicine as opposed to how they can prevent needing the medicine.”

Still trying to collect my thoughts, I say “so you graduated back in the 70s– per my research, around mid 80s is when healthcare changed and docs went from having a personal relationship with each patient to cramming as many patients in in one day. I have noticed the “care” diminished. It was a time when the doctors really cared– went for house calls, listened to the patient, & worked for the patient because they wanted to make a difference.. Do you see that mentality ever coming back?”

“Well, no.. The top 15 schools for medicine, control everything. If we score the best on our tests and we become the top school, now doctors are just applying to those schools to get the best scores. Sure, I think most come in to this career wanting to make a difference but its largely led by money. I had a patient sent to me just the other week whom had no money. Her practice kicked her out because he didn’t want to deal with her and trying to get insurance all the time. He’s in an office building that is $10k a month and he has to find ways to beat that overhead. He only sees the patients that will generate the most revenue.. To me this is criminal. I’m doing the best I can for each and every single patient, no matter their financial circumstance, every single time.”

At this point I was fairly speechless and trying to process all of the info he just hammered me with. In my stupor he told me I still needed to go in to this field because “I am powerful and definitely intelligent and can make a difference.” He kept saying “there’s a place for you in medicine.” Though I dont see that in my path any time soon, it is nice to know that someone as remarkable as him still sees that as a possibility for me.

I offer this story to tell those on my side of this lifestyle we are NOT crazy – AND – there ARE good doctors out there. Including this man (and my grandpa. ;p ) We cant lump them all together. I dont know what we’ll do when the doctors of the 70s are no more, but us continuing to advocate will hopefully continue to awaken people to the amazing power the Earth has stored here for US. Keep fighting, friends!